Monday, May 2, 2016

Jesse Watters: A.K.A 'Ambush Guy' gets Taste Of Own Medicine

The creepiest guy in Journalism today, Fox
News's Jesse Watters got a taste of his own
Medicine at the after party of the White House
correspondence dinner.

The Huffington Post's, Ryan Grim noticed, Jesse
and decided to give him a taste of his own medicine.

You see Jesse Watters in the guy who is known for
Ambush reporting, he will chase people down the street,
chase them into elevators, stick a camera in their face and
falsely accuse them of all sorts of crimes.

He also edits his ACTUAL interviews in a way to spin
the story so it suits the political Ideology of Fox and makes
the interviewee look bad.

He is extremely Narcissistic and self righteous, worse of
all he is passive aggressive, always smirking when he
is bullying, the people he bullies are normally, people
who dont  fight back, Homeless, Transgender,the poor
and minorities.

Well Ryan Grim of the Huffington Post decided to give
him a taste of what it's like to be bullied.

He noticed Jesse Watters, so he  decided to take out his cell
phone and he started  filming  Jesse, the hypocrisy of Jesse
was that he shouldn't be filmed, so he stole Ryan's phone
and wouldnt give it back, a scuffle broke out, punches
were thrown.

The mental Gymnastics that Jesse Watters must do, to
think he can bully people for so, but when someone tries
to film him, that is wrong????

How can one person be so far away from reality, be so
thin skinned?, but I guess it's not a point of being thin
skinned, it's being so so self righteous to a point that
you think your well, for lack of a better phrase above
the Law.

Watter's will go on  Bill Oreilly and the spin will
start there. 

But the fact that this guy is allowed to do what he's
done for so so long it's a disgrace.

He will never be self aware, he believes he has
privilege and will be allowed  to continue his

And that is disgusting.

I guess that is why Fox News Loves him.

Decent people dont though. 


Anonymous said...

"A blogger" fuck you

A Blogger said...

Brilliant comment. Jesse is a bully and ambush Journalism is disgusting.