Monday, May 5, 2014

Twitter Turning Kiwis into Narcissist's

Twitter is turning Kiwi's into Narcissist's.

It's a fascinating look into this human trait.

I decided a while ago  not look at a certain
person's tweets or get involved in any discussion
with them because their narcissism was thru the

Unfortunately if there is a debate about
a certain issue on twitter, New Zealand being
the small internet community it is, there is sometime
no way to avoid it.

So low and behold, here was this tweeter, (I'm not
sure what they were writing because I don't go into their
tweets, but you could kinda guess by the replies, by other
people, what their tweets were)

The replies to this Tweeter, was text book stuff.

Like Joe Carroll pictured above, their supporters
just jumped on this lady who dared to have a
a different point of view, it was quite vicious stuff.

Not only did this person get attacked, but the Narcissist
tweeter was told constantly by their supporters how brilliant
they are. I don't think there has ever been a Twitter user
who has been told so much how wonderful they're.

This can't be helping matters.

The effect this must have on this narcissist, surly it's
feeding it and making it worse, then again, even before
twitter this person had the qualities of a Narcissist,
you know, they take no Sh*t from nobody and say
what they like, but that rule of course only applies to

Doesn't matter if it's a business this tweeter has a
problem with, or someone else view, according to
their merry bunch of supporters, they're right and
 anyone who disagrees is some sort of racist,
bigoted idiot who just doesn't get it.

If this was children it would be like middle school,
but it's not it's adults.

So we have our own non murdering version of
Joe Carroll and it's all thanks to twitter.

Now Emily Writes is all over Television, and is
fast becoming a multi Millionaire.

Anit the internet Grand.

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