Tuesday, November 19, 2019

What Eric Church can Learn from Garth Brooks

Country singer Eric Church could learn a lot
from Garth Brooks.

There are several lessons he could take from the
Legend of country music.

One is not to bag other artists, you may disagree if
an artist wins an award, fair enough, we all have opinions,
but to make fun of artist who beat you out for an award is
along the lines of a middle school student complaining that
they should've been made Prom King.

All that is needed, is a short message of congratulations.

Also, if there is someone who has been on top of his game
for their entire career for 30 years, it's best not to try and
pick a fight with that person, because there is a reason that
artist has been at the top for so so long.

Song writing and the ability to choose a song that others had
written is also a must, and that is where Garth's true genuis
comes to the fore.

He has written/sung songs about Gay Rights, Racial Equality,
Spousal Abuse, Bullying, Children with Downs syndrome,
songs that have touched the world. It may be songs released
as singles or B cuts, but every song on every album has a meaning.

In saying that, Garth also has a fun light hearted side with his
music, handling dark subjects in a way that turns the song
and that dark subject around.  eg: Papa Love Mama.

Garth has always represented country music in the best
matter possible, you couldn't want for more of a representation
of country music than Garth.

Then there's the live performance that an artist gives, Garth must
of played over 1000 concerts in his career, various  award shows,
and in 30 years only lip synced once, because he lost his voice
after doing eight shows in six days.

No one in the history of music has been a better entertainer
than Garth, its not even close, so again Mr Eric Church it's
best not to criticize, a guy that has thrilled the world, thruout
the decades for his dazzling performances.

There's also the charity thing, most artists wait till the end
of their career to get involved, Garth  did it at the start, giving
his time and effort to various causes and then starting up his
own "Team Mates for Kids" that has raised 100's of Millions
for people in need.

His treatment of his fans has always been second to none, just
like his connection with his fans.

So Eric Church can learn a lot from Garth, not just about the
Industry or performing, or song writing, but mainly what life
is all about, and that is how to be a decent Human Being.

Perhaps one day Eric Church will get there.

Time will tell.

Thursday, November 14, 2019


Congrats to Garth Brooks, for winning his
7th Entertainer of the year award at the CMA's.

Garth is the only artist in History to have won this
award seven times. He did this  thru selling out a
Stadium tour, playing Honky Tonks and a shit
load of charity work thru various different organizations.

He gave his time and energy to country music, he talked
directly to the fans thru his facebook live show, "Inside
Studio G" and has continued to be a wonderful spokesperson
for the Genre of Country music.

Always respectful, one hell of a Entertainer, he set the bar
in 1989 and thirty years later he is still setting the bar.

Country music and music in general is lucky to have him
back in the game, no one has done more for the image of
country music globally than Garth Brooks.

Tonight may be considered a bit of an upset, and that may
be so, but it's a well deserved upset.

Well done to Country Music and well done to Garth Brooks.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Is Modern Family America's Verison of Mrs Brown Boys?

I was about halfway thru season four, when I told a
mate that Modern Family is not only up there and equal of
the best shows in Television History, its probably even
better than, MASH  Seinfeld and The Office.

Around the end of season six, I thought, well I called
that too early, it's still a great show but not on a level
with the best of the best.

Around season nine I thought, well its still better than
Everybody Loves  Raymond, a show about a man who
wants to play Golf with his buddies but his wife won't
let him.

When season ten finished, I thought this show has fallen
from Grace so bad, I don't think I can watch the final season.

Two episodes in and I now think one of two things, that the
show is America's version of Mrs Brown Boys, but not as

For those that don't know, Mrs Brown Boys is the worst
Television show in History, it was created by this Irish Gimp
who saw  "When the Whistle Blows" and thought I can
make money off of dumb people, by putting  the laziest
cheapest, unfunny BS jokes that brain dead people will
get off on.

Secondly, it's just all about the money for the cast, to
degrade themselves like this.

So is Modern Family funnier than Mrs Brown Boys?

After watching episode 2 of it's final season (please
cancel Modern Family now) I say no, I say what I
saw yesterday was the worst half hour of television
history, and I have seen a show that had Dai Henwood
in it, so I know bad TV.

How can a show fall from grace so much. The actors, the
writers, the show runner, must of known when they filmed
this abortion of an episode, that it wouldnt even cut mustard
with a middle school art Teacher.

This was insulting to the viewer, Comic book guy from the
Simpsons wouldn't even bother to say his catchphrase.

When the jokes are Phil  falling off his bike, Luke 
 looking at  his 45 year old girlfriend pussy and smiling,
Alex being locked into a freezer and stuttering saying,
"Im c c c cold"  Mitch singing to a fridge. Claire being
someone who she  isn't and some crying babies. You know a
show is extremely bad.

You want to how bad it can get, well the worst two characters
in the show didnt even make an appearance, Manny, whos been
rapey the last few years and Joe the most unlikable kid actor
since the kid from 1999's Star Wars.

Again, last night was sad and it was torture, why oh why didn't
Ed O'Neil who's got a ton of class and integrity , say something?
This episode shouldn't have aired.

So having watched a show for ten seasons and two episodes, I'm
done, I can't do it.

From it's beginnings, Modern Family could've been known as one
of the greatest sitcoms in History.

Now it's a show that is so bad, that not even fans of Mrs Brown Boys
or Dai Henwood would watch.

So its goodbye to a once great show.

Monday, September 30, 2019

What is New Zealand Basketball's Announcement?

This week, New Zealand Basketball is set to make
a huge announcement.

It's been a particular busy year for New Zealand
Basketball, it appears to be a year of good news,
with TV deals, a Brilliant Breakers squad,  new
tournaments, new sponsors, a new interest in
everything Basketball and games at all levels
being live streamed for the world to view.

But what could be the announcement that is coming
this week from New Zealand Basketball?  It would
seem it's going to be a big one, if Justin Nelson's tweet
is anything to go by, a couple of other tweeters in the
know, seem to be tight lipped. So my expectations
are fairly high.

So I'm putting my thinking cap on and taking a guess
on what it might be.

First off, I don't think it's another TV deal, I don't think
it involves an individual player, I also don't think it
involves signing on of another sponsor, for a competition
or team.

So that leaves me with just a handful of guesses, I'm thinking
a few things.....

New Zealand will be hosting a major FIBA Tournament.


An NBA Team will be coming for a preseason game in the
next five years.


There will be full streaming coverage of every  NZ NBL
game in HD 8K.


A second NZ team for the Australian NBL, sooner than expected.


A New Zealand Womens team will enter the Australian NBL
Women's league in a couple of years.

Am I right???

