Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Line of Duty: Prediction

Two episodes of the BBC drama, Line of Duty to go.

I have a major prediction.

Everybody's  favorite little man child will team up
with everybody's favorite psychopath, Lindsay Denton.

It will be like some bizarre version of The Odd Couple.

Dot Cotton is going down, I don't think he is a pervo,
but he has certainly covered up the crimes of officers
and councilmen that are.

As for Ted Hastings and his cheeky handshake, well that
my friends, is one big red herring.

It means nothing, he is just an old friend.

Line of Duty has been by far the best police show on at
the moment, its like the Anti Blue Bloods.

Not many shows have you counting down the days till the
next episode, apart from Better Call Saul.

Just hoping that Denton somehow becomes good, and we
get to find out what the heck is on her cellphone.

Time will tell.

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