Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Modern Family Versus Trump

No contest.

It's never a contest when it's heart versus money.

Donald Trump has turned into a clown.

His tweets calling Modern Family's Exec producer
and writer Danny Zuker a loser, are embarrassing.

Donald Trump created money with his dad's wealth.

What Danny Zuker is apart of, is something special.

Modern family will be remembered along side the
greats of television, MASH, Seinfeld, The Office, the
show has broken down barriers with Cam and Mitch and

It has a realness about it, the kid actors are played by kids,
the story lines are real, the charcarters are iconic, Phil Dunphy
will go down in TV history as one of most beloved people
of all time.

For Donald Trump to call anyone invovled in this show a
loser, shows how out of touch, how unemotional, how heartless
and I'm guessing insecure he is.

He has become a parody of himself, but not a clever one.

His mean spirited tweets only show what a sad desperate man
he is.

He can only get ratings for his dismal reality show, by having D
grade celebs on it, Im guessing Snooki and Screech will be
signing up next.

Meanwhile Danny Zuker work on Modern Family continues
to make it a massive hit worldwide , and rightly so for it's warmth,
its humanity, and its humor.

So hats off to Modern Family for four years of showing the
world what television can be about.

As for Donald Trump, the world knows where your heart
lies, in your wallet and your ego.

I know who I would rather support.

Keep up the good work, Danny Zuker.

Congrats to Jason Collins

Congrats to Jason Collins, for coming out.

A players sexuality should'nt be an issue, and
with all the support he has recieved from his
fellow players and the media, it seems the
world is finally growing up and changing.

One can only hope others will follow in his
footsteps, and give hope to young people,
who have no reason to feel any shame about
who they love and want to be with.

Jason Collins is an awesome player on the
court and a wonderful brave human being.

Hats off to him.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Tom Cruise isn't Jack Reacher

Despite a multi million dollar marketing campaign, telling
you otherwise, I can tell you for a fact that Tom Cruise
is not Jack Reacher, you might as well got Danny De Vito
to play the part.

Don't get me wrong,  the movie did quite good, and people
thought "Well Tom isn't as bad as we thought in it"  But he
anit Jack Reacher.

Don't get me wrong, I love the movies Tom Cruise has done,
the Mission Impossible movies are so much fun, but he anit
Jack Reacher.

Put it this way, I must be the biggest Bruce Willis fan, and I love
tv programs like "24" but there is no way Bruce Willis could've
pulled off the role of Jack Bauer and there is no way Kiefer
Sutherland could pull off the role of John McClane.

The two groups of people I have the most respect for in
the entertainment industry are writers and casting directors.

Well this must be the worst casting George Lucas picked that
little runt to play Darth Vader.

The successful of the Jack Reacher movie, means there will
be a sequel.

Here's hoping another actor will be hired to play the part.

Because I'm sorry Mr Cruise, you anit Jack Reacher.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Jim and Pam and the end of the Office

Only a few episodes left of the Office, and they have
hopefully tied up one story line. with Jim and Pam making
up and not breaking up.

For nine years, they have been the heart of the Office,
unfortunately for the past couple of seasons, the show
seems to exist for the writers to show us, "Hey look
everybody, isn't Jim a great guy"

We get it, he's a great guy, and I'm sure come the last
episode the writers will show us this again.

But hey don't forget everybody else, don't forget the
supporting players, don't be insulting to the viewers,
you don't need to make the last show all about
Jim doing a big gesture for Pam, we know where his heart is.

For the last episode, a wrap up for all the supporting
players will be nice, give Kevin,  Darryl, Oscar, Angela, Phyllis,
Meredith, the newbies, Ryan and Kelly, Andy and Erin
and  of course, Dwight and even Gabe a storyline they deserve.

There will be another big Jim and Pam moment, but dont foget
everybody else from the Office.

The Office has a chance to end this thing the right way, like they
did with Michael Scott's final episode.

Lets hope they get it right again.

Time will tell.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

George Jones Dies

What a sad loss for country music and music in general,
he was a legend and will go down in history.

Gave the world one of it's saddest's songs ever in,
"She stopped loving her today"

He influnced every country artist after him, including
the superstars of the 90's, Garth Brooks, George
Strait and Alan Jackson.

May he rest in peace.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Andre Lemanis

Well done to Andre Lemanis, his threepeat with the
Breakers, gave enjoyment to all Basketball fans in
New Zealand.

Now he is the coach of Australia, a position he deserves.

In a fairwell interview, he did the right thing, and that was
having harsh words for SportNZ (formely SPARC).

He talked of how SportNZ gave no money at all to
the sport of Basketball, and told them, the sport will
suffer and that for the sport to grow you have to fund
boys and girls Basketball at the junior level.

Andre is right, for SportNZ to give no funding to
Basketball at all, is grotesque.

Basketball is a major global sport, it's second only
to soccer as a team sport.

