Saturday, June 12, 2021

Crazy Ass Monkey from Tahuna Zoo Versus Steve Stevens from VIP Sports Las Vegas


So, it's round two of who is better at sports picks,  Steve Stevens, myself or
the crazy ass monkey at Tahuna Zoo.
As you recall, things didn't fair well for Steve Stevens from VIP Sports in
Las Vegas.
Can he do better this time???
I'm picking no draws in the first full day of the Euro's with Switzerland,
Denmark and Belgium getting wins.
The crazy ass Monkey at Tahuna Zoo is picking, the Zoo staff will only
bring the best Banana's for him and his friends, despite being crazy, they've
been behaving of late.
He also seem to get excited when I mention Draws in the football, so 
he must be going for that.
Steve Stevens is picking some games will go over in baseball tomorrow,
that a player may take recreational drugs (No way to prove that prediction)
and some players will under perform in the clippers VS Jazz game, but he
wont say who, its a secret.

Remember if he is wrong,  his information wasn't, you just didn't read it

So who will be better at sports picks????

The crazy ass Monkey at Tahuna Zoo.

Myself, who is normally hit or miss like all $5 to $10 dollar betters.

Or Steve Stevens  the man who calls himself, the greatest in his profession, but still
has to sell picks to make a living.

I'm picking the crazy ass monkey over Steve Stevens from VIP Sports Las Vegas.

Monday, May 31, 2021

Steve Stevens from VIP Sports Las Vegas may be in Serious Legal Trouble


(Update:  Three months of his podcast videos have been deleted, this is
probably by youtube themselves because his videos breach the terms and
conditions which dont allow users to make physical threats against others
or make allegations of drug use against people)

Steve Stevens from VIP sports Las Vegas may be in serious 
legal trouble, he has deleted the last three videos from his youtube
page and it may not be voluntary.
In the last three videos, he has turned up the anger directed at individuals
that may be considered a physical threat by the authorities.
He has also named dropped certain high profile inviduals suggesting that he
has a close and personal business relationship with them, when this may not
be the actual case.
He has also suggested that his former wife may be partaking in illegal activities.

All three of these things, suggest to me, that Lawyers have been on to him,
instructing him to remove the videos or they will take action.
With a serious criminal record and a shady business, it would appear that
Steve Stevens may finally be on the way down.
Here's hoping this is the case, too many have been ripped off by this conman,
and it's time the hammer of justice falls heavily. 
Time will tell.

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Steve Stevens gets own Netflix show


Con artist and low life Steve Stevens from VIP Sports Las Vegas has got his
own TV show. For some reason Netflix' has done little research into this fraudster
and is giving him his own reality TV show.
It goes to show, that bad people win, but little does  little Steve know, a Netflix
show may catch the eyes of the authorities, and little men like Steve always end 
up getting their comeuppance.
We live in hope.
Time will tell.

Friday, March 12, 2021

Steve Stevens is a Con Artist


On Steve Stevens latest podcast, he claims to have an 80%  record
 on his own personal plays,these are plays that you don't buy a package 
for, these are plays that you work with himpersonally, not only do you pay
 to do this, you also have to pay him a commission on your winnings, so it's
 a big time double dip.

For example, you will have to pay him up front $2,500 Per Game. he will then tell you how
to bet, if you bet $5,000 on a game and win $4,000, you will have to pay him a whopping 
50% of your winnings.

So you get $9000 back,  but you have paid Steve Stevens $4,500. 
So you have spent, $7,500 to win $1,500.

Yes that's right,  Under the Steve Stevens business plan, you have spent  $7,500 to win

If the bet loses, you are down $7,500,  and Steve Stevens is up $2,500 no matter what.

It's insanity that anyone will believe  that Steve Stevens, A.K.A Darin Notaro has
all this insider information,  that he knows all in professional and college sport, he
even knows the umpires and Refs, and coaches assistants, he even knows the porters
in Hotels, who give him inside information about the hookers that are visiting the 

The thing is, every Red Flag that comes up about Steve Stevens, his victims choose
to ignore.

Let's take his sidekick  "Paparazzi" as he is known.  This guy does the usual trick
of going up to players and Refs, asking for selfies, then  he posts the selfies on
VIP Sports Las Vegas, social media accounts under the guise, that he is best buddies,
and is collecting all the insider information of what players will be starting.
Steve Stevens himself, also has a habit of creeping on sports stars, some unfortunately
take money from Steve for this Illusion.  His catch phrase is "Absolute Blow Out Winner"
but the only person winning is Steve, because the amount of gullible people that he

Steve Stevens even has sponsors, of course the sponsors are such high class companies
as  Blue Chew,  a bubblegum version of Viagra, and a manscaping company for guys
who want to shave their balls. 

