Monday, March 31, 2008

Sports Caster makes Garth songs References in report

Garth fans will love this also. I count 13 song references.

Midnight Sun

Garth Fans will love this.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Holy Crap! Greenpeace just knocked on my door

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A lady from Greenpeace just knock at my door, asking if I could spare a minute, when I said no, she asked me Why I didn't like Greenpeace?

How did they find out about me post on Greenpeace that quick?

Good job I didn't write about Bin Laden.


Why Greenpeace Sucks

Greenpeace must be the worst group on Earth, and I'm not saying that because of it's illegal and terrorist activities. I'm saying that, because it seems it only wants to help the furry cute animals from becoming wipe off the face of the earth.

Greenpeace released a statement, condemning the good folk of Canada for clubbing baby seals in an orgy of violence that would make Caligula Blush. For myself, they are manipulating the public, just so they can make more money.

Why is it bad to kill baby seals and not other animals? Is it because other animals are not as furry and cute and nice to look at?

I’m sure if their was some butt ugly Lizard from Africa that was getting slaughtered, all these animal rights groups from the far left wouldn’t bat an eyelid.

I guess its okay to kill something that is ugly, but leave the pretty animals alone.

I mean when was the last time you saw Greenpeace having a picture of the Endangered Alligator Snapper from Kenya on their site.

They wouldn’t get enough money in donations from that, to carry out their so called legal activities.

By the way, I love a good steak, so this is not some vegetarian rant from some wacko, I'm just asking a legit question.

It all comes down to what sells, that is why, groups like Greenpeace and animal right groups will always have "Save The Panda", "Save the Whales" "Stop Clubbing baby Seals" slogans, because it brings them more money and more credo with the public.

People are more likely to give to a certain charity, if they see a picture of a an attractive looking animal or person, than an ugly one.

Now I can understand certain charities, going down this route, they normally have a annual fundrasier, and they need as much money as possible.

But for Greenpeace, a group that is suppose to be about integrity and saving the environment and saving the world's endangered species, its terrible, there are so many species of the most ugly looking, repulsive, make ya want to vomit, animals that are soon to become extinct, but Greenpeace are about playing on the public's emotion and not doing what they are suppose to do, saving the Planet and its creatures.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

England Win Series 2-1

Congrats to England for beating New Zealand 2-1 in the test series. England became only the 11th team in history to come back from being 1-0 down in a three match series, to win the series.

Once again, it was the fault of New Zealand's senior batsman that cost the blackcaps. Players just didn't go on and turn 50's into hundreds, players also just didn't get anywhere near 50.

There were bright spots, Ross Taylor, Jamie How, Tim Southee, Daniel Vettori.

There must be a clean out of older players though, if this side wants to win test series, too many players have had too many chances, bring on the youngsters!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fleming's Test Legacy

For myself, the last two tests of Fleming's, has summed up his career perfectly. When New Zealand needed him to go and scored a big one, he didn't.

Fleming a player who has managed to average 39 over a 100 Plus Test Match Career,has become a player that has averaged 40.

His supporters in the Media and the Public who constantly rave on about how important he is to this Test side and how important he has been over 14 years, fail to see what he hasn't achieved. You see Fleming is one of the most gifted left handed batsman the game has seen in decades, he must also be one of the great underachievers of someone with his vast talents.

He never saved us when it mattered most, he never led us to a victory against Australia, when we were in turmoil, he never played the innings of his life so we would escape with a draw, when we needed Fleming most, he never delivered. His supporters in the media, in the public and on forums such as "pandasport" will always say the cliche comments, "A great captain", "A great slips catcher", "7000 runs" Of course these are great achievements, and the selectors must like him, because even when he was going thru bad patches, he was always selected, and if there was any talk of him being dropped, NZ sports journos, would be outrage, screaming and yelling, what a assest to the team he is.