Friday, August 23, 2019

Hey Garth Release the Tapes

Time has come for country singer Garth Brooks to
release the tapes. The public have waited long enough
now and for Historical purposes the tapes have to be

Yes Garth is extremely busy and has several products
due out in the next 12 months that he is concentrating on,
the public understands this, the public though  wants and
deserves to have the tapes released from Garth's master vault.

Garth fans are being extremely spoiled over the next 12 months,
we have "Legacy 1" coming out this year, along with the new
studio album "Fun" and his "Triple Live" album,  and in 2020
we will have the "Diamond Series" "Legacy 2" and of course
another chapter in the Anthology series.

What is far more important though, than his Legacy and
Anthology series, all of which by the way should've included
the tapes,  and those tapes are the tapes from his Master Vault,
they have stayed hidden from the public and THE  media for his
entire career.

So what is on these tapes and why is it important, and why
does Garth Brooks have them locked up tighter than Fort

First off the tapes include.....

Video Footage of every concert he did outside the USA/Canada
on his 1994 world tour.  Pre/Post footage and the entire concerts themselves.

Video  Footage of several concerts he did in the USA 93/94 outside
of his TV specials, also Pre/Post footage and the entire concerts themselves.

The concerts were filmed and recorded by Crazy Duck Productions/
The Dream Chasers and Garth's own people.

Garth has all the footage (over 200 hours from The Dream Chasers
alone) locked up in his master vault.

It's important because it shows the true passion from him and his
fans, the complete crowd frenzy, the uncontrolled mania from fans
at his concerts, it shows the Rawness of Garth as a performer that
you just cant get from a TV special that is edited cut and sliced.

Think, This is Garth Brooks One, and times that by a 1000, its the
reaction from  the crowd that is losing it's sh*t from seeing their
idol, it's Garth himself being totally spontaneous and losing himself
in his performance without worrying about what the reaction from
a TV audience might be.

It's showing another side of Garth that you have never seen from
any TV special any boxset/collection/Legacy or Anthology, it
may even be shocking for some to see, it's this footage that
shows Garth as the true entertainer the true showman, at his

Don't get me wrong, the made for TV specials blows me away,
but they're just that, made for TV, his true heart, his true ability
when he is on stage, is that he is always in the moment.

His concerts he has done since coming out of retirement, are amazing
from the footage I have seen, they're different, he is still a
brilliant performer, as Garth has said though, he is now very careful
on stage because he knows everything is going to be filmed.

I think Garth is very protective of his legacy, his imagery and he
does like to control what is out there. As a life long fan though,
I think Garth needs to be a bit more braver and not just rely on
four TV specials to defined him as an entertainer. He needs to
open up the vault and say to the public "Ya think ya know what a Garth
Brooks concert was like in the early 90's, well think  again!"

Garth needs to be brave, he needs to go into his master vault, he
needs to Unleash all this unseen footage for the public and music
historians, so we can have a complete picture of his career.

The time is right.  Dig deep Garth, ya gotta do it.

Its time for Garth Brooks to...


Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Is Part of Garth Brooks Legacy Rehashing Old Music?

Don't get me wrong, Garth Brooks is the nicest guy
in the music industry, he was the nicest in the 90's
and he is still the nicest in 2019.

What he has done since coming back in 2014 is nothing
short of phenomenal. Breaking every Arena and Stadium
record is unheard of in a comeback tour.

His treatment of his fans is so sincere and sweet, no
one has ever came close in their relationship with their
fans than Garth Brooks.

So we are at the stage where we are talking about Garth's
Legacy on the eve on him releasing a Vinyl/CD boxset
called Legacy.

And thus we get to the only negative  part of Garth Brooks's
career and that is, part of his legacy is rehashing old music.

By putting the same songs in a different package/Collection/
box set, would seem to be done in the hope of boosting
his already Massive  RIAA numbers and increasing his
position at the top of Soundscan and their numbers.

For myself the Live Anthology released last year was a
miss opportunity, he could've given the fans countless
hours of  footage from his early days of touring
the USA and touring the world. Instead the multimedia
part of that package was Double Live (released in 98)
and the just released at the time, fan mix of Triple Live.

So we come to the Legacy package, Garth on Vinyl in
three separate boxsets with CD's of the albums too! We
were promised Bonus songs, and that is what got fans
really excited, unfortunately with  Amazon releasing a Pic
of the Discs, the Bonus songs, are the same Bonus Songs,
that he called Bonus songs  in 1998's  Limited series.

Thus the aptly named Legacy Series is actually part of
Garth's Legacy.

It's frustrating knowing that Garth has recorded over 15
thousand songs in his career, that he has way over 200
Hours of concert footage from the early years and he
has never bothered to released any of that.

When he makes an announcement about releasing material
and calls it "Bonus Material" it's always been material
we have either seen or heard before.

How many times can fans buy the same music over and
over or buy DVD's from the same TV specials, while
knowing Garth has in his master Vault, hundreds of
hours of unseen footage from unseen shows.

Now that Garth is an older artist, his Legacy is being talked
about and what pops up, is the amount of times he has re released
the same CD's.

This for me is effecting his Legacy and until we get the
complete package of unseen/unheard material from Garth,
it will continue to effect his Legacy.

Hopefully one day he will open up his Vault for the world
to see.

Time will tell.

Monday, July 1, 2019

An Open Letter to TVNZ Re Sean Marks

Hello TVNZ Journalists

In regards to your story on Sean Marks on July 1st 2019 that
aired on One News.

TVNZ seem to Suggest the All Blacks played a part in Sean Negotiating
with Durant to bring to him the Brooklyn Nets.

As a lifelong Basketball fan who has followed the sport religiously
since the early 80's, that suggestion is not cemented in reality.

Yes, being a Kiwi, I'm sure Sean has in the past been in touch with
various kiwi sports players from several codes. I can guarantee you
the GM of an NBA team (All NBA teams are Multi Billion dollar
franchises) isn't taking one word of advice from anyone involved with
the All Blacks.

There is simply no comparison between the NBA and a international
Rugby Team.

Plenty of Franchises learn from different codes, believe me though if
they really needed someone on board, they would have them on board,
and it just wouldn't be a phone call or a chat or a PR visit.

During the past decade or so, it seem TVNZ had thrown in Rugby References
to Non Rugby stories for the sake of it, I would suggest this practice stops,
because it comes off as patronizing to that particular code.

In a few months RJ Hampton will be in New Zealand to play for the Breakers.

If you get to interview him, would it be too much too ask you, to ask him
Basketball questions and show him respect to the sport he has chosen
to play.

Again, no need to ask RJ a Rugby question.

