Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Let Another Hoverboard Hoax

Nine days out from October 21 2015, and yet another
Hoverboard Hoax.

This time in HD, with some young actor, but lets use that
term loosely, he's trying to act cool, telling the public Hoverboards
are here.

The video is a fake ad and is suppose to be funny, but comes
across as rather creepy and also patronizing, not sure why
the company behind this fake ad would hire a actor so
unlikable or even do a ad that  is so fake, I guess they're
trying to jump on back to the future bandwagon and make
money for thier website by increasing their social media

It's a slap in the face to real fans of the trilogy and has
nothing to do with respect to the back to the future

It's the last thing that BTTF fans should be looking at,
as we countdown to the most important day for the
movie franchise.

These hoaxes will increase, the only good thing is that
after October 21 2015 these hoaxes will stop, because
after October 21 2105  there will be no need for these
hoaxes, not thats there is a need now.

So as I countdown to October 21 2105, Im less and
less optimistic about the Hoverboard.

I guess I just have to wait till October 21 2015.

Time will tell.

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