What they leave out though, is the complete picture, a man who has the second worst conversion rate of 50's to 100's in the game for those that have scored over 40 fifties. A man who never led his team to a test victory Over Australia, or a series victory over Pakistan or South Africa, a man who whenever he seemed to be in, got out at the worst possible time, a man who in nearly every press conference, gave the same speech, failure after failure, "I have to be more consistent"

Well Mr Fleming, you were consistent thruout your career, I will give you that, it seems every series of every year you played the same way. Don't get me wrong, you will go down in the annuals of NewZealand Sport, as one of our best batsmen, and you are a media darling, only Johan Lomu is probably more loved, in front of the camera your PUBLIC image is second to none, you have scored over 7000 runs and taken more catches than nearly any fielder in cricket.

But for those that say, you are a legend, I disagree, the last two tests of yours, sums up your Career IMHO, a beautifully gifted player, grafting away, needing a a big score to save his team, getting off to a good start, and then going out before the job is done.

Your career with the Blackcaps, in your last innings ever, sums up his career, perfectly.

Monday, March 24, 2008

500 Runs in Two Days

Can the Blackcaps do the impossible? Can Fleming play the innings of the his career? Can New Zealand do it?

The answer is...

NO, of course not.

There will be no miracle comeback for New Zealand, not in a zillion years.

The only hope is for rain.

Where is the Wizard, when you need him?

Sunday, March 23, 2008


The Blackcaps batting once again collapsed, and have left England in a winning position after two days of the first test. How depressing. New Zealand looked in a great position thanks to 19 year old kid, Tim Southee, who got a fiver in his debut.

Sidebottom tore thru our batsman taking seven, Bell fell cheaply, Fleming made a start, but didn't go on with it, noone stood up as we were dismissed cheaply.

England finish the day 91/2, a lead of 176 with eight wickets and three days to spare.

The only hope for the Blackcaps is, if we can bundled them out for a lead of 300, and then make the runs, we need a hero.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Brent Buckman Syndrome

This post may be two years to late, but I feel I need to write about a certain syndrome in society, that I call "Brent Buckman syndrome". In 2006 Brent Buckman was a contestant in the fifth season of the apprentice. Never in the history of this show, has one person been treated so poorly.

Brent was an overweight, 40 something lawyer with glasses, who became a scapegoat for the other businessmen and woman on the show. From day one he was not taken seriously, all due to his appearance. Now perhaps this was part of a plan of the show producers, all the other contestants seem to be straight out of supermodel school, and he looked like the odd one out.

It all started on day one of the show, Donald Trump, made two of the contestant's, team leader's and asked them to pick sides, well they started to choose, they picked someone who ran a sticker company based on the web, then they picked in their own words, "The good looking guy in the nice suit" it went on and on, and guess who was picked last? The guy who should of gotten picked first, the lawyer with nearly 20 years experience at a top firm, Brent Buckman.

Brent was then basically shoved aside, as he gave his ideas, they were waved off, before one task, no one was coming up with any ideas, Brent suggested, that the team should go out in NY with shaving cream on their faces, (for promotion for a razor) he had his head bitten off for this idea, when another team member suggested, why not go out with dressing gowns on, that team member was applauded.

One of his female teammates, accused him of harassment because , Brent had the nerve to stand up to her, when she wasn't giving him any task to do. Yet when someone else said "I wish her brain was bigger than her boobs" nothing was said.

As all the teammates were high fiving each other, like people at a Borat convention, the most skilled one was left out in the cold. As one Blogger said, it was almost like Lord of the Flies, with Brent playing the part of Piggy.

Well it all came to a head, on the fourth episode of the series, the Team was asked to design a advert for a cereal company, while they were all watching a graphic designer, do his work, they started to pitch ideas, as soon as Brent opened his mouth, the team leader, rolled her eyes, and said to Brent "Too many cooks, I want you to sort out what clothes we have to wear for the presentation"

Brent who wanted to do the Presentation, but was then told he was too fat, finally snapped and rightfully confronted his team leader, he told her the truth, he said it was disgusting treatment and someone with his experience shouldn't have to put up with it. Her reply showed what a Classless act she was, she said "I'm a multimillionaire, what do you earn, 100k a year?"