Basketball fans of New Zealand would appreciate this.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

To Michael Scott: I present the case for Basketball

Michael Scott is the Chief Executive of
High Performance Sport New Zealand,
they're a Government body who funds
our national sports teams and sports

The former Chief executive  Alex
Baumann once said Basketball had
to present it's case better if our National
teams wanted funding.

Basketball is currently 26th of 32 sports
that they currently fund.

May I present the case for Basketball to
Michael Scott.

My case is High Performance sport are
the ones that need to change, not the
second most popular sport on earth.

Basketball has been a sport where NZ
has done far far better on the world stage,
than we should've been allowed.

By Funding our National Men and Women
and our age group national teams, you will
create a situation where young people will take
notice and get invovled in a sport that can lift
them out of poverty.

A child from Aranui or South Auckland would
normally not have the chance to go to an NCAA
D1 college, the sport of Basketball gives them this

It's not just a college education, players can then
go anywhere on the Planet and play, and take that
experience back to New Zealand and young people,
which will benefit the whole country.

Our National teams need this funding to bring the
best players back from overseas for not only world
cups and Olympics, but qualifying series.

Basketball  is in a unique position, where a high
percentage of our best players are overseas, for
them not to be available because of funding  is a crime.

Your criteria seems to be to give to sports that
we may medal in, even though these sports are
not taken seriously by most countries.

I would put to you, when you give Millions to
Equestrian, the percentage of people that benefit
is extremely small, when you give Millions to
Basketball thousands of people benefit, because
of the size of the sport.

So you would really have to ask yourself, what's
more important, Once every four years watching
a Lawn Bowler win a Gold Medal at the Commenwealth
Games, or Watching  Tera Reed bang threes from way down
town at the Olympics and watching Finn Delany dunking
on the Big European Nations.

I know what I think is more important.

Show us the money.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Is the New Zealand Basketball League ready for a Resurgence

Yes, yes it is.

My very first Basketball  game  I attended was in 1983, I
hopped on my little Raleigh 20 and biked to the
game, and fell in love with the sport.

Little did I know that New Zealand also would end
up loving the sport. The following few years, our
little arenas would be packed out for every game,
those with season tickets (like myself) were lucky,
the Canterbury Rams would end up virtually selling
out every game over a three year period.

The imports were the stars, Clyde the Glide Huntly
shooting from the outside, the big men like Ben
Antony, Willie Burton, players like  Ronnie Joyner
Kenny Perkins, Kerry Bogani, Kenny McFadden,
wowed the crowds, as fans couldn't contain their

Our own Kiwi players soon became stars, John
and Stan Hill,  Dutchie  Radermakers, Bert
Knops and the great Gilbert Gordon.

Then the TV coverage started to happen, highlight
packages on a  Sunday sports show, Live coverage
of the final, kiwis started to notice Basketball.

Then the Rugby loving Media of New Zealand got
worried, there were negative articles about the sport,
saying the sport was just hype, hell Joseph Romanos
even started to make up stories, for example, he
wrote that import Lloyd Daniels left his team, but
barely a week back in the states he was murdered.

Well Joesph, he had quite the come back since he
ended up in the NBA the following year.

So there was a media backlash, less TV coverage,
then SKY TV came to New Zealand, the internet
took off and people got their Basketball fix from
watching the NBA.

The crowds got smaller, and the league kinda stagnated.

The Tall Blacks making the semi finals of the Basketball
world cup, gave the game a big boost, but once again the Rugby media
started to go negative.

It got to the surreal stage, The Tall Blacks caused the biggest
upset in International Basketball History by beating Serbia
at the 2004 Olympics,  but our media when ranking sports
achievements that year, put that below  A ranfurly shield

The NZBreakers entered the Australian league and had a
tough few years, all the while  the New Zealand NBL seemed
to be the red headed child of New Zealand sport.

NZBreakers started winning, people started following them,
Steve Adams Gets drafted, young Kiwi men and women start
getting scholarships to NCAA D1 schools, and this has
been the small start of the resurgence of our own Professional
league, and this time, I think there is no going back.

The NewZealand  Basketball league doesn't have to rely on
the likes of Brendan Telfer or Andrew Saville, we have our
own Basket Journos, we have social media, which probably
has played the biggest part in making this year, the best year
for the New Zealand Basketball League since the might of
the Canterbury Rams beat the Saints in 1986.

It will grow and grow, because Basketball people will be in
control of it, and not outsiders. I think in five years time, it
will be not only be back to its heyday of all those decades ago
but will increase in size.

I have supported this sport since 1983, I'm so lucky to have
a  niece who plays NCAA D1,  she's my all time favourite player
no one else comes close.

I have lived and breath this sport, for me its a 24/7 thing
I have watched  literally thousands of games , from Primary/
Middle/High school in New Zealand and the USA, to AAU in
the USA, to D1 college men's and women's in the states, to the
NBA, to International Basketball, to the Euro League. To our
very own Women's league,  and I'm 100% sure that Women's
Basketball is the next big thing for NZ sport and rightfully so.

The lifeblood of Basketball in New Zealand, and what started
my love of the sport was the New Zealand Basketball league,
it just fills my heart that it's started to be noticed again, and
as long as it's basketball people being the Journalists, as long
as the fans keep active on social media, not only will the
league not go away, but it will just keep getting bigger and

One last thing...


Wednesday, May 29, 2019

RJ Hampton signs with the New Zealand Breakers

I'm speechless, I'm without speech.  This is massive
news, I hope the New Zealand media knows how huge
this is.

The greatest High School Player on the planet is coming
to play for the New Zealand Breakers in the Australian

He was activity recruited by Kentucky, Duke and Kansas
and was expected to go to Kansas, when he annoucned he
didn't want to go to college it was widely expected that
he would go straight to the NBA.

Instead he announced he wants to play Pro ball outside
the USA, and the team that has landed this superstar is
our very own the New Zealand Breakers!!

Every game should be a sell out to see this young man
who will achieve superstardom. 

What this also does is change history, players leaving
High School, who aren't interested in college, now have
a option to play professional ball overseas.

As a Basketball fan this has floored me, I was literally
stunned and speechless.

So many great things are happening with New Zealand
Basketball at the moment, and a chance to see this
young man play in person, should excite every fan
in New Zealand, and  it gives the Aussie NBL,
more respect, the media coverage in the States that
the New Zealand Breakers will now get will be massive,
NBA teams will be watching this kid's every move.

As a fan, I'm so excited, and so should my fellow Kiwis.

Bring it on!!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

McDonalds New Zealand 1990's

"What we need is a really great day, to make the most
of every moment"

That was the theme song to the ad's McDonald's use
to run in the 1990's in New Zealand.

The truth was, there weren't many great days at all
at a particular store in New Zealand.

