Friday, May 2, 2014

Steven Adams Comes of Age

There are moments that a player will look back on
in his career, that moment, where they grew as a
ball player, and knew they belong.

Today was that moment for Steven Adams.

He belongs in the NBA.

With OKC facing elimination, he set perfect picks,
frustrated the hell out of Memphis, did a nice dunk
got three boards and most importantly got five blocks
at a time when Memphis was making  a comeback.

The Oklahoma Thunder did the right thing in drafting
the big Kiwi, he played his best game of his rookie
career tonight, and was one of the reasons, OKC forced
a game seven.

Adams is going to have a long career in the NBA and he
will also  make a name for himself at the World Cup
and Olympics.

Well done to him, he deserves it.

Roll on game seven.

Thunder Up!

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