Saturday, May 12, 2018

Mike Hosking is Satan

Mike Hosking is Satan.

That has to be it.

He is the worst person on earth.

He dare to suggest that Pre School teachers
shouldn't be on the same pay rate as High School

All Hell broke lose, the abuse he took on twitter
and other forms of social media was so rabid, the
name calling, the hate, the usual comments directed
at  his car, his house, how much money he is reported
to have, the cheering each other on as post after post,
told us what a vile little man he is, he must have
short guy syndrome, he's worst than Napoleon.

His original video he did, is now being trolled big time,
thanks to a blogger at the spin off, the same blogger
who thru the years has signed petition after petition
to get him fired.

The irony of it is, this blogger has a mantra of being
against  unsolicited comments, they also have a habit of
trying to pick a fight with those in the public eye, hoping
their supporters will go to the social media site of their
victim, to get a reaction from a  known person to further
up their profile.

But back to Satan, I mean Mike Hosking.  He didn't say,
"Pre school teacher should be made to work 16 hours a day"
He didn't say, "They should read John Key's  Autobiography
to their three to four year old students.

He made a clear point of view, that the jobs are completely different.

I agree,  you wouldn't  pay a High school teacher, the same as  a Uni
professor, they may work just as hard, but it would be darn right
stupid to do so.

But hey, dear old Mike Hosking, who apparently doesn't live in the
real world, he spends his time, jumping into his pool of gold coins
while eating steak and Lobster for breakfast.

In reality though he is a man with kids, going thru the same parenting
issue as parenting bloggers.

Too bad the parenting Bloggers,  seem to have no problem with
ripping into other parents, (while criticizing this very action) that
don't share their world view.

Whats next??

Protests outside Mike's House.

Its getting that way.

Maybe bloggers, should take their own advice, about
"Unsolicited Comments"

Time will tell.

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