The team lost the task because of a poorly designed ad, and Brent after being bullied for four tasks, went postal in the board room, in front of Mr Trump, and to Mr Trump's discredit, he had no idea what was going on, he saw Brent as Brent's teammates did, as a fat goof who had no talent, and he fired him.

Some say if Brent hadn't snap, he wouldn't of got fired, but I think we all would of done the same thing had we been treated like him. When treated shabbily, people do this, its not really a syndrome but human nature I guess.

Poor Brent, if he had of looked liked Sean or Lee, he would be working for Trump right now, but because of his so called teammates judging him by his appearance, he isn't, and thanks to manipulate editing, Brent will be known as a overweight Homer Simpson goofball type person, instead of the brilliant business man he is.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Calvin and Hobbes

How can one not be moved by the great Calvin and Hobbes. As a child, I was into the American Archie comic series, then I moved on to mad and cracked magazine, and that was it for my comic book tastes, until at 19, I was given a book titled Calvin and Hobbes.

The genius of Bill Watterson can never be matched, he captures the innocence of childhood perfectly, for ten years he did the strip, never selling out, never putting out cheap merchandise, never going in with a deal at McDonald's, he even said no to Steven Spielberg when the acclaim producer/director wanted to make a movie.

What made it so good?, well the strip appeals to kids and Adult alike, the way Calvin thinks, how he always sees the world the ways he wants it to be, how he uses Adult thinking, to twist every situation towards his favour, a kid who is so full of energy and despite all the mischief he gets into, he has a large IQ.

Then there is Hobbes, his Loyal sidekick, adults see him as a stuffed toy Tiger, while Calvin sees him as real. The way he is written, the reader is left into two minds, he seems to be what Calvin would be grown up, he also talks to the reader, but if someone else appears in the strip, beside Calvin, hes back to being a stuffed toy.

Both Calvin and Hobbes are Philosophers, and as noted in some Wiki pages, the strip is really about the Human condition.

A lot of comedy, makes you laugh and think, with Calvin and Hobbes, I think it's the other way around, you can enjoy each strip on so many levels.

The big question though still remains...

What was the infamous Noodle incident and is Calvin guilty?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ron White Rips into Garth Fans

You should always be able to make fun of yourself, here is a standup comic, ripping into Garth Brooks fans.

Well Done England

Well done, England they have won the second test and tied the series, thanks to the brilliance of Sidebottom.

Bring on the decider!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Reality is no friend of the dreamer

Reality is no friend of the dreamer

Dreams it seems don't come true, as England is set to win the second test in an easy fashion.

They just need four wickets on day five.

It seems reality is no friend of the dreamer, you see when faced with an uphill battle, when face with the impossible, when faced with something historical, the Blackcaps folded at the start, showed no fight at all, then came back near the end, only to lose a late wicket.

In my previous post I said this could be Fleming's Legacy, the one Innings that his career will be defined by, the one innings that cricket historians will talk about, when they talk about his Greatness.

This Innings could of been everything for him, but it wasn't, and in fact, this innings summed up his whole career, he got a start but didn't go on with it when the team needed him to, he will end up probably having a average in the 30's and only end up as being known as one of New Zealand's best batsman and not the world's.

But to entirely blame Fleming for the lost would be wrong, other players have to stick their hands up and take responsibility, I'm talking Mark Gillespie who must be a candidate for that "The biggest loser" programme, to be so out of shape that you can even run and dive to attempt a catch, says something about the Professionalism of the man.

The lack of consistency shown by Martin and Mills, its no use as elite sports people, to play well in one match, you have to play at your peak every game.

Vettori is one player who can hold his head up high, brilliantly fielding, tight bowling and a perfect captain

So where to now for the Blackcaps? A third test on a flat track, that should see the match end up in a draw, and a drawn test series.

This really sums up the Blackcaps, a lack of consistency a lack of professionalism, but just a hint of promise and brilliance.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Have the Blackcaps got a Hero?

