Friday, May 30, 2014

Stephen Fleming and His Foggy Memory

Surprise freakin Surprise.

With the Chris Cairns press conference today,
denying all charges, it comes out that Mills,
Vettori, and Fleming had been questioned.

Two of these players, said yes McCullum did
talk to them about Cairns getting them to
match fix, but the other playing has a foggy memory.

Make no mistake, that player with the foggy memory
is Stephen Fleming.

Fleming has always been about himself, he is a Narcissist
in and out of cricket. As captain of the blackcaps it was
a known fact, that if Fleming didn't like you, you weren't in the

I firmly believe he is protecting his life long friend, Chris Cairns,
I believe he is the player with the foggy memory, and is just
trying to cover up for Chris.

This is unfair to Brendon McCullum who has said Cairns
tried to get him to match fix.

Believe me, Fleming is smart enough to know what to say,
and he only cares about Fleming.

The truth doesn't matter.

The truth wont come out.

Stephen Fleming will make sure of it.

Annette Sykes Most Vile Politician in History

Just when you thought Annette Sykes couldn't
get any more vulgar and vile, she has now
accepted money from Kim Dot Com and
her party will be now known as the Mana
Internet Party.

By accepting this money, she has enable the
worst type of material on the Internet,

Kim Dot Com site, Megaupload was widely
used by  pedophiles to download and upload
illegal material.

But I guess TeMana doesnt care where the money
comes from, as long as they can have power.

I would expect nothing less from this person who
said when they heard about 9/11 they broke open
the Champagne and celebrated.

The sad thing is, there may be 3% of kiwis
who support her and her disgusting little party.

Thank goodness the other 97% of New Zealanders
have more sense.

Here's hoping this will back fire on  Mana Internet Party.

I anit holding my breath though.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ann Hornaday

Meet Ann Hornaday, she is the movie critic/Feminist
who decided it was a fat ugly guy's fault that pretty boy
Narcissist Elliot Rodger went on a killing spree.

Her main beef seemed to be with the fact that Hollywood
shows men dating out of their league.

Well then Ms Ann Hornaday, you do understand that
Elliot wasn't a fat ass pimply male who lived in his
parents basement, but he was a good looking,
rich white kid of privilege.

I would've thought Feminists, dont  suffer from
Cinderella syndrome, but it seems Hornaday does.

Her statement reminded me of a incident that happened
to a work colleague of mine in the early 90's, this pretty
boy broke a 15 Thousand dollar piece of equipment
right in front of me, he was careless, and went against

What did our managers do? They blamed Robbie and
not the guy who did it, Andrew.

My manager thought, well Andrew couldn't have broken it,
it had to be Robbie, Robbie was fat, unattractive and unassuming.

The Manager couldn't believe someone who was good looking
could ever make such a mistake.

Thus you have Ann Hornaday's comment,  in her mind,
a good looking guy of privilege could never commit a
crime, there has to be another reason.

Those Hollywood movies that show normal looking
guys, getting the girl, we cant have that, anymore can we Ann?

Again, you would think a Feminist would go pass the
look angle, but I guess that means you would have to
have integrity, something Ann hasn't.

Will Feminism change?

I anit holding my breath.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Cam and Mitch married

What a way for Modern Family to end season five.

A happy fun loving couple gets married. The episode
was warm, funny and hit all the right notes.

While other shows may of tried to be dramatic by
breaking them up, Modern Family stayed true to
it's heart.

Jay walking Mitch down the aisle was a beautiful touch,
also having the wedding at Jay's Golf club, showed that
he has accepted his son marriage, and wanted to
celebrated it in front of his friends.

I would give this episode 9.9 out of ten, I just wished
that Haley would've gotten  together with Andy, that
was heartbreaking, but I really loved Haley's growth
thru the season.

So that's season five over with, 10/10 for the season.

Roll on Season six.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Chris Cairns is Player X

Chris Cairns is player X. He said in a statement
that he is player X.

He denies all the allegations, saying they're all untrue.

This story is starting to look like our own version of
Lance Armstrong.

My question is, Why would Brendan McCullum lie?

Why would he go to the anti corruption unit and lie
about a player that he has admired?

