Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Steven Adams: Game Two

Every Kiwi must of loved this.

Game two of the Conference Semi Finals, The Thunder
needing the win, after losing Game one.

Spurs passes the Ball to their Aussie player Patty Mills,
wide open for three, and as takes the shot, THE BIG
KIWI, Steven Adams comes from no where and makes
the little Aussie throw up a air ball.

Adams tried to get back to the loose ball, but was hold
back by a fan. Didn't matter though, because the Thunder won!

He had 17 Rebounds in the game, and 12 points,
but it was his heart and his courage that won the
game for the Thunder tonight.

Let that be a lesson to all Aussies, you never
try to get one over a Kiwi, you just cant win.


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