Friday, October 16, 2015


Update 6:
Hendo's Statement on the Hoverboard

Update:5 Mostly bad news, with a bit of good, Hendo
today, stressed they're not a hoverboard company, and
and the hendo 2.0 will only walk on a copper surface, there
are some compaines that want to create a hoverboard
park (like  a skatepark) but that is down the road. In
the meantime, you will need a copper surface. The
main bad new is that they're stressing that Hendo is
not a hoverboard company. Again this up and down
rollercoaster ride, of good and bad news is terrible.

 update 4:   Hendo Arxpax Official Statement

 (Update 3: Reports coming in, that some skate parks 
across the USA and theme parks may be developed so
Hendo users can use their hoverboards. Im just blown
away by all this, completely stunned, of course we will
know more on October 21 2015, back to the future day,
but this is just plain brilliant)

(update 2: Is it time to say... "HOVERBOARDS

 (update: major news sources are now reporting
this story, so it appears 100% factual, we of
course wont know until October 21 2015 what
the board is going to be like, we know the price
$10K USA. There is now talk of a hoverboard
theme park . This appears to be real, Im still
quite stunned, dont know to think, for the first
time, it really really appears that the world
might have working hoverboards, you will still
have to use it on the  special surfaces
 that Hendo has devloped, but hey its a working
hoverboard, can you believe it!!!!)

As you know hendo hoverboards came out some
time ago, with a version of a hoverboard, it did
hover several inches above the ground, but
only on a special magnetic floor, you could stand
on it, and use your bodyweight to make it move.

It was such an advancement to anything else we
have ever seen, but still lightyears behind, the
hoverboard featured in back to the future 2.

Hendo Hoverboard according to pc magazine,
has said  they will release Version 2.0 of their


Is this what we have been waiting for??? Could
it finally be  we will have what little kids and big
kids have been dreaming about for decades.

There have been hoaxes before, there have
been massive letdowns, but is this it?

Should I be getting excited? Or will it be another

I have real hope this time. Less than a week i will

The anticipation is killing me.

Time will tell.

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