Have the Blackcaps got a Hero? Have we got someone who will create Cricket History and go on to have a performance that people in 50 years will talk about? Will grown men be crying? Will cricketer writers all over the world, gasp and write about how this performance will never be matched in the history of the game?

Will people talk about Botham's performance in 1981 and say this is better, will Bradman's name be mentioned? Will a player become a legend, will this be Stephen Fleming's legacy to the game? Will the tiny Nation of New Zealand, celebrate?

You see, New Zealand is facing defeat, in what so far has been a poor performance by the team, and a disgusting performance by Mark Gillespie, who dropped a sitter of a catch, that was so cringe worthy, I thought of David Brent's dance in The Office. Surly this player must be dropped.

So what does NewZealand have to do, they will be will be chasing over 420 to win, an impossible task, a Historical task, something that should never have happen, a one in a million change, crazy talk to even suggest it.

Well I'm suggesting it, I want a hero, I want my mouth to be wide open, I want to dance and scream, I want the impossible to happen, I want to believe in sporting miracles, I want to know that this can happen, just once as a sport fan in my life, I want to see something that cant happen, happen!!, you see this just wouldn't be a great upset, a miracle, this would be the greatest sporting comeback EVER!!!!!

So, Im allowed to dream, aren't I?, over the next two days, my fingers and toes will be crossed, I will be hoping against hope, that maybe, just maybe, something special will happen.

Let's hope that Dreams indeed do come true.

Gordon Ramsay

I'm a huge fan of Gordon Ramsay, I think what he has done and what he is trying to acheive will never be match, my first impression of him though was very different.

I remember watching a Documentary series years ago, which was on the opening of his first restaurant, and thinking who does this guy think he is? I was disgusted at the treatment of his staff and wished that his Restaurant will be a big failure. I watched as he grabbed a little wee Frenchman, fired him for making one mistake and then literally threw him down the stairs, he then chased after him and try to push this guy off his bicycle. I watched as he scream at a waiter, who made the mistake of having a drink of water, to cool down after the air condition broke down.

Episode after Episode he seemed to get worse, he insulted the countries of all his staff, calling them for everything under the sun, he seemed just to be a big bully, who couldn't handle his temper.

Slowly though I have changed my opinion of the man. He's a perfectionist, who truly cares about any dish he serves to the public, he also has one part of his personality that most people should strive for, LOYALTY. He is true and Loyal to the people who work for him, and wants the best for those that give him 110%.

Don't get me wrong, I find abuse of staff in any field, repugnant, I worked at a certain fast food chain, where I was Verbally abused for three years, and it was sickening.

With Gordon though, he has seemed to toned this down, he is now about getting the best out of people and anyone who can get someone like myself who was basically just a meat and potato man to love good food, he must be doing something right.

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Empire Strikes Back

Oh dear, Kiwi Cricket Hearts are Broken again.

After celebrating a great test win, people's minds had already turned to a series victory, Unfortunately the English have other ideas, we are only into day two of the the second test and it seems almost certain that England will tie the series. Their batsmen piled on the runs to score 342 in the first innings, and New Zealand in reply have collapsed in dramatic fashion to be 187/9 as Im writing this, no heroes, no saviors, just an allround poor display apart from Taylor. With three days to play, there is no stopping the English now, the Barmy Army are dancing in the street and singing along in their merry old way.

As for us Kiwi cricket supporters, once again we have gotton our hopes up, only to be let down, does anyone know a rain dance?????

Thursday, March 13, 2008


The Second Test has Started, and England, Ended the Days play at 291/5. A great start for them, but they have a very short tail and it was only some poor Bowling by Mills and Martin that got them to that position. The Pitch had more in it for the Bowlers, than Hamilton, but unlike the first test, Mills and Martin failed to be Consistent.

Consistency is the key, as the former Captain Stephen Fleming use to say during the mid 90's after ever lost, in his scripted speeches, during the press conferences.

Unfortunately, just saying "We have to be more Consistent" doesn't work, you actually have to apply it on the field.