Every Journo in this country, should be outrage, instead
they just shut up because they are too worried by their
only sport.

It's a black eye for SportNZ, here's hoping one day they
will correct their poor decision.

I anit holding my breath.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Thank you.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

NZRFU and MEDIA soft on Domestic Violence

It's disgusting what has happen.

Having his Hurricane teammates going on the news saying  "He's a good guy"

Having the media saying his employers should've supported him more.

Having the head of the NZRFU, suggest that he still should be allowed to play.

Well good guys don't assault/threaten woman.

Also the way the media has handle this story is nothing short of sinister.

Where are the Journalists coming out, ripping into this player?
Lets face it, if your a Rugby Union player you can do what you like.

Do people here really think if this had been a Rugby League player,
 that assaulted his partner, the media would've treated the
 story the same, of course not, there would've been outrage and rightly so.

There is so way this guy should be
 allowed to play, in fact he should be
 in jail, not having his face on TV.

It was a domestic violence incident, he deserves no respect and no sympathy.

Our media  always make light of a incident if
a Rugby Union player abuses a woman, but if a player from
another code does it, they go as far to say "that code should be banned"

Lets hope his victim gets justice, but I anit holding my breath.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Red Sox and Neil Diamond

This is what the good people of Boston do.

They sing, they have a good time, they show
their pride. They dont show hate, they only show

Stay strong, Boston.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Friday, April 19, 2013


The people of Boston, stood proud, showed heart,
show the Human race, how you are suppose to act
in a crisis.

People of cultures, religions, races stood by each other
and showed the human race what love and dignity is
all about.

They should be congratulated and the people of Boston
can certainly hold their heads up high.

Some bloggers in New Zealand, may of thought, their
would be racial/religious  hatred, they have been proven
wrong, their first thoughts turned to hate, the violence they
thought would happen didnt.

Some people on message boards, embarrassed themselves
by writing idiotic statements like, "What about Iraq"

The brilliant blogger James Robinson had a answer to
What about Iraq? statements.

He wrote the following on his blog....

"The "what-about-Iraq" comments here miss the point.
I stewed on them for a couple of days and what I have to say is this.

If you grieve a friend of yours dying, are you being
 disrespectful to everyone else that died that day? No.

I lived in Boston. I live in America. This was big news to me.
I'm well versed in Iraqi policy and America's failings there.
 And don't just zero in on Iraq because its in the news.
 People are dying in huge numbers in places that America
didn't invade too. There's a lot of bad stuff out there, always
 happening. That doesn't mean that seeing bombs going off in
 my former home isn't somewhat traumatic. I hope I never have
 to sit next to you guys at a dinner party."

James piece sums it for me. Well done to him, I suggest you
read his blog over at stuff.co.nz.

I would also not being honest with myself, if I dont
mention kiwi Muslim Blogger, Anjum Rahman, she went on TV's
Seven Sharp programe, ten hours after the terrorist attacks to talk
on attacks against Muslims in the USA, suggesting the same will
happen in Boston.

Ms Rahman, it didn't, the people of Boston are better than that,
it would be kinda nice, in fact kind of honest, if you would
acknowledge that the people of Boston are  a genuine kind
 caring people who didnt burn down Mosques
 or attack Muslims in the street, they spent their time
helping their fellow man, giving blood, supporting
and giving love to everybody regardless of race or religious background.

They did the Human Race proud.

Again here's hoping you will do the right things and acknowledge this
either on TV or your blog or in social media.

Stay strong Boston.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Garth Brooks Hit with idiotic Lawsuit

How can Lawyers be so dumb, will they take any
case at all, because they see dollar signs and think
their victim, will settle out of court.

This is just plain crazy. A former business associate
of Garth Brooks has hired a lawyer (who anit exactly
Denny Crane) to sue him. I'm not sure what for.

According to Lisa Sanders who worked for Garth's
Red Stroke productions, Garth turned down a role in
Saying Private Ryan and a role in the movie Twister,
she said he had a huge ego, and once lied about his
father dying.

As pointed out by someone on the forums at Planet Garth,
Lisa has been caught out lying herself, Lisa stated, Garth was offered
a role in a movie, yet the date she gave was two years after it was
made and released.

If your going to make up a false allegation against someone, at
least get your timeline right.

It's now coming out, she herself was sued a few years back for
not repaying loans.

Garth Brooks has denied all the charges and left it
in the hands of the lawyers.

Here's hoping a judge will make sure that Lisa Sanders
will never make another false allegation again.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Zealand Passes Gay Marriage

New Zealand has legalized same sex marriage.

By 77-44 votes  in Parliament.

A great day for New Zealand.

A great day for Human Rights.

Proud to be Kiwi today.

Martin Richard

Martin Richard aged 8 is the first victim named of the
Boston Bombing.

Thoughts and wishes to his family.

This is what the media should be concentrating on, the
victims, the people who lives have been cruelly taken.

