Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Joey Crawford Worst Ref Ever?

On a day, where Adam Silver made basketball proud
around the world, Joey Crawford made what possibly
could be the worst decision that any Ref has made on
a Basketball court.

When a player is about to take the second of two foul
shots and is in some kind of rhythm, you don't then decide
to go to the scorers bench and ask them to change
a stat in the scoreboard.

Perhaps he could be forgiven if he walked calmly and
got them to correct the issue, but no Joey yelled and
screamed and waved his arms like a madman.

It wasn't even the score that was being corrected or the clock
but a minor stat.

To me this was like in cricket when a spectator runs on
to the field and a batsmen breaks his concentration and
goes out next ball.

You could see Durant was going to miss after this, Joey
Crawford cost The Thunder the game, make no mistake.

Not only should Crawford miss the  rest of the playoffs,
but this has to end his career.

It was a selfish, self centered bonehead move by him and a
bonehead move about the way he went about it.

I'm guessing he will be off Kevin Durant's xmas card list.

Here's hoping the Thunder will come back and win game

Time will tell.

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