Friday, May 10, 2019


The picture above doesn't show a Secret Society,
it doesn't show people who are part of an exclusive
club that has been around for 100's of years.

There is not going to be a Line of Duty type investigation
into these boys, there won't be a movie made into their
life's, none of the people pictured are special.

There is no wild antics that  they do, that will be talked about
for centuries. They wont become Prime Minister.

They're nothing like the Masons, the police aren't debating
should they arrest them or not because who their daddies are.

Yet the New Zealand Media once again get it wrong, by
dramatizing their behavior and giving it a cute nickname,
leading people to believe, "Wow is this like Billionaire
Boys club", or that English movie which shows the
Elite acting badly"

Please tell us More!!!!

Well quite Frankly Hamish  McNeilly of Stuff's website
should be ashamed for not doing any real reporting.

This group of kids, reminds me of the half dozen kids
on Saturday Night in the 90's that use to come into a
fast food restaurant I used to work in. These little kiddies
would come in, and then put Blue Bandanas around their
heads and proceed to tell people that "You dont mess with
the cripes"

This continued until real gang members came in and the
little kids ripped off their Bandanas as fast as look as ya.

So from now on, I hope the New Zealand media, report on
the antics of these teens/early 20 something as accurate
as possible, a good way to start will be.....

"A Group of  teenage idiots who couldn't handle a drop
of Alcohol, started to abuse other customers until they
got told off by the adults in the room, Police still want
their parents to come forward and pay for the  damage they

How about it  Hamish McNeilly?

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