Still this New Zeakabd side under Vettori, seems to be more disciplined than in the past, if we can get a early breakthrough tomorrow, and the Bowlers are consistent in their line and length, we should clean them out for around 350 making it a great game, if we don't though, we might be looking at a long struggle to save the match.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Police Deserve a Big Thankyou

This is just a short post to say thankyou to the Police, wherever you live, be it New Zealand or the USA, or Canada or Australia, or Sweden or Qatar, the Police do an amazing job and they never get the thanks they deserve.

In fact its quite the Opposite,tune into the daily news of your country, and there is always someone complaining that the Police didn't get there fast enough, the Police have violated their rights, or they are in a bad spot and its all the fault of the Police. In some cases this may be true, but I'm guessing in the case of the people who contact the media, it isn't.

You only have to look at some of the Myspace and Bebo pages of young people and its full of dumbass comments, like "F the Pigs", "Lets show them and Riot" "Kill the Pigs" "The F*N Pigs are Stupid" Of course these comments are next to a picture of these morons, with thier pants halfway down, giving some sort of hand signal that looks like they got it from the Boy Scouts.

So this is a post to say Thank you to the Police. Thanks for cleaning up the streets of boofheads, thanks for taking away, Wife Beaters, Child Molesters, Murders and Rapists, thanks for visiting the schools and teaching children how to be safe, thanks for taking drunk drivers off the road, thanks for dealing with grieving families, thanks for helping people out in a disaster.

Thanks for doing this without asking for a Thank you.

Sunday, March 9, 2008



Well done to the Blackcaps, a test that for nearly four whole days, look liked being a draw, has seen New Zealand win the test on the final day. The Blackcaps set the English 300 runs to win, and they got off to a flyer, from the first few overs.

Then Kyle Mills, surprised everybody, in an almost freakish display of bowling, took four quick wickets to have England 34/4, from then on it was a matter of time. Chris Martin came in and took three of the most vital wickets in the match.

This Test had everything, it took so many twists and turns, a match which saw an extremely slow runrate by England, a much more positive approach by New Zealand, and two batting collapses, it saw amazing bowling by SideBottom, Mills and Martin, out of this world fielding by England and some brillant keeping by McCullum and it also seemed that Taylor's century almost got lost in all of this, a big crowd on all five days, shows that Test Cricket is alive and well in New Zealand, a special thanks must also be given to the Barmy Army for adding colour to the game.

So congrats to New Zealand for winning the first test, two matches to go and fingers and toes crossed that we can go on and win the series!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Why Test Cricket is the Greatest Game of all

There can be no other sport compared to Test Cricket for its Drama,what other game has so many twists and turns? What other game goes for five days? What other game can be seen headed for a draw, and then in a space of five minutes, totally turns around the other 22 hours of Play.

There is one day left of the New Zealand Versus England First Test Match, for four days it seemed headed for a draw, with only the slightest possibility of a New Zealand Win, then in a space of nine balls, England turned the game on its head, with a hat trick to SideBottom.

The public watched New Zealand go from 99/1 to 119/7, thanks to what would have to be one of the best fielding display by any English side in the History of the Game and perhaps any team. The catches they took, were beyond belief, The New Zealand batsman were shell shocked, and now we are left in position of, no one knows what is going to happen, this test match that was Dead, this match, which at one stage some had the Bookies offering odds of 35/1 for a English win, could now see that come true. This match that has captured the Cricket world's intention.

So where are we, with a days play left, New Zealand has a led of 269 with only two wickets left, we are likely to see, England chasing 280 odd off of 75 overs, they of course will be positive at the start, and we will wait and see, but if New Zealand gets a couple of early wickets, then who knows???, and of course there is always a change that the wicket will have the final say.

This is why people love test cricket, it doesn't happen too offer that a dead match comes back to life, but when it does, its the best Sport in the world.

