Monday, July 1, 2019

An Open Letter to TVNZ Re Sean Marks

Hello TVNZ Journalists

In regards to your story on Sean Marks on July 1st 2019 that
aired on One News.

TVNZ seem to Suggest the All Blacks played a part in Sean Negotiating
with Durant to bring to him the Brooklyn Nets.

As a lifelong Basketball fan who has followed the sport religiously
since the early 80's, that suggestion is not cemented in reality.

Yes, being a Kiwi, I'm sure Sean has in the past been in touch with
various kiwi sports players from several codes. I can guarantee you
the GM of an NBA team (All NBA teams are Multi Billion dollar
franchises) isn't taking one word of advice from anyone involved with
the All Blacks.

There is simply no comparison between the NBA and a international
Rugby Team.

Plenty of Franchises learn from different codes, believe me though if
they really needed someone on board, they would have them on board,
and it just wouldn't be a phone call or a chat or a PR visit.

During the past decade or so, it seem TVNZ had thrown in Rugby References
to Non Rugby stories for the sake of it, I would suggest this practice stops,
because it comes off as patronizing to that particular code.

In a few months RJ Hampton will be in New Zealand to play for the Breakers.

If you get to interview him, would it be too much too ask you, to ask him
Basketball questions and show him respect to the sport he has chosen
to play.

Again, no need to ask RJ a Rugby question.

Basketball fans of New Zealand would appreciate this.