Thursday, April 21, 2016

Southland Sharks: Do the walk of life

Make that the Travel of life.

Worst performance by any NBL ref in History.

How the Southland Sharks were allowed to travel
for the whole game is beyond me.

In future hope the refs know you cant dribble the ball on the
ground and then pass it, I hope the Refs know you cant
pass the ball in the air and catch it yourself and you
certainly arent allowed to run with the ball to the bucket.

How did they miss this? What were they thinking??
The Nelson Giants season is now on the line,
thanks to the pathetic display by the refs.

Sure Nelson turned the ball over a few times, and sure
they tried to shoot over Seven Foot Pledger, but any
team in any league in the world, will have there heads
drop if a team is allowed to travel the way the Southland
Sharks did.

The Giants now have to regroup, for the Canterbury
Rams, a team that dominated the mid 80's to early

Heres hoping  They can bounce back because what
happened to them tonight was criminal.

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