Monday, April 9, 2018

Tall Ferns go 3-0

Tall Ferns go 3-0 in pool play,  great passing, solid
scoring, and standout performances  has seen them
breeze thru pool play.

Micaela Cocks has been the standout player for
New Zealand, but praise must also be heaped on the
coach for using his bench.

Basketball in NewZealand can be quite insular and
there can be calls on social media that the focus should
be on one or two players, this team though has over half
a dozen players standing out.

The pressure to get a  medal is going to be huge,  the
players have to keep their heads, can we do it?

One thing that has to happen, is players must not only look for
the open player, but look for the player that is shooting hot  Sure
you can say hey I score between 10-15 points,  but if you are
shooting below  30%, that doesnt help, and I hope the players
have the maturity to realize this.

So bring on the knockout stages, and go the Tall Ferns.

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