Thursday, October 15, 2015

Madison Avenue ruining the countdown to October 21 2015

Never underestimate the power of money. With a
week to go until October 21 2105, and as fans around
the world wait with anticipation of a actual hoverboard
and back to the future day, the money people have been
trying to steal the day.

Advertisers have been firebombing every website, spending
tens of millions with news stories, promotion and generally
BS about that ugly pathetic segway and having the
nerve to call it a Hoverboard.

I knew the buildup would be bad, when every news site were
cheering justin beiber on, as his dancers danced on a segway, and
they called it a Hoverboard.

I never thought it will be at this level though, even if you googled
"Back to the future hoverboard" you basically come up with webpage
after webpage after webpage for stories about a "segway" yet the
news report calls them hoverboards.

Its really a hijacking of the upcoming back to the future day.

Heres hoping at least some websites will make a stand, "Vanity"
already has.

So deep breaths, as we countdown to Back to the
 Future day, with the slimmest of hopes, that Hendo
 or maybe Lexus or someone, somewhere
has invented  a real hoverboard, and hoverboard
 means no wheels.

Time well tell.

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