Thursday, November 9, 2017

Garth Brooks win Entertainer of the Year at the 51st CMA's

Once again Garth Brooks has made music History.
Winning his sixth Entertainer of the year award
at the  51st  CMA's.

No one from any genre had a bigger tour, played
more dates, created more energy, the amount of
shows he played the past 12 month was beyond

Then there was Studio G, a personal sincere chat
with his fans every Monday on facebook, which
also aired on Sirius radio.

It's quite unbelievable really,  a man who's been
entertaining since 1989, being on top of his game
for a staggering 28 years, and as the old saying
goes, like a wine age, he gets better with age.

Not sure what is left for Garth in the music industry,
2018 he will once again leave North America and tour
the world, like he did in 1994.

He will bring the same energy  to these shows that he
has done in the USA and Canada, and he will do it
by keeping the music country and not watering it down
or remixing it, trying to make it like pop music.

So congrats to Mr Brooks, you deserve to have this
and I cannot wait to see you perform when hopefully
you come down to New Zealand.

We are your friends in Low Places.

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