Friday, June 29, 2012

The Lamest People on Earth are

People who like to correct Spelling and Grammar.

People who  take inappropriate photos of Natural disasters. 

Teenagers who  pull out their cellphone and
 say "I'm putting this on youtube"

Middle age rude woman who work in an
office and often start a sentence with "Well my Husband"

 A male sexist and racist who says "Well that's
just being politically incorrect"

A ten/eleven year old boy  at school who starts most
conversations with  "Well my Dad"

A religious person who says "God made Adam and Eve
not Adam and Steve"

A female losing an argument and they scream
out "Mansplainer" to everything else someone says.

A internet activist who constantly uses the
term "White Privilege".

Socialists who  criticize America on blogs, yet they have never been there.

 Bloggers who call themselves writers.

People who walk into a near empty cinema and sit next to someone.

Boyracers who think people should care about their issues.

People who think  Rugby Union players are great sportspeople.

People who call Netball a sport.

People who blame the  Police for being too rough.

Bloggers who  delete comments, then tell
the person who commented that they suck without
a right of reply.

People spit or swear in my vicinity.

People who  scream FREE SPEECH but then tell people
to SHUT UP if they disagree with you.

People who  think they're cool because they tell people they
don't like Country Music.

People who like French Movies.

People who say  "I can cook better than Gordan Ramsay he
is overrated"

If you believe President Obama wasn't born
in the USA and health care is socialism.

Anyone who says FOX NEWS is fair and


Insurers cant deny coverage for pre existing

A great victory for all in the USA.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hey Adam Sandler

When you have contempt for your fans
as one poster said on rotten tomatoes, they
won't come to your movies anymore.

What a terrible piece of work, how can
you think that lowly of your base?

Money talks, huh.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hey Steve Tew

Hey Steve, I bet he's not as distressed as the woman
he has allegedly raped.

Monday, June 25, 2012

TVNZ keeps it quiet

I guess it's because of who they are. I mean it's not
like it was a club rugby league player being drunk.
Now that would be big news.

The way the  NZ media behaves when reporting allege
crimes is different depending on the code the person plays.

This is a serious case,  Here's hoping the allege victim
will get justice and the truth will come out.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Car rally in honor of Idiot Daniel Briant

How sweet of the boy racers they're going to have a car
rally in honor of Daniel Briant who was the first idiot to
get his car crushed,  because he was breaking the law
and acting like a jackass.

I hope they have fun in their wee cars, I remember all
my elderly grandparents going to these car rally's, not my
thing, but hey if that is what turns them on, so be it.

The police will even be their to keep an eye on them, I'm
sure these young people who the likes of  former Mayor
Garry Moore supports, will be respectful to the police
and other motorists.

If not their precious automobiles will meet the same
end as that punk, Daniel Briant's did.

Time will tell.

The Heat is on


(a) Water Cannons.
(b)  Tear Gas
(c) Leave them, till they get cold and come down.
(d) When they come down, close the door so they cant.

You know I'm guessing, Minto, Bradford, Skyes  the
Greens will support these guys with support from some

I say use option D. You take away their control with this.

Stop Blaming the Victim, Steve.

Once again, Steve Doocy is victim blaming.

An old lady gets attacked and he rips into
her for not fighting back.

What is wrong with him? She is an old lady,
what do expect her to do.

As for you saying you would spank them, well
I think the police would like to get hold of you
for that comment.

Bridget Jones = Bad Journalism

Bridget Jones is a New Zealand Journalist, she is an
entertainment Journalist. So of course her pieces are
fluff pieces that have no nutritional value what so ever.

But there has to be a limit, there has to be a standard,
she recently interviewed, con artist and bullsh*tter
Keith Barry, who calls himself a Brain hacker, he
sells tickets to shows and says he can actually read your

Of course he cant, it's not even a good trick, it's called
hot reading, but there was Bridget giving him plaudits,
and of course several people will now pay to see this
guy after reading her article.