Friday, March 7, 2008

New Zealand Versus England First Cricket Test: Day Three

Well we are an hour into day three, and the odds are for a draw, New Zealand is the only team that can win at this stage, New Zealand made a brilliant 470, thanks to some positive batting on day two, they then put England in and the English were 87/2 at the end of day two, we are an hour into day three and England have pushed on for 123/2, at the moment its all a waiting game, if you were a betting man or woman, I would put my money on for a draw, but the odds are going to be very very small.

The commentators are now ripping into the pitch and rightfully so, there has to be a balance and on this surface, there isn't, its the first session of day three and we are almost certain that the match will be a draw.

Hopefully NZ Cricket will keep this in mind, when they hand out Test Matches for next season.

Now bring on the Second test!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New Zealand Versus England First Cricket Test

Day One:In terms of cricket, a great first day. The English have to be slightly ahead.

If there was ever a match that Proves you have to be positive in test Cricket, this was it.

Jamie How came out and played positive for his whole innings, scoring a brillant 92, showing the world, how you have to play the English Bowlers.

Sinclair was terrible, scoring at one run per over, that does nothing, it doesn't mean you hold up you end,it means your giving hope and strength to the bowlers.

Then there was Fleming, how could a Batsman of Fleming's natural talent, fail to turn a good score of 40 into a big one, is beyond reality, but that has been Fleming for his whole career.

Oram fell into the same trap as Sinclair, what is it with some New Zealand batsman, that they think its okay to score at a snail's pace, when all other top test nations know, that is not the case if you want to win.

Thank you McCullum, for showing how cricket is suppose to be played, you came in with Taylor, with New Zealand in trouble at 198/5, if you had of decided to play like, Fleming, Bell, Oram and Sinclair, we probably would of been all out for 230.

But you showed what a Class act you are, you took it to the bowlers and they had to change their tactics, you started to put New Zealand on top, and then Taylor followed suit, you guys weren't going to be dictated to, you were going to control the game, and that is what you have to do to win at the greatest game of all, TEST CRICKET!!!

Yes at the end of the first day, McCullum went out, but he has kept New Zealand in the match, a great first day for all cricket fans, and heres hoping that Taylor can make it a great second day Tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Labour Party Screws AIA ShareHolders Again

After this Post, I will be turning this Blog into a more positive one, because we all need to be positive in life.

Today in New Zealand the Finance Minister Dr Michael Cullen, rushed thru new powers to bloke the sale of Auckland International Airport to the Canadian pension fund. The Labour Government passed the law that block the sale of any land or asset to overseas investment if the Government deems it to be strategically important or sensitive land.

In the first eight minutes of Trading today, shares in AIA were down 20%.

New Zealand is no longer a Capitalist Country, we are well and truly a Socialist country. Hugho Chavez would be so Proud of what we have done, he needs to take lessons from Helen. Like all Socialist's, the Labour party couldn't care whats best for New Zealand, they are just doing what they think is popular and will give them more votes.

Shame on you Labour, you are making us look backwards, and Shame on you for ruining overseas investments in NewZealand, I cannot wait until Labour are gone and we have a party in Power that understands the meaning of the word "economy"

Local investors will now also be wary of putting money into stocks, because of the returns that will now be smaller.

Now the Labour party and their partners in crime, the media, are going to play this up on the Nightly News as a great thing for New Zealand, you will see interviews with people on the street, saying, "keep it New Zealand Hands" and "It belongs to the People"

Well Guess what?, Auckland International Airport doesn't belong to the people, it doesn't belong to Little Jimmy or Little Sarah, it doesn't belong to a Local dairy farmer, or the person who cuts your hair, it doesn't belong to the little people or the big people.


Well it was until Dr Cullen changed everything for the worse.

There will be a ad Campaign coming up, supporting the Government Move, with people probably like, Susan Devoy, Colin Meads, Johan Lomu, Jason Gunn and Simon Barnett (If hes finish with his right to hit his kids campaign) all will be saying, "New Zealand, it belong to us"

The public will lap it up, the Public who have never invested in anything in their life's, will agree.

Well I'm afraid this is not how business works, people who take the risk in a Capitalist society, either reap the rewards, for building something up and then selling it for a higher price, or having a loss for something that just didn't quite work.

