Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Laureus Sport Award: A Disaster for New Zealand Sport

The New Zealand rugby team. A.K.A  the All Blacks
for the color of their uniform, won team of the year at the
Laureus World Sport Awards.

This is the worst possible thing that could happen to
New Zealand sport.

What this is done, has given false credence to the myth
that Rugby and the All Blacks are this global sporting
Giant that the world loves, admires and has even heard

What the New Zealand sporting media hasn't told the
public, is that a good majority of the Judges are Ex
Rugby Union players based in Europe.

They also haven't told the public that, previous winners
have included  The South African Rugby Team and The
English Rugby Team, and previous nominees have included
The Australian Netball Team, The Australian Cricket Team
and The Australian Rugby Team.

So why is bad?? It's bad because the media in New Zealand
will now absolutely rammed down the public's throat that the
All Blacks are known as the greatest sporting team on the planet,
that supersedes any other team from any other code.

They will continue to promote the lie that Rugby Union and
the All Blacks are GLOBAL.

It use to be just the public that would say this, but ever since
professionalism came in, the media have been using keywords
such as GLOBAL and DOMINATE when it comes to the
All Blacks.

Now it's gone one step further with the players themselves
spouting this lie. Richie McCaw is now  saying this proves the
All Blacks and Rugby are a Global sport.

Why is this lie bad?, well it's because other sports suffer,
we do have players, men and woman playing truly Global
sports such as Football and Basketball, we have other kiwis
trying to make it in another Global sports such as Baseball
and Track and field.

But because of the lack of media attention, means these
players wont get the sponsorship to fulfill their dreams and
their dreams will vanish, because every dollar will go to Rugby,
every line written in the papers and online, every word spoken
on TV will be about Rugby Union.

And that is Rugby's shame on New Zealand, from the public to
the media and now the players such as Richie McCaw.

Enjoy the award NZRFU, continue to make 89% (according to
a poll) of Kiwis think that the All Blacks are not only the most
dominate sports team of any code, but the most famous sports
team on the planet, it's a lie and you guys know it, but I hope
you know you are shattering kiwi sport's people dreams.

If Rugby had any integrity in New Zealand, they would've reported it,
that New Zealand became the third rugby team to win a Laureus, thanks
to the Rugby heavy judging panel, and that the sport continues to
be a minnow sport worldwide, despite making some strides
during the professional era.

But that would be the truth, but the truth is a step too far for
the Rugby Media, Rugby Public and Rugby Players of New Zealand.

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