I kinda wish Bridget would've done real journalism
and show there is no trick and the secret is hot reading.

But I guess she has chosen her career path.

Maybe if she wants to become a political reporter,
she can get a job at Fox News, she will go well here.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hey Daniel Briant

Suck it.

This is not about you. This is about public safety,
its about noise pollution, its about rates going to
clean up the mess you leave behind. Its about respecting
people's rights.

It's 100% not about you.

PS: Have fun driving your facebook memorial page.

I hate Bullies

I hope these kids get expelled, or I hope they provide
bus monitors, with pepper spray, or perhaps these
kids should have to ride on a high school bus.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

2014 is right around the corner

In 18 months, it will be 2014, and Garth Brooks will
come out of retirement, which means a full tour and
a new studio album, it will be his first studio album
since 2001 and his first time touring since his last
tour ended in 1998.

Fans have been waiting for over a decade, and even
though we love his wife, fellow country artist, Trisha
Yearwood-Brooks, it must be said, that some fans
might be a tad disappointed that we have waited this
long for a duet album and a duet tour.

Maybe it would be a better idea for Garth to do a
studio album of just him first, and tour for a year first,
but it would appear, this isn't the case.

I think fans will be so eager to see and hear Garth
again  that a duet album and  a duet tour will do brilliant.

Not as good though as if it was Just 100% Garth.

Time will tell.

The Thunder Stops Rolling

How can you blow a 17 point lead, in the NBA finals??

I know it's only the third year in the NBA for the Thunder,
but that was crazy, that should never happen.

Well done to the Heat I guess for staying calm and cool,
but yeppers Thunder, you had this game, and now your
in 1-3 hole.

It may be too big to climb out of.

Here's hoping for the sake of this series, you can.

Time will tell.

This Murderer deserves sympathy?

It's not many times you can say a murderer deserves
some sympathy, especially if it's in cold blood.

But in case, I kinda feel for the guy.

Carl V Ericsson  shot and killed Norman Johnson
on his doorstep, for in incident of bullying that happened
50 years.

He admitted it, he pleased guilty, during the hearing, Norman's
daughter, told him, I dont blame you for being jealous of my
dad, and then proceeded to rattle off her father's great life and

Carl didn't have a great life because of the bullying at high school
that Norman inflicted on him.

The effects of Bullying doesn't go away with time,
and in Carl V Ericsson's case it caused
a massive amount of mental issues.

Norman didn't deserve to die for his behavior all
those decades ago and Karl is a murderer who
took away a love one from so many people.

I cant begin to wonder though, how life for
Carl would've been different if he never meet

We will never know.

What is New Zealand Cricket thinking?

Why the heck does New Zealand cricket,
has to shoot itself in the foot over and over
again, surly this is politics, every yeay, it
doesn't matter how a player performs on
and off the field, it doesn't matter that their
attitude sucks, of that they couldn't care
less about New Zealand, they always
get offered a contract.

Once again, Jacob Oram and his partner
in crime Kyle Mills have become one of
only 20 cricket players to be given a
contract by the NZCC.

I'm floored by it, I'm floored by the media
also not being outraged, as every cricket
fan is.

I guess we have another 12 months to
look forward to of mediocre cricket.

Thanks a lot New Zealand cricket.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Pure and Simple: Ian Smith is a liar

Worst case of viral marketing in

I mean, do you really expect us to
believe it was a coincidence?

I suppose you have a bridge to sell
us also.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Respect the Office

Neil Munro = Jerk.

He's back

And this time, he anit taking any crap.

Ryan Nelsen will be available for the Olympics
and the WCQ games, this is the news that New
Zealand needed, the defense will now be sound,
we just need some scorers!!!

Time will tell.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chelsea Winter of MasterChef

I have just lost the respect I had for Chelsea Winter, the winner of
Masterchef New Zealand.

I wanted her to win the final, thought she was a better cook than
Ana, (although that wouldn't be hard) and a decent person.