Names have been changed for legal reason's, but every
incident that is listed happened, it's kinda an injustice,
to the people that worked there, to call what happened there
incidents, it was more of a daily routine that sent the workers
into a robotic type state.

The city I worked in  had two Franchise owners at the time, I
unfortunately worked in the store so bad t that the other owner
would flat out refuse to have anything to do with the store I was in.

McDonald's isn't a living entity, it doesn't have arms and legs
it was allowed to do what it did, because of the social hierarchy
of it's set up.

At the top You had a  Horrific senior manager that would keep
the crew in line, the next level managers, those guys are like
the cool kids, they're allowed to get away with more, they
always  put forward the names of friends for promotion, and
if any serious complaint had to be made, they would think
smiley sweetly at you will solve the problem, it's those
level managers that kept this store running the way it
did,  because nothing was done about the Horrific senior

One of the most repugnant people I have ever meet in
my life was Ryan Laddock, he was a senior Manager at
McDonalds in the 90's  in NZ , his treatment of
workers wasn't just stereotypical of a Fast food restaurant
manager, he was cruel almost like a sociopath, completely
narcissistic  and our franchise owner loved him.

He was able to get away for years with what he did,
because the next level managers did absolutely  nothing
when complaints were bought to their attention.

I worked at McDonald's from Late 1990 to Late 1995, where
I finally had enough.

I had enough because I was pulled aside by guess who,
Ryan Laddox, during one shift, Ryan had spotted a sprinkle
of lettuce on the dress table, he called me aside and even though
it's been 23 years I remember it word for word, he said

"You're the worst fuckin worker here, if it was up to me you
wouldnt work in my fuckin store anymore, well it's Bradley's
store but you know what I fuckin mean,  clean this up, and see
me before you go"

Now I wasn't going to go into an explanation, that I hadn't
created this mess, so I cleaned it up, his actions afterwards
was the worst moment of my working life,  after I had cleaned
it up,  I went to the office where he and another manager
were sitting drinking coffee on their break, I had gotten
the door half open and he screamed "Just fuckin go" but
it was, what happened that split second afterwards, that
made me feel sick to my stomach, almost instantaneously,
he and Miranda, the other manager, turned their backs
and started to have a conversation like I was invisible, and
that is how this one particular McDonald's treated their workers.

A girl who's boyfriend was killed in a car crash,  she took time
off for the funeral, when she came back, Ryan Laddock asked
her to stay where she was,  I thought Ryan was off to the office
to give her a sympathy card from people at this store, he came
back with the  store hand book that every crew is given,  and started
to tell her that bereavement leave is only given out when
the beavered party is a spouse/parent/sibling and not a boyfriend.

Ryan would daily have crew members literally running out the
store crying for the way he treated them, he would look at you,
like you were something on the bottom of his shoe.  He would
go out of his way to make life as unpleasant as possible, nothing
to do with running a tight ship, but just to be unpleasant for the
sake of it, this was a daily thing with him.

He wouldn't give out breaks, he would scold crew members right in
front of other crew members, he would complain that nobody
was doing their job right, there was never a shift where you
could relax with him.

One day a female worker came storming back into work, Ryan
had left a message on her PARENTS answer phone saying,
Janice's work is not up to standard and she needed to come
in, her job depended on it, she came back in and let Ryan
have it verbally, the next day Ryan was complaining to the
Franchise owner that the crew don't show respect and how
embarrassing this was for him, the Franchise owner told him,
"You have no need to be embarrassed, she embarrassed herself"

Another young crew member came in on her day off, with her
friends, she had just started work there, saw Ryan, said "Hi,
Ryan hows things?" in front of her friends Ryan told her
 "Don't come in on your day off again, I don't like little girls
giggling at me"

Again this is just a few incidents that I remember, every crew
member there would have their story to tell.

I found after I had left Maccas, that Ryan got transferred to another store,
because a crew member had punched him in the face.

He was rewarded though, the franchise owner decided he would
be the manager that he gives an all expensive paid trip to  see
the Warriors, flights/hotels/tickets,  I guess he had to reward his
little general.

I have never spoken to Ryan since I left, I take it Leopards don't
chance their spots, and  I have only listed a few things this guy
did, but take those incidents, and thinking about them happening
every day six days a week for half a decade, and you can probably
understand where I am coming from.

The screaming at crew, the looking at crew like you had
committed a heinous crime, complaints after complaints
that he made about crew to the Franchise owner. The  cutting down
of shifts, the split shifts he would give out,  7am-9am and 6pm to

But it wasn't just Ryan that made McDonalds the place it was.

Flash Back to my very first shift in 1990, Knee deep in dives,
my shift had finished, I wanted to finish my task before I clocked
out, I did, I found a manager and all Miranda said was "Go faster
next time"

It didn't take me long to get to know the score of the place, there was
a consistency about the place, that you figured out quickly, no matter
how long you had been working on a shift, don't ever ask for a break,
breaks were this magical mystical like creature that never appeared,
well if you were a manager or a crew member who were friends of
a manager then you would be fine.

I was there for five years and not only wouldn't there had been one week
where I got all the breaks I was legally entitled to, it was every shift, that you
would miss out on your half or 15 min break, some shifts there would be
no break at all.  You would be on your feet for nine hours, yet a crew member
who was friendly with a manager and had  been working for just two hours
would be sent on a break by a manager, that crew member of course would have
 their name put forward to become a crew trainer and then shift assistant then
manager, while the workers who did the work, stayed crew and got treated like BS.

Then there was the manager's book, and if something  went wrong,well
guess who got the blame,  the easy targets, the people who had no
support or wouldn't be listen to, or sometimes Managers would just
make things up.

Take a horrible awful manager, Jenny Brown, I remember looking to
see what station I was on, and I notice my named, Jenny had written,
that "Ricky had dropped some buns and didn't list them as waste"

I told her I didn't do this, to which she replied  "Yeah I know, I just
wrote that in, so it seems like I'm doing my job right"

Jenny Brown also had a habit of talking down to you like you
were a mentally challenged five year ago.  On one particular
busy shift,  she asked me to sweep the floor, but ask me by
saying "Now you take this end of the broom and make sure
this end is on the ground and I want to sweep the mess off
of the floor, is that okay?, are you able to do that dear?" all
the while, she was smirking, feeling clever about herself.

There was one guy called Douglas, who people nicknamed
Doogie, because he bore a striking resemblance   to Doogie Howser.
Jenny Brown would let it slide, but only if certain people called
him that, the rest of the crew were yelled at and told his name
is Douglas and don't call him Doogie.

