Friday, January 12, 2018

The Death Of Modern Family

The TV show Modern Family has died.

It is currently into it's ninth season, and will
have ten seasons, but  last night's episode
was the day it officially died for me.

The producers/writers have decided that their
sole purpose is to make sure Disney has their
next child star.

Nothing against the child actor,  but he's just
a pawn in a money making machine, sure
its a faux doco, and the actors look at the camera,
but this child actor has yet to figure out the times
he is suppose to look at the camera and the times
he isnt.

But that's not my main beef  with the show and how they handle
this actor.

It use to be edgy, they use to write brillantly for their kid
actors, now they have turned the show into some Disney Junior
Full House show.

Shot after shot, there is a close up of  Joe Pritchett's face, he may
say lines like "I luv you mummy" or  "Im sorry" and the shot
will linger on his big brown eyes.

It's killed the show for me, I feel like I'm watching a show for little
kids, then straight after his scenes they may have more adult content
with the adult actors.

Bit it seems more often than not the show, is about pushing this
kid and his cuteness on to the viewing public.

A far cry from season one when Phil  Shot Luke with  a paintball

I'm kinda guessing next week episode, there will be half a dozen
shots of Joe's face close up.

I wont know, because I wont be watching.

RIP Modern Family,  2009-2018.

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