The injured must also be remembered. This is not about
the ideology hate of whoever did this, this is about the
victims and the ones they leave behind.

This is not about political discussions of what's happening
around the world, this is not about the  people who  may
wrongly blame a certain section of society who had nothing
to do with his awful event, this is about the victims of the
actual event.

May they never be forgotten.


The world should stand up and salute the good people
of Boston.

They showed the best of Humanity.

They rushed to help their fellow man, they gave blood, they
put their own lives at risks to help others.

They showed what it means to be decent, to be brave to
do the right thing.

It didn't matter what a person's religion/culture/ethnicity was,
this was Boston as one.

Boston showed the world, how united a people can be, they
stood together, they hugged together and they helped.

Hats off to the people of Boston.

You deserve all the love coming to you.

You have done the human race proud.

Hats off to Boston.

Stay Strong.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Lets talk about the good people of Boston in the USA.

How the police, the firefighters, the race officials, stood up
and helped their fellowman.

People carrying the injured to safety, people hugging strangers,
people helping people.

In tragic events like this, the best in Human nature comes out,
no hate, no selfishness, just thoughts for your fellowman.

Well done to the people of Boston, you showed the world,
what's it like to be human.

Hats off to you.

Stay strong.

Thoughts and Wishes to the people of Boston

What can one say, very tragic, another terrorist attack
that has shocked the world.

Here's hoping the loss of life will end, and they will
catch the people who did this.

Stay strong Boston.

The world is thinking of you.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Breakers and The Halbergs

This has to be the year that the Breakers
get a Halberg nomination.

To win the title, to go threepeat, in an
Australian competition, ina sport that
is so global as basketball, in a competition
that is so respected, you deserve to be
nominated, it's up to the judges though,
they have to show the public that their
panel has integrity, that they have a wide
range of sporting knowledge, that unlike
some in the media, they're not in the
pockets of one or two codes.

Fingers are crossed.

I anit holding my breath.

Saturday, April 13, 2013



Well done to the New Zealand Breakers.

They beat the Perth Wildcats for the
ANBL title 70-66, making it Three
titles in  row.

CJ Burton sunk two clutch three rows
at the end for the breakers to clinch
it for the nzbreakers.

It was a total team effort, you would
expect nothing less from this team, which
have always played tough, there isnt a
tougher club from any sport in New Zealand.

What they have done for the sport of
Basketball in New Zealand, cannot be measured.

They play an exciting brand of basketball, aggressive
defensive and plenty of outside shooting, the team
bleeds for each other, and it shows in the results.

To be a New Zealand club and to do well in
an Australian competition is an achievement
in itself, to THREEPEAT in a Australia competition
is unbelievable .

You just have to watch the game last night, to
see that every play meant something to the
Breakers, Corletto was not stepping down
for anyone, it was a complete performance.

The Perth Wildcats must be gutted, to come
up short again in  front of their 13 thousand
home fans, must be heartbreaking, this league
now has a fierce rivalry, the two teams furthest
away from each other has transformed the

Again well done to the NZBreakers, lets hope
the Halberg judges later in the year will be sitting
up and taking notice, because they deserve it.

Well done to the Breakers.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Irene Van Dyk: Take a Lesson from UCONN

New Zealand Netball player, Irene Van Dyk needs
to take a lesson from The UCONN Huskies woman's
Basketball team.

No one is questioning her mental toughness, she played a
game after her mother died, its her physical toughness that
comes into question, when she questions so called rough
tactics in Netball.

Well, it's lucky for Van Dyke, that she has never stood on
a Basketball court.

She needs to look at the UCONN HUSKIES, Freshmen
Breanna Stewart who  is always putting her body on the line, thru
out the season, her bumps and bruises, her cuts and her bleeding
are a badge of honor.

I have just came back from the states, and was lucky enough to
catch plenty of woman's basketball's games at all levels.

Right from Middle school, to high school to College, and  what these
sports women put themselves through in training, and on the court
is second to none.

I come back to New Zealand , to see the top Netballer on the Planet,
talk of how the game of Netball is too rough, if she thinks that is
rough, Irene Van Dyk wouldnt last two minutes in a high school
girls basketball game.

Of course the media gives her a free ride, Nzherald writer Dana
Johannsen and TVNZ are taking Van Dyk's side.

If they were serious about Journalism, they would show the public
footage of some high school and college woman's Basketball games
to show the public, and the public could compare what is tough
play on a court and what is not.

But that anit going to happen.

So in the meantime, the states can enjoy superstars like Brittney
Griner, and New Zealand can be in shock and awe if Van Dyk gets
pushed over to the ground.

I know what I prefer to watch.


Greatest woman's sports team ever.

Eight NCAA Titles.

A perfect team performance.

A Gusty team performance with heart and pride.

There is a reason that woman's Basketball is the
second most popular woman's team sport on the

(only soccer is ahead of it)

The players are tough and physical, and they take
no sh*t from no one.