Jenny Brown's worse moment came when she was charged
with running the breakfast shift,  she decided to put five
people on front counter,  three on drive thru, but only
one person in the kitchen, that person being myself, so
of course when orders came thru and I got behind, it's
no exaggeration  to say Jenny went Ballistic, and I mean
Ballistic, she was basically holding herself back from
Physically assaulting myself.  The fact that there were
eight workers up the front and one at the back didnt seem
to register, by hey a Manager versus a crew member, guess
who got the blame.

This was almost a daily tactic  that several managers used,
it was all about keeping the majority of crew under control,
while blaming those crew when things go wrong, but putting
forward the names of crew for promotion whom they had
a prior friendship with.

Some of the more uglier moments were

A 15 year old crew member who was groped at a work function
by a 24 year old Manager,  she was told by a handful of managers,
the 24 year old "Is a really nice guy"  She was then talked about
during several shifts, how she flirted with him and wanted it, and
it wasn't the managers fault.

I myself got a serious burn while working on the grill,  the
procedure was run it under cold water for ten minutes,
apply burn cream.  Nigel Allan called me after 20 seconds
and told me  "To get back in the kitchen, its too busy"

I also got stung by a bee,  I told the shift manager Nigel Allan
who shrugged his shoulders and told me "the sting will fall out"
was then told by Nigel to get some boxes of fries from the freezer
and take it to the Kitchen, the boxes were 20Kg each,  myself being
small in stature, managed to carry two at a time, Nigel went
crazy  and screamed at me that "Hey Man, I can carry four"

I guess when you are six foot 2,  you're able to carry four boxes
not so much, when you're my size.

Nigel Allan also had the peculiar  habit of physically assaulting
people but making it out to be an accident. He would turn around
real quickly and elbow you in the head, and then ask you
to speak up, because he couldn't hear you. You could be kneeling
on the ground and he walk past you and ahem accidentally knee
you in the head, but have the excuse that he didn't see you
down there.

Nigel Allan thought that the crew who were working on his
shift was incompetent, lazy, didn't know what they were doing
and worse of all needed to be spoken to like they were
four years old.

I had never meet someone with such a narcissistic ego,
not just of his intellect, but his sporting prowess, if
some NBA came on the TV in the crew room, Niven
would shake his head and tell people they're overrated
and his vertical  leap was better, he was also according
to him the same size of an NFL lineman.

He told one chap, who had a brother who was a 400
meter runner who made the world track and field
champs, that his brother's time wasn't that fast because
he had been timed by his Martial arts coach and he
could run  two seconds faster, of course he was
backed up by Sam Grave who was I guess you
could say his partner in crime.

But it wasn't the absurd statements that he made
that were terrible, it was his treatment of people
who really couldn't fight back.

One particular incident, Robin was in the kitchen, Nigel
screamed at him to hurry up with the Chicken burger,
Robin ran, but slipped and fell hard on the tile floor,
Nigel just grab the burger out of his hand, and told
him to get up, no "Are you hurt?"  health and safety
wasn't the top priority for workers at this Maccas.

Then there was Sam Grave, he was quite the pretty boy,
we are talking boy band pretty, we are talking  Ansel
Elgort  pretty, like all pretty boy's this guy had a free
ride, almost straight away he was made into a manager
after just a  few months, his name put forward by
several  female managers, and he became a shift manager
where he would take zero action on the cruelty by his
best buddy Nigel or not even report the hostility that
Ryan had towards certain workers.

Because of this guy's looks, the workers who wanted to
be part of "The Friends Crowd" seem to agree with anything
he had to say and it ended up that workers that didn't play that
game ended up being brutalized if you weren't in awe of Sam's
every action.

Take Robin Stanley, he was a computer nerd in 1993, he
loved his Star Trex and comic books, and was merciless
bullied by all, he was never invited anywhere, was made
to work his ass off while managers and shift managers
stood around drinking coffee, and  he was fired for not
being an octopus, he was busy stacking some eggs and
was told to clean a grill, said "I will just  finish stacking the eggs"
and was  fired on the spot for disobeying a manager's order.
A couple of weeks before this, we were all in the crew
room, Sam Grave was talking about how he was going
to get wasted  and had just bought some good shit.

As usual with Sam, the majority of people in the crew room
seemed to be in awe,  then the conversation turned to the
Internet or the world wide web as it was then  known,  Robin who
hardly spoke at all, face lit up, and started to speak (That was
his mistake) and started to tell people, that the Internet was not
a fad, wasn't just something for computer geeks, and in ten years
time, we would be doing everything on the internet, watching
TV show and Movies, listening to music, doing our shopping
and that the Internet would change life's.

Well Robin who was extremely shy and hadn't really spoken
in a large group situation, was about to be put in his place
in the most horrible of ways by Sam.

Sam who had controlled every situation, was in fits of laughter,
he turned to each person in the room,  "Is it going to change
your life"  "is it going to change your life?" then he looked
at Robin, shook his head and said "Not going to change my

Sam couldn't let Robin have one moment in four years of working
for him.

I popped up  and said "I actually read that in a decade we will be watching
movies on a computer, that sounds quite cool"

If looks could kill, how dare I disagree with Sam.So I guess as
I was leaving the crew room he felt the need to say, "Take out
the rubbish on your way out"  I procedure to do as he said, then
he smiled and said 'Hang on, let me just finished this" As he slowly
finished his fries, then added the packet to the rubbish, all the while
other managers laughed with pure enjoyment.

If we ever got a 15 minute break, we had a electronic time clock in the kitchen
that will count down, how long we are, well Sam thought it would
be a great laugh, if for several crew members he will keep pressing
the button to show we only two minutes left on our break when we
had only been away from five or so minutes.

Sam also thought it would be a great laugh to send out the crew
to do compacting,  that's where crew would take out all the rubbish
bags in a huge metal cage with wheels to the compacting machine,
a job that would take a good 20 minutes, of course Sam thought it
would be a laugh to make the crew do this if there was a sudden
downpour of rain,  there was a beeper on the outside door where
crew had to enter, well you would be left standing in the rain,
while managers would be having a laugh, unless of course it
was one of their mates who would be let in straight away.

Sam ran many  shifts as manager, where numerous complaints
would be made about Ryan, and Sam did  nothing, not because
he was friends with Ryan, he just couldn't be bothered going out
his way for anyone, he wasn't the most selfless of people.

So you had a system there,  Ryan would treat people like shit,
Sam and Nigel, too very good looking guys would turn the
other way, and get away with it, because a handful of workers
wanted to be part of that group, males wanted to have a beer
with them females wanted to get with them,  and 90% of the
workers suffered for it.

Ryan would oversee the shift,  Sam and Nigel who were
shift managers would do nothing about Ryan even if
complaints after complaints were made to them, and
a there was around three female managers who also
did nothing because they didn't want Sam and Nigel
to get into trouble,  and they didn't want to get kick
out of their little social group.

