Friday, May 30, 2014

Stephen Fleming and His Foggy Memory

Surprise freakin Surprise.

With the Chris Cairns press conference today,
denying all charges, it comes out that Mills,
Vettori, and Fleming had been questioned.

Two of these players, said yes McCullum did
talk to them about Cairns getting them to
match fix, but the other playing has a foggy memory.

Make no mistake, that player with the foggy memory
is Stephen Fleming.

Fleming has always been about himself, he is a Narcissist
in and out of cricket. As captain of the blackcaps it was
a known fact, that if Fleming didn't like you, you weren't in the

I firmly believe he is protecting his life long friend, Chris Cairns,
I believe he is the player with the foggy memory, and is just
trying to cover up for Chris.

This is unfair to Brendon McCullum who has said Cairns
tried to get him to match fix.

Believe me, Fleming is smart enough to know what to say,
and he only cares about Fleming.

The truth doesn't matter.

The truth wont come out.

Stephen Fleming will make sure of it.

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