Sunday, February 25, 2018

Bad Coaching

Please tell me if you're a coach and you only have a
group of players for a few years,  and you know a couple
of players will soon be leaving your programe, would you
make sure those two players  take 80-85% of the entire
team shots, and not give any bench players court time.

Would you also take a player who shoots  90% from the
free throw line,  make them change their shooting style,
and turn them into a  20% foul shooter, while letting
the couple of other  players shoot the same style.

Would you take a 50%  three point shooter, change their
style and turn them into a  15%  three point shooter, while
letting the couple of other players shoot the same style.

If your team cant make the playoffs, and your ahead by
30 in a game that means nothing, will you still keep the
couple of players on, without giving the bench a run.

Would you tell players, next year is when we will give you
court time, so stay with our progamme and next year comes,
and you give them no court time.

When coaches are more worried about their record,  or have
favourite players who have a shocking FG percentage, teams

And it doesn't really come down to a couple of greedy players,
it comes down to....


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