Then there the times people would just be jerks for the sake
of it.  Crew members watching the world cup of cricket,
Miranda  turning the tv over, not because she  wanted to
watch another program, they just didn't like cricket.

So the petty stuff stayed in ya mind.

Crew members who had been there, for years never got
promoted,  But  Jay Mannering  and Nick, guys who
were friends with Sam and Nigel got promoted two
weeks after starting at work and became part of the
friends crowd.

Were they good managers, well no, they weren't
exactly Rhode Scholars, despite being in their
20's they didn't seem to have a middle school IQ.

So you had  Sam and Nigel as shift managers,
Jay and Nick as Managers all given power
over nearly 100 crew members, they would
pinpoint who should be promoted always as
a benefit to them, putting names forward
of females that they wanted to hook up with
and putting forward the names of males they
know would go good with their group.

For a long time I was pissed off with Ryan
and Sam and Nigel, but as I got older the blame
really had to be put with others, for allowing
this to happen.  Yes we had other managers that
were assholes, but they had no motive, they were
just assholes and would never change.

Sure there managers that would glare at crew
and  put their fellow managers on a  pedestal,
hell I remember one manager who virtually
had to be held back, all because Paul couldn't
get the pickle bucket open, Teri started to
scream  "HURRAY NOW" he replied that
"The lid is bent it wont open"  Teri then
went on a swearing rampage at him, her
eyes were on stalks and in the end she
told him that he was pathetic,
of course, Sam came along tried to get it
open, couldn't because the Lid was bent and
Teri  smiled and laugh and told him  "Oh
boy you need some more muscles haha"

Similar case happened when the bun warmer
blew up because  Andrew had yanked it
out too hard (That's what she said) Teri thought
it was  James, and went nuts, telling him "You're
going to be had up for this, this cost 15K"

When it was explained to Teri that it was Andrew
that had done it, she just said "Oh well, these things happen
you just don't know your own strength"

There was a pattern here, that was allowed to go on
for years, managers that were made managers, started
putting forward names of crew to be managers, they
were treated okay,  but they were a small percentage,
you had maybe around 12 people  in my time there,
some who started at crew that become managers that
were treated right, the rest, over 100 of us that were
treated like no human should ever be treated in the work

One junior manager there, I started to have respect for,
they always seem to treat the crew right, and ran a good
shift, that changed towards the end of my time at
McDonald's, and totally went the other way with one
particular moment.

It was a strange one, they hung out with Sam and Nigel,
absolutely thought these guys were right in everything
they said.

Well  Jill decided that she would check if the
crew were following procedures, so she started to watch
what I was doing on the Grill, I had noticed a piece of
Teflon had started to fall, I reached up, and Jill thought
I had totally forgotten to do a particular procedure, so she
told me what it was,  but what it was, was so simple, that
you didn't even need to explain it to a child, to explain it to
an adult was severely condensing.

I had thought about going off like George Costanza,
then thought, no I will call her aside and tell her
how horrible it was to have it explained to me like that,
then I thought better off it and didn't say anything.

She then felt the need to double down a few minutes later,
and explained it to me like I was three years old.

I just nodded in agreement and said sure thing.

So this one store had some real dodgy people, like the
Manager who was stealing from the tills, but setting
up the crew, telling them there's money missing from
the tills, or getting people in for the shifts, then not
paying them and pocketing the money themselves.

Anyway when I decided to write about this, over 20 years
later, I did some research to see where the worst of the
managers had ended up.

No Karma at all, they all seem to be highly successful
people in their chosen field,  I guess that is  always the
way, the Narcissistic jerks who treat the little people
like crap, always end up winning.

So that is how this one particular store was like in the 90's,
like something out of a Horror story.

I have of course never walked back into this one particular
store, and I hope that in the year 2019 things are entirely
different, because if they're not,  then something is
wrong with society and there will be another whole
generation of workers in that store that are going thru hell.


Sunday, May 12, 2019

The Spinoff Confuses Me

Over the past few years, I have occasionally
gone over to the website, "The Spinoff"
and nearly every time the website has left
me in a state of confusion, when normally
I am in a state of denial.

The website seems to read like it's coming
from the old "Social Credit" party manifesto,
but that isn't what confuses me, I guess the
easiest way to explain is to give examples.

Take the Horrific Christchurch shooting, my
old home town  acted with grace and dignity
and an outpouring of love and support for the
victims and their community, as they should.

Writers from the spinoff, wrote the same,
beautiful pieces of how we should come
together and support each other.

But the same writers, had totally different
opinions of other Terror attacks around the
world, they had previously written on their
own blogs and social media, that no sympathy
should be given because of  a country's  foreign
policy and that it was somehow racist to give
thoughts to that country and not another.

One writer also had no problem in the past with
supporting destorying a memorial to victims because
it gets people talking about the issues.

But it's not just the big issues about Terrorism, that
the writers seem to contradict  themselves.

One writer seem to have a go at an American Family
who took a funny Prom picture, of the Daughter,  Dad
and boyfriend, with the Dad  wagging his finger at the
boy, also showing the boy that he had a sidearm.

Well the writer went off at the dad, calling it  horrible
and basically suggesting  the Dad needs to be #MeToo
Yet this writer has based their whole career of telling
people that they shouldn't criticized parents.

Then there were pieces and pieces written about the
"TPP" and how it was going to destroy this country,
and how our country was stolen from us, yet with a
change of Government, the "TPP" is now a wonderful
idea that is going to create countless of jobs for the

There's been articles and articles about how the
National Cycle way is a waste of money, yet
nothing about the good for the environment
it will do.  They talk of previous Governments
wasting money, but don't seem to have a problem
with 100 thousand houses being built but not
enough people to go into the houses.

They support a coalition  Government, when in the
past they had written about the anti Asian statements
of one of it's partners.

They talk of the disgraceful behavior of one of the
world's super powers, but give Russia a free ride.

Their writers talk of TV shows/Movies/Music that
contain, they say, misogynists homophobic
and sexist BS, but their favorite shows are the worst

They have talked of the disgusting practice of doxxing
on social media, yet their writers have done the very
same thing.

They have talked about not telling people to calm
down and letting people show their emotions, yet
have done the same thing.

They have even talked of Plagiarism and not giving
credit to due authors, but again their writers have done
the same thing.

I guess in a nutshell, what I'm really confused about is
how can a site judge the same behavior differently?

With the Spinoff it all depends on who is doing the

Friday, May 10, 2019


The picture above doesn't show a Secret Society,
it doesn't show people who are part of an exclusive
club that has been around for 100's of years.

