Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ricki Herbert Must be Fired

(Update2: Ricki Herbert contuines to the tell the
media his tactics were right, and it was just the players
execution that was wrong. All I would say to that is,
Ricki, there is a reason no other country or club has
given you a job offer, think about that for a second)

(Update1: Any respect I have for Herbert has gone 
out the window, according to him, his tactics were
right, the players just didnt execute them well enough)

The worst coaching performance in the history of
world sport, nothing comes close.

From his selections, to the tactics, to the travel arrangements,
Ricki Herbert did everything wrong.

You simply cannot go to the Azteca and park the mother
fuckin bus, thinking your going to hold them. You don't
select a player in Jeremy Christie, who hasn't even got
a freakin club side, a player who got turned down by
a division three USA club side.

His tactics this morning was a disgrace, you can park
the bus against defensive european sides, but this was
never going to work against Mexico.

The players were itching to get forward, but this cock
sucker (Frank Van Hattum knows what im talking about)
keep waving his players back, they were too scared to
do anything, plenty of times we had the ball in open
space but Herbert's coaching was just to get them  to boot
the hell out it and never move forward. To see Herbert
on the sideline waving his players back, made me feel

Steve summer was right, the game was lost in the first
half, because of Herbert's coaching, it was freakin  an
81-19 possession rate.

Here is a man, Ricki Herbert, who has only ever WON
one game of importance and that was against Bahrain,
just one freakin win, and he is such a narcissist little
c**t, he wouldn't change his tactics today, before it
was too late.

I wouldn't mind if we had the right players on the field
and played the right style, and still lose 5-1 to Mexico.

But to lose because of freakin Herbert's coaching, just
pisses me off. Again Mexico should win by this much,
but it was just the way we were coached and how we
played that gets me upset.

Herbert must be fired, the board of NZ football must
be fired, yes that includes you too Van Hattum, Herbert
your a disgrace and you should never be allowed near
a football team again.

Roll on 2018!

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