Monday, April 25, 2016

'Nelson Giants' Lose to 'Canterbury Rams'

The Nelson Giants have lost to the Canterbury Rams
by 96-85 after one of the worst coached Third Quarters
in NBL history.

The Nelson Giants are now 6-6 and struggling to be
in playoff contention, while the Canterbury Rams
move to 7-4 and are looking good.

Make no mistake, the game was lost for four  reasons.

1: Coach Tim 'Ten Hands'  Fanning who decided the
best option in the third quarter would be to make sure
all five players touch the ball, and no one would shoot
until there was four seconds left on the shot clock. Well
a shot clock anit compulsory Tim. You dont have to
use all 24 seconds before you shoot.

2: Transition Defense. Ya Gotta get back, so many
layups for the rams was because no one got back on

3: Raymond Cowels 111  was amazing, 34 points,
he was all heart, but with around 2.30 on the clock
when Nelson had cut it to six, he hesistated and didn't
shoot for three. That moment ended Nelson's comeback.

4: Nelson played with heart for the first half, but what
summed up their second half performance was a cheap
foul by the Rams near the end of the game and none
of the Nelson team reacted, they should've been all
over the Refs and the Rams players on that one.

So it's do or die time this Saturday, if the Giants don't
win, their playoffs chances might as well be over, a win
and it's back on!!

My fingers are crossed, Time will tell.

Footnote: It was Phil Jones's 400th game. The
most by any NBL Player.

Well done!!

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