Dr Cullen and the Labour party has changed all this, we are no longer a Western Democracy, we will go down the road of a Pacific Island Nation, this is what Labour wants, they want most people to be Poor and to struggle, so they can come out and say, we will be your saviours, they are a sick group of people, already on the extreme left leaning blogs, they are laughing, that the rich has lost all their money.

Well guys, it wasn't the rich that lost their money, it was ordinary New Zealanders who took the risk, and we ordinary New Zealanders don't mind if we lost it, thru our own bad investments, but we do mind when these xenophobic, bigoted Politicians decided overnight that New Zealand would no longer be a Free Country that welcomes Investment, and that this Government wanted us to be a third World Country that relies on them to help us, we need our saviors to help us from the big bad business men.

Its Hugo Chavez to a tee, its the Guy who runs Sona Prison in Prison break, keep everybody down and throw them a little bone now and then, its making out that we need them to save us, its disgusting, its repugnant, it makes me sick to my stomach, its Socialism and it's now our form of Government, the Labour Government.

A very sad day for New Zealand indeed.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Conspiracy Theory of The Amazing Race

I Love a good Conspiracy Theory, I don't believe in most of them, mainly because despite having a massive amount of circumstantial evidence, they lack concrete evidence, that would turn the theory into fact, anyway all the top Conspiracies have been done to Death, JFK, Moon Landing, 9/11, Roswell, so I'm going to focus on my Favorite Nutty Theory, "Was the Seventh Season of The Amazing Race Rigged to Favour Rob and Amber? (or Romber as they are known by their rabid fans)

This Conspiracy Theory came about to Counter Claims by Rob and Amber that in the final Episode of the Seventh Season, Uchenna and Joyce had a helping hand to make the race close.

Uchenna and Joyce eventually won the Final of The Amazing Race.

Anyway here is the Theory that was doing the rounds on the message boards.

It was in CBS's best interests to keep Rob and Amber on the show as long as Possible, their Wedding was to air a week after the Final show, if Rob and Amber were to be eliminated early on, they would be out of the Public eye, thus giving smaller ratings for Rob and Amber's Wedding.

So we have Motive.

Apprently in webpage interviews, many of the teams were concern that at the end of each Leg, Rob and Amber, Instead of mixing with the other teams, would go off, and talk to the Camera Crew and Production Team in private.

Teams were also surprised that on a Leg in South Africa, Amber just happened to run into an old Friend, who help them with a task, they would of otherwise finished last on.

A lot of the teams that were ahead of Rob and Amber,ended up having car trouble, while Rob and Amber had no car trouble at all.

There was an Episode, when the couples have to find a Garden Gnome with their names on it, The team's Gnomes were carefully hidden, one in a light Tower, One hidden between some rocks under water, while Rob and Amber's Gnome was in the middle of the Road, not hidden at all.

Whenever Rob and Amber finished a Leg first, they were given a magnificent prize, while other Leg Winners, were given a lesser prize or no Prize at all.

While the Teams were racing each other in a Close race, Rob and Amber seemed to have the Best Taxi drivers in the world, all who spoke perfect English, While the Other team's Taxi Driver's just got lost.

In the Last Episode, Rob and Amber were seen sitting on a Plane, as the Plane started to taxi out, Uchenna and Joyce were still stuck in the boarding Lounge, after the commercial break, the plane was seen coming back to the Terminal to pick up Uchenna and Joyce, thus supporting Rob and Amber's theory!

But since that episode aired the Pilot of the Plane told the media, that he came back, because he found out, that Rob had paid an Airport Check in Clerk $50, to tell Ucheena and Joyce that there were no tickets left, and he was going to refuse to fly Rob and Amber, but the Producers intervene.

So there ya have it, CBS Wanted Rob and Amber to be in the Final Episode and according to people on the Internet, that is how they did it.

All of the above his been quoted from people's posts on the Internet.

And of course, if its on the Internet, it has to be true!