Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Better Call Saul: Season 2 Finale

There is a reason why Slate Magazine called
Better Call Saul a better show than Breaking
Bad and that is because it's a better show.

The Finale lived up to what I expected, no one
glued to their tv sets would've been disappointed
where to begin?

Well let me just say.

Fuck Chuck.

You egomaniac, it's always been about you, and you
proving that your superior than your little brother, you
acted nuts and fooled Jimmy, not because of what's right,
but so you could justify how brilliant you are, you conned
the con man huh, and not only are you going bring Jimmy down,
but your going to destroy Kim also.

I don't think there has ever been a better TV villain than
Chuck McGill, you don't have to be over the top to
be a villain, you don't need a great catchphrase, you don't
have to be ultra violence to destroy someone's inner soul,
and this is the type of person, Michael McKean has played
so perfectly.

Moving on to Mike Ehrmantraut, so cool so collective, but
when  dare I say  GUS FRING  (unseen) leaves a note saying,
DON'T, then I guess it's better to step back. 

Surly season three's story lines about Mike will be his interactions
with Nacho and Tuco and the cousins of course, but it's a big bet
that Gus will be back in the picture.

Season two was perfect, season one was great, but it was season
two that took it to a new level.  Howard being a good guy was
an eye opener, but for me what made the season so perfect was
Kim Wexler.

Rhea Seehorn deserves an Emmy for her role of Kim. Arguably one
of the strongest most real female character in television history, she
is not there just to be the loyal girlfriend of Jimmy, she has emotions
and real feelings about her career and life,something we rarely see
from females on television.

So now we wait till February, what will Gillian and Gould bring
for season three, hopefully the same insightful thoughtful Drama
television has ever seen.

Time will tell.

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