Sunday, May 1, 2016

I Call Shenanigans

(The following is JUST my opinion, of what I observed on various
blogs thruout the years, I dont have access to people's original
posts or those involved.)

(If you feel there is something that isn't factually correct, let me
know and I will delete it, again it's  my OPINION, I'm not stating
anything as fact)

I call Shenanigans on one particular New Zealand

This blog itself, (My Blog)  is read by very few people.

Quality not Quantity is my theory.

Well it's the only theory I can  have when you
get around  30 hits a day. According to
Open parachute its only 10 hits a day, but
according to  my own stats counter, their
numbers are wrong.

But I have to call Shenanigans, on the numbers
for one particular Blogger who shall remain nameless.

Yes they also write for a particular large publication
online and one in print, but if  Nate Silver and his
site fivethirtyeight, were to do a complete
analytical study of that particular site, I'm sure
they would call Shenanigans too.

How they are committing Shenanigans, I'm not sure,
various websites lists their numbers as way way
lower, than the ranking site Open Parachute, so
I don't think I'm reading the numbers wrong.

Also they seem to have had a 100% jump in a
month, yet very few posts.  They also seem to
be quite consistent in the number of hits they
had per month, for the past months, Call me a conspiracy theorist,
but to have such a big jump over one month with
only a few posts,  is at least highly unusual.

Maybe one of their loyal followers, have been
hitting refresh so many times over, to make it
look like they have a huge increase in followers,
thus sending them up the rankings.

This though is more sinister if they are looking
to sell advertising space. I don't visit their site
often, the subject matter doesn't interest me,
but as a Stats and Numbers nerd, the numbers
interest me, and knowing how they use to
write in the past, I wouldn't put it past them
to be involved in Shenanigans.

Also a very very similar site seems to almost
have an identical numbers of hits.In fact the
statistical difference between the two pages,
similar topics is only 0.2%

Perhaps I'm too cynical, the numbers
though seem more weird than Florida
in 2000 and Ohio in 2004.

And this person once, did a copy and
paste from something I wrote in this blog,
posted to their OLD blog, without a link
to my blog  or credit, I called them on copyright  and
they thought it was funny, and they wrote, Maybe don't
 say stupid things  on it  and it won't come back to bite you in the ass?

Yet they have the nerve to be complaining about copyright
on Twitter and  have been quite vocal about
the subject with their disgust on this practice.

It's sheer Hypocrisy. In fact it's Hypocrisy in
the extreme.

So I stand by my call of Shenanigans.

(Update: well I have great timing, just announced
by that Blogger, is they've signed a book deal with
Penguin Publishing. It's Unbelievable that a
Hypocrite who complained about copyright
and would publish other people's material
without credit, would get a book deal. Unbelievable that
someone who for nearly ten years online would
verbally abuse other people, yet claim they're
the ones that are being bullied)

I guess this now will have to be the last time, I will
make reference to this Blogger turned writer.

But hey they're living their dream with a book deal,
so congrats to them for that.

All I have to say is, Oh Mother Dear, Mama Mia,
and Dear Mama.

Emily Writes a parent blog now, but boy oh boy Boganette
was nothing but an online troll.

And all I got to say to them personally
(not that they will ever read this)
 for all the abuse you use  to give out to people...

I am grateful, now well you know the rest.

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