Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Nastiest Election Campaign Ever

This is New Zealand's nastiest election campaign

I cannot believe how nasty it's gotten and it's by
the nastiest is coming from people who claim to
be caring, kind, and people who love everybody.

The left wing parties!

Labour has turned into some sort of far left Green

The Green party is not a environmental party anymore, they're
more an activist party for Euro style Socialism.

Then we have the most vile party this country has ever produced,
TeMana/Internet party.

The personal attacks these parties have done against people,
other countries, and ideas leaves me heart broken.

I cannot follow this election, how I would want to, because
of all the hate that is coming out.

I could've kinda let it slide, but do the people leading these
hate attacks, have to look so gosh darn Smug and self righteous
when they attack, it makes my skin cruel.

Worst off it makes me sad.

It's an awful time for NZ Politics.

I don't want to be  a part of it.

Cant wait till the election is over.

Remember you get the Government you deserve.

Something to think about.

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