I don't think Chris Cairns would ever have the integrity to
admit what he did, he's not that type of person.

This has to be the biggest scandal in cricket history and
New Zealand sporting history.

I only hope, justice is served.

Time will tell.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Sunday, May 18, 2014

NZ Online Media Does a Trumpy

I guess the old adage is true, never believe
what you read online. A handful of sports
bloggers and tweeters, were saying that
a UK paper will name the cricketer who
is involved in match fixing.

Owner of and twetter,
sportsfreak tweeted out...

XXX expected to be named by UK Sunday papers tomorrow.

Not sure where he got his information from, but the person
who told him, reminds me of what Trumpy did in 2012
before the election.

Calling a Press Conference, to announce another
press conference, where he will give information that
will be a game changer, and be very very bad for
President Obama.

In the end, it was just another rant by Trumpy, saying
President Obama was born in Kenya. But he got the
attention he wanted.

Online media has an advantage, where things can be
posted in a instant, its big disadvantage is many times
it's totally wrong, Jounro's, Bloggers, Tweeters and
even myself, need to step back and say..

"Should I post this without fact?"

I'm guessing many won't.

Time will tell.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Cairns Fudged it

A UK paper is expected to announce the player
involved in a match fixing scandal, with Lou Vincent.

Chris Cairns a former player and fudge manufacturer,
is widely tipped on social media to be that player.

If it is Chris Cairns, he has well and truly fudged it,
by taking people to court, suing them, ruining their
reputation, all the while, taking the moral high ground,
saying  he is a victim, and that his life has been ruined.

People can forgive match fixers, what they don't forgive
is being out and out lied to you by someone who is
a hypocrite.

I have a feeling that Chris Cairns will end up being
like OJ and David Bain, he will never admit to
what he did.

The cricketing public of the world deserve more.

Here's hoping justice will be served.

Time will tell.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Steven Adams Gets A Double

Congrats to Steven Adams, his double, helped his
Oklahoma Thunder to the conference finals, where they
will meet the Spurs.

His amazing Rookie season, just gets better and better.
10 points and 11 Boards, in 40 minutes was one of
the keys to the Thunder win.

New Zealand and Oklahoma can be proud of Kid

Here's hoping he will get better and better.

Time will tell.

It Was Never a Super Fun Night

It was neither super and it certainly wasn't fun.

What is was, was the worst piece of trash ever
created for Television, nothing comes close
to how bad this show was.

I'm not even going to try to lighten this post up,
by saying, "Well she is great in the other stuff she
has done"

This show took the p*ss out of it's audience, shows
that aren't even shows are much funnier, think "When
the whistle blows".

How anyone could even want to be involved in this show
is beyond me, and don't dare listen to anyone who says,
"It got cancelled because of Fatism"

It actually  got cancelled, because it sucked.
I mean girls who have never dated before, decided to hit the
town in their 30's, they're quirky and different and one
of them is fat.

My heart sank that this ever made it to air, but it rose a
bit when it got cancelled.

If the actresses who were in this show were honest, they
would be tweeting out, how sorry they're for ever going
along with this project.

Rebel Wilson should be ashamed of herself, she has
embarrassed the country of Australia for doing a show
like this.

The only reason this abomination lasted 17 episodes
was because its lead in show was the always brilliant,
Modern Family.

Here's hoping it will never be heard of again.

We live in hope.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Liz Hayes Worst Interview Ever

Liz Hayes from Australia's version of Sixty minutes
is surly the worst interviewer the show has ever seen.

She made so many many cliché mistakes.

In her interview with Jordan Belfort, the wolf of
wall street, a man who has destroyed so many
life's, ruined so many families, caused grief to
so many people, Lz decided to make it all
about her.

She wanted to be the Bitch that got Belfort, she
wanted it to be known that she takes no shit
from no one, girlfriend!

Make no mistake she got what she wanted, and
what she wanted wasn't justice for his victims, but
for herself to be known as a hardass Journo, who
you wouldn't like to meet in a dark alley.

This was a setup big time. First, Liz Hayes doesn't
wear glasses, but part of her act to get a rise out
of Jordan was to look down over her glasses, to
give Jordan the impression, that she is superior and
is judging him, thus getting a rise out of him.

