Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ann Hornaday

Meet Ann Hornaday, she is the movie critic/Feminist
who decided it was a fat ugly guy's fault that pretty boy
Narcissist Elliot Rodger went on a killing spree.

Her main beef seemed to be with the fact that Hollywood
shows men dating out of their league.

Well then Ms Ann Hornaday, you do understand that
Elliot wasn't a fat ass pimply male who lived in his
parents basement, but he was a good looking,
rich white kid of privilege.

I would've thought Feminists, dont  suffer from
Cinderella syndrome, but it seems Hornaday does.

Her statement reminded me of a incident that happened
to a work colleague of mine in the early 90's, this pretty
boy broke a 15 Thousand dollar piece of equipment
right in front of me, he was careless, and went against

What did our managers do? They blamed Robbie and
not the guy who did it, Andrew.

My manager thought, well Andrew couldn't have broken it,
it had to be Robbie, Robbie was fat, unattractive and unassuming.

The Manager couldn't believe someone who was good looking
could ever make such a mistake.

Thus you have Ann Hornaday's comment,  in her mind,
a good looking guy of privilege could never commit a
crime, there has to be another reason.

Those Hollywood movies that show normal looking
guys, getting the girl, we cant have that, anymore can we Ann?

Again, you would think a Feminist would go pass the
look angle, but I guess that means you would have to
have integrity, something Ann hasn't.

Will Feminism change?

I anit holding my breath.

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