Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Garth Brooks Anthology

This is what Garth fans have been waiting for.

For decades we have sat thru boxset's and greatest hit's
and  fun interviews with Leno, Kimmel and Ellen.

For the real fans though, we never really had anything
on how the music got created, the process, how a song came
into being, the changes that a song went thru from birth to
it's release, but now we do.

Garth is going to release his Anthology, it will be the first
of five anthology's, and will cover the first five albums.

There will be a 240 page book, that will have the original sheet music
and stories and discussions about the songs, never before seen photos
from the recording sessions, and indepth discussion with all the people
who were involved in making Garth's music happen.

There will be five CD's, the CD's aren't the first five album though.
The CD's will contain demo versions, first recordings, and tthe actual discussions
that happen while Garth was recording the songs.

This is the part of the Anthology that should be of most interest to Garth
fans and music fans in general. It's special because it contains the ACTUAL
moment of recording, verses that didnt make the final cut, it will
show the care and compassion and the love that Garth has for
song writing and recording.

If you're music fan this will do a perfect job of describing Garth
Brooks as an artist.

As a fan, you wont need to own anything else, it's what you have
been waiting for, for Garth's entire career.

The countdown begins to the most important music release
of 2018.

I cant wait!

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