There is not going to be a Line of Duty type investigation
into these boys, there won't be a movie made into their
life's, none of the people pictured are special.

There is no wild antics that  they do, that will be talked about
for centuries. They wont become Prime Minister.

They're nothing like the Masons, the police aren't debating
should they arrest them or not because who their daddies are.

Yet the New Zealand Media once again get it wrong, by
dramatizing their behavior and giving it a cute nickname,
leading people to believe, "Wow is this like Billionaire
Boys club", or that English movie which shows the
Elite acting badly"

Please tell us More!!!!

Well quite Frankly Hamish  McNeilly of Stuff's website
should be ashamed for not doing any real reporting.

This group of kids, reminds me of the half dozen kids
on Saturday Night in the 90's that use to come into a
fast food restaurant I used to work in. These little kiddies
would come in, and then put Blue Bandanas around their
heads and proceed to tell people that "You dont mess with
the cripes"

This continued until real gang members came in and the
little kids ripped off their Bandanas as fast as look as ya.

So from now on, I hope the New Zealand media, report on
the antics of these teens/early 20 something as accurate
as possible, a good way to start will be.....

"A Group of  teenage idiots who couldn't handle a drop
of Alcohol, started to abuse other customers until they
got told off by the adults in the room, Police still want
their parents to come forward and pay for the  damage they

How about it  Hamish McNeilly?

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Hey Kid Get Ya Feet off the Table

Words fail me, but I'm going to write something anyway.
I kinda blame society for thinking that kids taking
Selfie's is a great idea, and it breeds confidence, I
actually think it breeds obnoxious.

I was in a pub/restaurant not so long ago, and this
group of people were there, mainly adults, ages ranged
from about 65 to around 12.

They were all nicely dressed, there were two kids, one
a girl in her teens and a boy aged about 12, he seemed
to be better dressed than the adults, he had one of those
bowler hats on.

Anyway, I was there with my group, there were two other
groups there at the time. This kid had decided to play a
rather loud game on his cell phone, loud enough that
everyone else turned around to see where the noise was
coming from, he for some reason, was nodding his head
up and down saying "Yeah yeah" like he just achieved
something really important.

I looked around every so often, as other people did, and
he was talking to other people at this table, but he was
taking selfies of himself, and not looking at the people
he was talking to.

Well around ten minutes later,  I heard someone from
another table, sort of yell out "Geeze Louise"

The kid had kicked his shoes off, leaned back in his
chair and had his feet on the table, while the so called
adults at the table continued to eat their meals.

I felt like going like Larry David from Curb your
enthusiasm or George Costanza from Seinfeld at
this kid.

How is this acceptable, and why didn't the adults
in his group or the Restaurant Manager or waiter
deal with it in a prompt  fashion???

So this is now okay, right?  A kid aged about 12
in a  restaurant, can kick off his shoes and put
his feet on the table while playing a loud game
on his phone, all the while looking smug????

I'm guessing this kid has had adults tell him, how
grown up he is, and how great it is that he has
the confidence of someone twice his age and
that he takes no shit from anyone.

Well for me its Obnoxious, it's inconsiderate and
it should be dealt with. Of course if I had of been
like Larry or George, and gone off, I would've been
dragged out of there and called for everything under
the sun, heck there would've been "Mummy Bloggers"
doxxing me on social media on what a terrible monster
I am.

Again, we have seem to have crossed the line, that we
think kids acting like fuckin jerks, is them standing up
for themselves, it's not, its just annoying and inconsiderate,
and it's going to get worse.

So next time you see a Larry or a George getting upset,
maybe just maybe, they're the adults in the situation,
and the kid with his shoes off, isn't.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Why didnt the Spurs Foul?

Why oh Why didn't the spurs foul???  The Nuggets
got the rebound with 27.8 seconds left, they got the
ball over halfcourt with  17.9 seconds, and the Spurs
just didn't foul.

This is basic Basketball, I mean it should be automatic,
it should come naturally, it should be stuck deep somewhere
in the subconscious, in this suitation you foul and you foul
as quick as possible, this is not Basketball from the 50's, you
can pull back a lead quite easily.

The Spurs had an outside chance here,  but couldnt get up
a shot even when the Nuggets missed, they let the Nuggets
run out the clock.

I'm speechless, I'm without speech.

Not since the Nelson Giants  who were once down by four
and had possession and didn't even get up a shot, have I
been this much in shock.


Maybe its time to do a #ClassicNBA  tag along with the
#ClassicNBL tag?

Gotta Love the Playoffs.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

25th Anniversary of Garth Brooks World Tour

This month marks the 25th Anniversary of Garth
Brooks first and only world tour.

In 1994 Garth Brooks left North America for the
first time and took his show to  Ireland, Scotland,
England, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland,
Spain, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

Apart from Ireland in 1997 he would never return.

Two charity concerts in Brazil in 1998 and 2015 is
Garth's total experience of taking his concerts outside
North America.

I was lucky enough to be at his New Zealand show in
1994,  myself and my sister had tickets for Block G at
the Auckland Supertop as they opened the gates we
all rushed in, I  went straight to the first row in Block
G to see my sister screaming at me, she had gone straight
up to the front, so I followed and my first Garth Brooks
concert, was in the first row.

The show was the best concert of my lifetime, a short show,
75 Minutes , 16 song set totally blew away any event I had
seen before or after.

I ended up seeing Garth again in Phoenix in 1996 and his one
man show at the Wyn in 2010. But it was his New Zealand show
that stood out for me in 1994 as the best.

Garth Brooks is great at recognizing  acheivements thruout his
career, his 1994 World Tour is now 25 years old, and it almost
could be considered a crime against music that he hasnt been
able to make it back to  tour anywhere outside North America
since 1994.

Things have stood in Garth's way,  his 1996-1998 USA and
Canadian tour, which was suppose to include the rest of the world,
didnt because he sold out too many arenas.  He did make it to
Croke park for three special concerts in 1997.

Retirement then took him out of touring until 2014, his comeback
in Ireland got cancelled, then another arena tour of the USA/Canada
went longer than expected, and it was history repeating itself, the
world tour got cancelled.

Garth didnt tour in 2018, so 2019, the big  25th Anniversary of
the World tour may of had Garth's international fans excited, but
alas, Garth decided to do a Stadium tour of the USA and Canada
instead.  The Stadium tour is expected to last three years.

So Garth's International fans miss out again.

It's a shame that America's biggest ever artist and America's
best ever artist has only done one world tour ever.  (I don't count
three shows in Ireland in 1997 and two charity performances in
Brazil as a world tour)

Garth has recently released a vinyl set called Legacy, and Garth has
a legacy he can be proud of.  But  when he finally does slip into retirement
from touring for good,  (He has stated after the stadium tour he will
only play small honky tonks in the USA) to have  only done that
one Tour outside North America, kinda makes Garth just an
America artist and that is unfair to the man.

