Monday, May 28, 2018

Garth Brooks Biggest Ever Announcement Will Be Made June 1st

June 1st 2018.

The Final countdown is on, until Garth Brooks
makes the biggest announcement of his career.

For years now, hes been hinting at, this is the
biggest thing he's been invovled in, but he cant
say anything yet.

He's been saying so much has to come together.

Then earlier this year, he said come April, he will
announce it,  then he said, come stage coach, he will
announce it, then finally on  the Studio  G after stage
coach, he gave the announcement date.  That date is

June 1st 2018.  A Friday in the USA,  what a great way to
end the working week.

He also said he will go deeper into detail on  Studio G
on June 4th.

But Friday the announcement will come, how big is this thing?

Out of Garth's own mouth,  Playing on the Moon, wont be as
big as this.  Hes never done anything like this before.

Part of the announcement is expected to be part of some
kind of tour,  but wait there's more!!!   This wont be
just a usual  Arena tour, and there is far far more to the
announcement than a tour, and its going to be, as Garth
said  "Game Changing" for the music  industry.

It's a huge year for Garth, he has a new studio album
coming,  a live album taken from his 2014-2017 North
American Tour, a Live Anthology taken from his early
days of touring and possibly a DVD  companion from
his first Anthology released in 2017.

But it's this upcoming announcement that has captured
Garth Fans, because Garth has been talking about this
for ages and getting so pumped up without dropping hints that
may give it a way.  Overseas fans are getting excited also,
just incase we are part of it.

But this thing will be Game changing and the biggest thing
Garth has ever done and this is from a man who played to
a million people in Central Park.

Only a few days to go now.

My brain is working overtime, wondering what it is.

June 1st 2018 will possibly be the biggest day of Garth
Brooks's career, what will it be???

Time will tell.


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