That has now gone out the window, these contestants who were
in this show, have stated they want to own their own restaurant
and be a professional fine dining chef, this is also Chelsea's goal.

Well she has proven today, that she will never be a real chef,
because she cant tell reality from fantasy. She was asked in
an interview who she would most like to work with and who
she admires most as a chef, Gordan Ramsay, (12 Michelin
star british chef who has changed the culinary world) or
Jamie Oliver.

She picked Jamie Oliver, what the hell is wrong with her?

This shows she knows nothing about food whatsoever and was
in this for the fame and money.

How anyone could compare Gordan to Jamie is beyond me, it's
like comparing John Lennon to Justin Bieber.

Did she feel embarrassed saying this??

Can she tell the difference between a beef wellington and
a quater pounder, I don't think so.

She has just insulted real chefs everywhere and has killed
off MasterChef New Zealand for me.

I'm kinda guessing she will go well on the telly though.

Time will tell.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Worst New Zealand Sports Performance ever

Not only was this the worst sports performance
by the New Zealand soccer team in their history,
but it was the worst performance by any New Zealand
sports team in history.

No excuses can be given to be beaten by a team ranked
150th in the world, a team that has no professional players,
an island nation, not a modern country.

The ramifications are huge, loss of money, no confederations
cup, and no build cup to the world cup quaiflying playoff

There is no doubt in my mind, that we wont even get
through the Oceania playoff stage, let alone the
playoff stage against the north/central American team.

A disgrace, Ricki has to go.

Autozamm worst Kiwi Band Ever

Simon Sweetman doesn't like these guys and either do I.

I think Autozamm is what is wrong with NewZealand music.
They have  had their whole career funded by the Tax payer, yet
they are so self righteous and have sucha  delusion of grandeur,
it's beyond belief. Anything they say, just goes straight out the
window, because they haven't made it on their own two feet.

If they were from any other country on Earth, they wouldn't exist
as a bad. I wish they would show integrity and try to make it
on their own, or try to create decent music.

I anit holding my breath.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Students don't learn

It's about time they did, once again a small group of
people, put thousands and thousands out.

Everybody has the right to the protest, it seems strange
to protest for  your higher education to be totally free
and then for a right to charge the people who paid for your
education an arm and a leg for your services.

Of course these student thugs have the support of left winger
bloggers, who have been ripping into the police for removing
these protesters from the middle of the road during peak hour

If these bloggers actually did REAL research, they would found
out that it was the same members of the old NZ socialist party
and various activists groups that lead the charge.

I actually think they know this, but because the students
themselves have the same ideology as the bloggers, the
bloggers just shut up.

Here's hoping the students for once will listen to the
majority of the New Zealand public and will pay their
own way.

I anit holding my breath.

Laurie Guy A.K.A Mr Bigot

Just once I would like the religious bigots
of New Zealand to stop telling people
that Gay Marriage is wrong.

No matter what pathetic excuse you
use, Mr Guy, no matter what you say,
you should've no right to tell two gay
people they can't get married, no one

Scott Walker wins Recall Election

Scott  Walker has won the recall election.


This is not looking good for President Obama in

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Jesse Ryder on Boxing undercard

Jesse Ryder has signed on to be on the undercard
on the Shane Cameron versus Monte Barrett fight.

Is this the "Jump the Shark" moment for New Zealand
boxing, if you dont think so, have a look at who Jesse
wants to fight, he wants to fight Craig McMillian.

Jesse wasn't happy that Craig blamed him for a 20/20
loss for being so selfish.

Surly everybody ends up being a loser with this fight,
Shane Cameron for having him on the undercard,
Jesse himself and if Craig McMillian says yes, he
has to join in on the embarrassment.

Sure they say the undercard will raise money for charity,
but if Jesse Ryder is serious about his cricket
career, he would've said no.

If Craig McMillian says no to the fight, perhaps
Jesse can fight Sonny Bill Williams, because he's
the type of sportsperson Sonny likes to fight.

Time will tell.