Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Anjum Rahman owes the people of Boston an Apology

Anjum Rahman who is the Islamic Woman's Council
of New Zealand spokesperson has been in the news
once again.

She is in the news for supporting the decision  by
Hamilton Public Pools to set aside one night for
Woman's only swimming.

A great idea, some woman may feel uncomfortable
swimming in front of men, so a few hours set aside
just for them, is a great thing, ya gotta applaud Hamilton
City Council for that.

One thing that you cannot applaud Anjum Rahman for
though is her comments just over a year ago on the
Boston Bombing.

Just a few hours after the Bombing she appeared on
TVNZ's Seven Sharp program to talk about, what
it's like to be a Muslim after a Terrorist attack.

She went on to strongly suggest that Mosques could
be burned down in Boston and Muslims could be assaulted.

As someone who has family and friends in the area, that
was deeply insulting to me.

It's been over a year since the Boston Bombing, and Anjum
Rahman has stayed silent, has not contacted Seven Sharp
again for a follow up.

I say she has to issue a public apology to the people of

They stayed Strong, They came together, They sang Neil
Diamond songs at Baseball games, All Cultures, All People,
they were the  Poster Child for diversity.

The people of Boston helped each other and as always were friendly
and most of all, kind of heart.

They didn't turn to hate, they didn't burn down Mosques, they
didn't assault Muslims in the Streets, they were strong and

Perhaps Anjum Rahman would like to acknowledge this, or
at the very least admit she was wrong and say sorry.

The people of Boston deserve a sorry at the very least.

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