Friday, August 22, 2014

Monet-Mei Clarke Disingenuous New Zealander of the Year

Meet Monet-Mei Clarke, the most disingenuous
New Zealander so far this year.

When the story first broke that KiwiYo, didn't
allow her to say "Kia Ora" to customers, people
were outrage and rightly so. But then the whole
story come out.

KiwiYo has a standardized greeting they want their
servers to use for all customers. They're a private business
and that is their right. The greeting is "Hello, welcome to Kiwiyo,
is this your first visit"

Monet-Mei Clarke wanted to just say, "Kia Ora" she made out
to the media that she was saying the rest, when in fact she wasn't.

She stated it was her first job, (she's 17) and she loved her coworkers.

She talked of wanting to keep her language alive and left KiwiYo.

Again, Monet needs to understand that a private has the right to have
every worker say their greeting.

The CEO has now said sorry, and  she is welcome to work there,
Monet doesnt want to.

Now I would be fine with all this but...

She has now got her local school to organize a protest,  the
usual protest groups, are there, TeMana, Unite, outside the store,
blocking people from going in.

Her response  to this was to say "They get what they deserve"

This is not about racial prejudice, but about a 17 year old Kid
who wants to get her own way, and has been taught from a very
young age that she is a victim.

Monet, you have a lot to learn. Here's hoping this is just an
age thing and a lack of experience from you.

Judging by your attitude tonight on the news tonight, it anit.

Your former bosses and coworkers deserve better.

Just something to think about.

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