Monday, June 2, 2014

Steven Adams

The Thunder season is over, having been knocked out
by the Spurs 4-2 in a thrilling series.

A tight loss in overtime saw the end of the season for the
Thunder, just falling short in their attempt to make the
NBA Finals.

They will look back on another amazing season, and
the amazing draft choice, Steven Adams.

Steven Adams, far exceeded all expectations, a
20 year raw rookie, ended up getting big minutes
in the playoffs, was perfect in setting up screens,
added a double in the playoffs, and picked up
boards,and blocks along the way.

His professionalism went well beyond his years, and he
also started to score.

Next step for Adams will be that midrange jumper, if
he gets that going, then there will be no stopping the
Thunder, Oklahoma and New Zealand can be
very proud of this kid.

If you had to give him a report card for his first season,
its gotta to be an A.

Well done to Steven Adams and roll on next

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