His promo videos feature him with wads of cash in his hand, driving his rolls royce, and
lately him creating a fake feud with his business partner Vegas Dave.
In these covid times, people are desperate, people are going fall for anything these
fraudsters tell them, and he plays the game well. But don't fall for Steve Stevens
lies, he is not the bookie killer, he doesn't have "Absolute Blow Out Winners",
he doesn't have sources all over the country, he hasn't made 100's of Millions
by sports betting.

He is without the doubt, a leech that preys on people, rich and poor, offering $99
deals to the poor, (they not his insider plays of course) then Charging an Obsense
amount of money from people, who think he's going to have a winning rate of 80%.

Don't do it.

Stay away from Steve Stevens, aka Darin Notaro, aka the bookie killer.

Unless you're  a member of the  Police or the FBI.

Then you should look into this guy.





Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Vegas Dave and Steve Stevens are Business Partners


There can be no doubt about it, Vegas Dave and Steve Stevens are Business
partners, this made up feud between them is all about increasing ten fold
what their business is actually about and it's not just about selling sports picks.

It's onselling users phone numbers to call centers in India, Pakistan, South Korea
and Nigeria.
Both play their part well,  its kinda like Good Cop Versus Bad cop, or Bad cop
versus Worse cop, or even Worse Cop versus Douche cop.
Vegas Dave role is the fool, a man who got lucky betting on longshots, now
sells his picks to his client claiming he has an 80% winning record,  he makes
cheesy video with escorts while he throws money around at high priced strip
clubs, while hes wearing a lot of bling, and people who are desperate, think,
this guy must know his sports. 

All his videos are about showing all his wealth, that he claims to have earned
from having a winning record by decades of sports betting. In fact he got
lucky by having rich parents, has been in debt plenty of times, and I would
guess wouldn't even be at a 30% success rate.

Then there's Steve Stevens, a far more horrible sports tout, because he is
far more professional in the way he cons. I mean he conned a whole
network into doing a doco about his business, VIP Sport Las Vegas,
he claims to have people inside every major league Baseball team,
NFL Team, NBA, NHL team, he claims to know the Owners, the
GM's, the coaches and players, he claims to know which players
will sit out, which players are having marriage problems and which
players are taking recreational drugs.
How one man can have all this information is beyond reality.  He has
never provided proof of his record, which he claims long term  stands
at 78%. (The best touts are at around 54%)  Yet he plays the good guy,
but also the tough guy.
Lately there has been a feud going on between Vegas Dave and Steve Stevens,
which I think is orchestrated. 

Apparently Vegas Dave put one of Steve's kids in a promo video and Steve
Stevens threaten him with Violence in a  YT video.  If this was true YT
would've taken the video down and the police would pay Stevens a 
Also there are about half a dozen websites with titles that are Similar,
 like "Vegas Bettors Rated" all these sites rate the so called touts,
and  all of them rate Steve Stevens and Vegas Dave in the high 70%, the
sites are all owned by a company in Arizona, which I'm guessing is
owned by Steve Stevens and Vegas Dave.

Steve Stevens videos portray him as a hard man, a tee shirt two sizes too 
small with him using  a lot of tough language and ripping into other
touts, while name dropping.  He's a man you don't mess with him, he's
tougher than Leroy Brown and Jim Walker put together, in reality he's
just a sleazy con man playing a role.
They must be working together or else the Lawyers would be out, it
may actually go deeper, they could have more of a proffesional
relationship, who knows,  Steve has had his pudding, now it's Vegas
Dave's turn.
Here's the thing, do not do business with these men, they're criminals
of the worst degree,  Dave playing the idiot with a lot of cash, and Steve
playing the hero who will save you from him.
Dont trust any of them, and never never give them your cell phone number.
They're the worse of the worse. 

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Who's Better at Sports Picks? Steve Stevens, Myself or the crazy monkey at Tahuna Zoo

This post was inspired by Nolan Dalla who
wrote a blog piece, ways to tell if a sports
Handicapping service is dishonest.

I immediately thought of Steve Stevens A.K.A
Darin Notaro who owns VIP Sports Las Vegas.

Nolan listed 10 ways sports touts are dishonest and
Steve Stevens ticked all the boxes.

Steve uses a pseudonym, he does social media videos
showing he lives a high roller life style, talks of his
new Rolls Royce, and of course, the big one, he has never
given out evidence of his win-loss record.

He touts a 70%-80% winning record without any proof,
and proof is so so hard to find.

Actual sports handicappers will tell you, the best are the ones
that don't blow their own trumpet, they publish  their results
after the fact and they will hit around 55%.

So back to Steve, I could only find two sites that had publish
results from him and his company.