She continued to ask questions, he wouldn't answer,
which led to him walking out.

It was a cheap Journo tactic, and again the victims of
Jordan deserved more.

But as long as Liz Hayes supporters are tweeting out
BS, like "Your so strong" and "You inspire me" this
gutter journo will keep on doing it.

I just feel sorry for the victims.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Nine Big Boards

Steven Adams is having one hell of a playoff series,
helping his team to a 2-1 lead in the playoffs over
the clippers.

Grabbing nine big boards at crucial stages, showed the
maturity this young player has.

To do this in the playoffs against a team like the Clippers
in your first year and at the tender age of 20 is beyond

Well done to this Kid Kiwi as he is known in the States.

Thunder Up!

Michael Sam Gets Drafted

Congrats to Michael Sam for being drafted to the
NFL and becoming the NFL's first openly gay

Congrats to ESPN, for showing him kissing his
boyfriend in celebration.

Congrats to those on social media who have
been supporting him.

Congrats to society who have supported him.

Yes there are still the odd bigot out there, there
is still an extreme religious group of people who
have been complaining.

Mostly though, its been positive.

Well done to the NFL and congrats to Michael

Sunday, May 4, 2014

SKY Sport Coverage of PlayOffs Disgusting

F you skysport.

There is a kiwi in the NBA playoffs,  and sky has
only been showing  a handful of the games.

Dont give me the BS about being an espn thing.
You show other sport that is not taken by ESPN,
like most the  NHL playoffs.

So why not all the  NBA Playoffs?

Who are the boneheads that are running your station.

It's a disgrace.

Steven Adams Helps Thunder To Second Round

The Thunder have advanced to the second round, with
an easy victory over Memphis.

Once again, the big Kiwi Steven Adams, made his presence
felt, eight points, one big board, it was everything else that
he does on the court that makes the difference.

He gets under the noses (which is hard to do when your
seven foot) of the opposition players, he's annoying and
he puts them off his game.

He will learn and will get better and better, if he is
like this now, just think how his game will be in
five years time.

Thunder Up!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

The ism that Feminism Forgot

I'm talking about  Male Heightism.

I have yet to read one blog, one facebook
post, one tweet, one tumblr, one instagram,
one guest article in stuff, the NZ Herald, The
Standard, The Hand Mirror, The daily blog,
about outrage over Heightism.

Yes hate is bad, racism is bad, white privilege is
bad, privilege denying dude is bad, dudebro is
bad, bigots are bad, Fatism is bad,  Female
Heightism is bad. Mansplaining is bad.

Yet there is no voice out their for the little guy.

They're the ism that New Zealand Feminists forgot.

There is no outrage if a male  is called a shrimp,
there is hell to pay if a female is called fatty on twitter.

There is no outrage if someone is making one of a male's
height, but there will  pure anger if you make fun
of any other physical appearance a person might have.

So why does male Heightism get a free ride by the Feminists
of New Zealand, why is it just brushed off as something
small? (excuse the pun)

I wish someone could tell me?? Perhaps I need a real tall
person to so some tallsplaining? That's another word that
they dont use, if some is being bigoted to a short guy, there
is no catchphrase, of meme's  for it.

They just turn a blind eye.

Will there be debate on social media about in the next
week or so?

Of course not.

Bigotry against short people is okay.

There is no voice.

But dont dare call someone fat.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Steven Adams Comes of Age

There are moments that a player will look back on
in his career, that moment, where they grew as a
ball player, and knew they belong.

Today was that moment for Steven Adams.

He belongs in the NBA.

With OKC facing elimination, he set perfect picks,
frustrated the hell out of Memphis, did a nice dunk
got three boards and most importantly got five blocks
at a time when Memphis was making  a comeback.

The Oklahoma Thunder did the right thing in drafting
the big Kiwi, he played his best game of his rookie
career tonight, and was one of the reasons, OKC forced
a game seven.

Adams is going to have a long career in the NBA and he
will also  make a name for himself at the World Cup
and Olympics.

Well done to him, he deserves it.

Roll on game seven.

Thunder Up!