Friday, October 9, 2015

Hoverboards: History of False Hope

The Hoverboard has a history of giving people false hope,
about well the hoverboard.

It  all started with the first apperance of a Hoverboard
where no one knew what a hoverboard was,  in Back
to the future 2 and that kicked it off.

Then there was the making of the film, where the producers
played a prank on the public, saying the Hoverboards were
real, but couldnt be made available to the  public for
safety concerns.

Then there was that odd jackass you meet, that swore they
were real and a company was working on them.

Years passed, and you had tv channels like Discovery having
scientist's  on saying yes there is technology that can make
the hoverboard exist.

All this false hope, and time passed and you slowly forgot
about it, except when Back to the Future 2 aired on tv.

Then Mattel played the cruelest hoax of all (F you Scott Neitlich)
Taking out a full page ad of Michael J Fox with the hoverboard
and the words "Hoverboards They're real and they're Magnificent"
Only to not only come out later and say, its only a prop replica, but
to hint in videos that they're working on something.

We then had the meanest humanbeing on earth,
 Tony Hawke saying a company called Huvr has
 invented a Hoverboard, and its not a Hoax, only
 to find out the whole thing was a hoax,  this fake
 company then had the audiciaty to tweet out "The
 Hoax is a Hoax" and erect billboards with a date
 and the hoverboard, further ripping out our hearts
 and giving us false hope.

Then a kickstarter campaign from these liars calling
 themselves "Hoverboards" only to find out their
hoverboards have wheels, not only that, they have
 in the past few days been spending millions and
 millions of dollars of flooding the internet with
 PR trying to get people to buy their fake hoverboard,
 thus taking time away from stories about how compainies
 can actually manfacture a real hoverboard.

Not sure why companies will do this?  It's mean and cruel
 and with D day coming up, October 21 2015, it's going to get

Just a shame, that no real company will come up with
 a working Hoverboard for the public to buy and not a
 prototype (hint hint, Hendo)

Time will tell.


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