One was a youtube video that bought a week's package and
they stated that he hit  just under 40%, another publish
the results from a few years back , of someone who bought
a package from one of his workers who appeared in the
Money talks reality show, and that person  hit 42%,  hardly

It must be stated on both cases they didnt show the actual
documentation, but one look at Steve's social media video's
and his trouble with telemarketing from way back, I tend
to believe what I have read about him, he's just a Vegas
Dave, with slightly better production values.

So here is my totally unscientific experiment....

Who is better at sports picks?????


The crazy ass monkey at Tahuna park zoo

Or Steve Stevens???

I'm picking The Nelson Giants, the Taranaki Airs
to get wins, and Im also picking  In the Panthers
versus Cowboys game there will be over 43.5 points

The crazy ass Monkey at Tahuna zoo, went crazy when
I gave him my picks, so  he must be going with the
Huskies and the Jets and the Under for the panthers game.

Not sure what Steve Stevens is betting on, not sure if he
will be man enough to give the results after the fact, but
Im guessing either myself or the crazy ass monkey at
Tahuna zoo will have a better record.

My main point is, if your touting a 80% winning record,
show people the evidence, otherwise you're just a conman
in a shirt way too small.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Garth Brooks concert to be shown at Drive In's

Garth Brooks announcement was, he has pre taped
a concert, (No audience of course) and that show will
be shown in Drive In's for one night only across the

Tickets will be $100.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Steve Tew Screws New Zealand Basketball

Steve Tew has screwed New Zealand

Steve Tew the former head of NZRugby
has decided in his new position as the
man who gets to decided what sports
in New Zealand gets funding to stay
alive, after the effects of covid19, has
decided to give the sport of Basketball
in New Zealand ZERO funding.

All the  while giving millions to insignificant
sports that the world has never heard of,
eg: Netball and Rugby.

There is a reason he has done this, Basketball
is going through a surge in New Zealand and
is deemed to be a threat to his beloved Rugby.

Just like Rugby league was a threat to Union
in the mid 80's, it's now Basketball that is
considered to be the threat to Rugby staying the
number one sport in NewZealand.

Like with the abysmal league bashing that
happened in the 80's, the media stays silent,
they don't dare question anyone from Rugby.

So it's time to call out all those who are complicit in
his decision.

In the 80's it was Journalists like  Brendan Telfer and
Joseph Romanos.

Now its Journos like Andrew Saville and Scotty
Stevenson who seem to be scared to say anything that
doesn't promote Rugby, they will just continue to chant
the lie "Global Global Global" when it comes to their
favorite game.

But Saville and Stevenson aren't the only Journos who cant
wash their hands of this.

I don't care if this sounds like a conspiracy, make no mistake
Basketball has been targeted because it's deem to be a threat,
they want to choke the sport of its lifeblood at the grassroot level.

Its a danger  to their precious Rugby, they know what Basketball can
offer, and will do anything to stop it.

There is not one Mainstream sporting Journo that will call Tew up
on this, it's completely insane that Basketball doesn't get a cent,
and it's also criminal that it doesn't.

I only hope those invovled in running NZBaksetball are more vocal
in their anger, that they've been in the past.

Time will tell.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Breaking News: Garth Brooks Reschedules Charlotte, NC Concert

Garth Brooks has reschedule hias Charlotte
NC concert from June 13th to October 10th.

The sensible move, the right move , the only

All tickets will be honored.

Well done to Garth for putting safety first!

Friday, May 8, 2020

Are Social Media Influencers today's version of cool Middle School Kids

 (Update: This post has changed because of the
background of the original person in the pic)

Is today's Social Media's Influencer just a version
of yesterday's cool middle school kids?

The guy in the pic, is worth millions and for some
 reason he got 330K  likes for this picture?

Why?  Seriously? 330K Likes for that Fuckin picture.

I think back to my middle school class, we had a genuine
funny wee Chinese kid in my class, he would say a quip
and not many of my fellow classmates laughed, we
also had for want of a better term, a pretty boy in the class,
he would come up with some rather stupid sayings, even for
middle school, and my classmates were like a bunch of trained
circus seals, clapping and cheering away.

In my class there was also a extremely highly intelligent girl,
who could've skipped a few years, but wanted to stay with
kids her own age, she would say a comment that was  above me,
that no one seem to take notice of, but when the  attractive girl in our class
would be a dumbass,  everyone thought she was going places.

That was the 1980's.

Flash forward a lifetime, and what do we have, we have people
of all ages hanging on the words of the pretty boys and girls, who
in hindsight have nothing interesting to say.

