Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Danny Morrison: Blackface

Of all the stupid, racist ideas that people can have,
why is Blackface one of them?

Here is Danny Morrison an Ex New Zealand
cricketer, now commentator for the IPL,
thinking it's funny to dress up as a Hindu.

I'm kinda guessing he also put on a fake
Indian accent, thinking it was funny.

Did he think twice before doing this?

Did his bosses have a wee word with him
before him?

Did he think how freakin insulting and dumb it

Was he still stuck in some sort of time warp,
with the sense of humour of  a 11 year old

His supporters will scream, "It's just PC gone

No it's not PC gone mad, it's disgraceful that a
person in the year 2016 would think this is

It's not the least bit clever or funny.

I hope the sports media in New Zealand,
speaks out against this.

But I'm not holding my breath.

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