Advertisers pay them to include their products in the pictures they
post to social media, companies send them on first class trips
around the world if they would post positive comments about
their company.  Now you would think the social media influencer
must be writing pieces that Mark Twain would be proud of, you
think the level of their intellect must be through the roof, but a
quick scan of these guys/girls Instagram  accounts show otherwise.

I could kinda say fair play to them, if what they were saying was
important, of if I could learn something new or have a different
take on a subject matter that  they're discussing.

But No, it doesn't matter what these guys or girls post, doesn't matter
what picture they take, because they're good looking people are
going to like what they say.

Take two people on twitter, one person who isn't a social media
influencer made a heartfelt post about racism, it wasn't self serving
it was honest and sincere,  they got 23 likes for it.

A social media influencer posted a video of themselves saying...
"BeeBop" 12 times over and  got 165K likes.

What the Fuck is the public thinking?  Why would anyone
want to follow these people?  They add nothing to society or
thought process.

Then there is the social media influencers who are asking the
public to donate so they can still take photos and put them on

For some reason people still do, I would say to those people, if
you're out and about and lost your wallet and needed some cash
to get home, would one of these influencers help ya out, if you
approached them.

I did this post because of a Social Media Influencer, recently
emailed a restaurant asking for free stuff and they in return
would take a picture and put it on their Instagram site.

Thankfully the Restaurant owner said no, so there maybe some

But back to the guy in the picture, I understand he is a very
popular social media influencer around the world, he
doesn't have to say anything interesting, or new, or take a
interesting photo, in fact he could just be like that other
one and say  "BeBop"  12 times over, and his followers
would instantly give him likes, advertisers will give him money,
he wont have to work a day in his life.

I just feel sorry for the young girl who has ideas that could change
the world, but will never be heard, because like with Middle School,
people are just interested in what the popular kids have to say, and the
bar is set so so low for them, all they have to do is say is "BeBop"
and  they will make millions and the world will call them a influencer.

Welcome to 2020.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Modern Family Ends

Modern Family will go down in History as a show
that changed it's direction half way thru it's run.

The catalysis for the change was Disney taking control
of ABC and putting their rather large foot print on ABC's

The best comparison can be made with just the fourth
episode of Modern family, where in the final scene the
viewer was lead to believe that  Hayley was about to be
sung a sweet love song by her boyfriend Dylan, in front
of her family.

The song ended up being inappropriate, the comedy coming
from Hayley's reaction smiling  with no awareness of the song
being inappropriate. Thus giving the audience a surprise thinking
it was just going to be another sweet sitcom moment.

Fast forward to season nine, Phil grabs his guitar to cheer up
Jay and his family as they're all on a  houseboat, after they
all end up missing the Eclipse.

Phil starts singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart"  but instead
of the scene having a twist, all the cast members start singing
along, and we are left with a cheesy, manipulative, sickly sweet
moment that not even the writers of Full House, would've dared
to write.

For six seasons, Modern Family was cutting edge, brave, funny and
sincere and if it had ended there would've been remembered as
fondly as Mash, Seinfeld and the office. It changed television.

The next five seasons though did serious harm to it's legacy, so
many mistakes in the writing, Hayley stayed the same, Luke and
Manny came off as sleazy, child like writing for the adults, and
the worst casting decision ever made, Jeremy Maguire as Joe, a
decision that seemed to be solely for Disney to have the next cute
kid actor,  unfortunately the instructions that Jeremy must of
got from his agents and parents was kinda narcissistic, and he
seems to play the role like he's thinking "Hey Disney you must
want me for your next project"

I feel that it's almost a crime against the show that the writers
gave more lines to Joe than Luke in the final.

Spoilers ahead.

So we come to the finale,a finale that was predictable for the course
the show has taken over the last few years, long term fans will be in
tears, they will write how it's the best finale in years, and the show will
be fondly remembered and people will talk how groundbreaking Modern
Family was in its entire run.

The finale was very sweet and warm, yet predictable.

Cam and Mitch moved away with Lily and their newly adopted son
so Cam could coach football. Alex moved to Switzerland with her
boyfriend/Professor. Luke moved to Oregon to go to college. Hayley
and Dylan and the Twins moved into Cam's and Mitch's old house.

Phil and Clarie will do a long awaited road trip. Manny is going to
tour the world, and Jay and Gloria will spend the summer in Columbia

For myself though, there's a tinge of what might of been. The first
four seasons in particular, filled my heart, and it was the one show
that I most looked forward too, because of it's downhill spiral, I'm
just left with the feeling of a great great show, that went a few seasons
too long, if it ended after season six, it might of been remember as
one of the greatest sitcoms in History.

So a big thanks to Modern Family for a great six years, the next five
may of gotten nowhere the first six,  but the memories I'm left with for
the first six seasons though will stick with me and will always bring a smile
to my face, and that is what a sitcom should be about.