For Garth Brooks to have a complete Legacy, to have closure on
his wonderful career, he needs to not only get back to those countries
he played in, in 1994  but go elsewhere,  do some shows in Japan,
France, Russia even.  The crowds may not be as big or even as
loud, but for a artist of Garth stature, when you look back in two
decades time, for him to  have only one world tour, will do him a disservice,
so fingers are crossed that he has a change of heart, updates his passport
and plays some shows, then he can truly say, he's done another world

Time will tell.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

How Modern Family should End It's Final Season

Modern Family is currently in it's 10th season.  Season
11 will be it's last, for Modern Family to have the legacy
it's craving, it will have to end it's final season on a high

The show has dropped dramatically the past few years,
but a saving grace for Modern Family could be the route
they decided to go for it's finale season.

They have so many Options,  for the way they can take the
show, they need to be true to the Characters and not have
some sort of twist ending or melodramatic ending. As Tim
from the UK Office once said,  "If you turn the camera's
off I'm still here" This is the way Modern Family should
go, in the real world these people will still exist.

So here is how I would like the story lines to go.....

Cam and Mitch and Lily

Cam and Mitch  lifes should revovle around Lily, Lily
has taken an interest in music, so the family arc  should
be  Mitch and Cam do everything they can to try and help
Lily's sudden interest in Music, Mitch still remains a Lawyer,
while  Cam  continues to love and support them both.

Jay and Gloria and Manny and Joe.

Joe should be sent off to boarding school, and not seen, the
last season cant be a vehicle for Disney to promote this kid,
the only time we hear from Joe is when Gloria calls him up.

Manny becomes a frustrated play writer at college, he is not
shown to have huge success, but he's learning the ropes with
every college play he writes.  Gloria  chilli business takes off,
Jay finally 100% fully retires and ends up  helping Gloria
achieves her dreams,  Stella is still alive and clicking.

Phil, Claire, Luke, Alex, Hayley.

Hayley does marry Dylan and have two healthy twins, Phil
and Claire can see  they have the same parenting style as
they did when they were young.  Phil  leaves Real Estate for
his magic shop and is visited by Penn and Teller.  Claire takes
the closet  company to another level and ends up loving closets
more than Jay.

Luke continues with his Job, and is well just Luke. Alex dumps
her hot boyfriend, and goes back with Sanjay, when questioned about
it, she gets angry and tell's people  "Don't body shame him, looks dont

Phil finds out what  "WTF" actually means.

Last scene is the whole family together,  Jay is then doing the final talking
head and is told  the Dutch network that bought the doco has gone
bankrupt, and the doco wont even air, and Jay gets angry.

Not sure if they will take it this way.

Time will tell.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Friday, March 22, 2019

Modern Family Should Learn from Gervais's After Life

Modern Family writer's may want to
take a look at Ricky Gervais's  After
Life on how to write for younger

Pictured is the wonderful  Tommy
Finnegan who played George, the
nephew of  Gervais's Tony Johnson.

Tommy played George, like a normal
seven year kid, quite shy, the kid was
a cheerful kid who had to deal with a

There was a natural acting ability from
Tommy in his portrayal of George and that
came from the writing and directing.

The same can't be said from the last few
seasons of Modern Family.

Modern family's first few seasons were up
there with the very best of  Television,  MASH
Seinfeld and The Office.

The last three season though are more on the level
of Mrs  Brown's Boys and the worse of Everybody
Loves Raymond.

One of the reason why Modern Family is struggling 
now is the writing for and the directing of child
actor,  Jeremy Maguire who plays Joe.

The actor  thru no fault off his own comes off as
a Child actor and not the little boy he playing.

It's like Disney are grooming him to be the next
big kid star, and that they want the viewing audience,
to be saying, "He's the cutest kid ever"

I know it's a mock  documentary, but Jeremy breaks
the third wall in nearly ever scene he is in. His scenes
also seem to have been directed by his agent, it's not
for storyline sake, but to have his client known and loved.

Go back to the early seasons of Modern family, the writing
and directing for the kids were excellent,  Luke, Manny and
Lily were like kids are suppose to be, nervous worrying about
their place in the world and all of them being a bit of a smart

With Joe though, the kid actor comes across as we are suppose
to care about who he is in real life instead of the person  he

Again it's not Jeremy Maguire fault, he is only seven, but
with  his parents consistent   posting of him on social media
on wearing tuxes and three piece suits and him pulling faces
you would expect from a 16 year old taking selfies on facebook,
one does begin to wonder are the adults around him turning this
wee child into a Narcissist, but I guess that is another post.

The scenes with Joe are cringe worthy, and hard to watch
and it's harming Modern Family's legacy.

I  hope the wirters have taken a look at After Life and Tommy's
performance as a genuine wee kid, and I hope they learn from it,
as they head into  Modern Family's 11th and final season.

Time will tell.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Love Each Other

This is how you  react to a Terrorist attack, you
show love and kindness. You love one and another.
You show compassion, even though the attack may be
on a group your not familiar  with or have nothing to
do with, you show people that we're all  one race the
human race.

It just fills my heart what my old home town is doing, and
once again it's standing up to a horrific terrible event.

Since 9/11 the reaction hasn't always been like this,
From New York to Bali, to London to Paris,  to
Norway to Switzerland,   Al qaeda to ISIS, from
Right wing  racist skinhead scum to  Religious
extremists,  when there's been a horrible attack,
people's reaction to those attacks haven't always
been the best.

From Islamophobic comments to the "What about
Iraq"  comments.

From "Why are you giving sympathy to these people
with all the wars they have caused" comments,   to
"Hey you showed sympathy to them why not this attack"

From people who complained  that the world  was turning their
avatars to a French Flag, to people who would think Refugees
are terrorists.

To politicans  who would use an attack for  what ever extremist
policy they want to put through.

Hell I was told that it was a fanastic thing that a memorial to
9/11 victims was destroyed because it got people talking.

(That iis one of the most sickening comments I have heard in
my life, it just broke my heart)

I'm so glad that people are not doing this with my country's
terror attack.

We are showing love and peace.

I pray  that the next city that faces a terror attack that the
responses  will be what CHCH is showing, and not...

"Well they deserve it"

"They're the real terrorists"

"No sympathy for them"

"What about Iraq"

"What about the other attack"

So on the anniversary of 9/11  the Paris Attacks and
The London Bombing, give thoughts to the victims
of those countries and what they went through, that
is the way you react to a terrorist attack.

"There's faith, hope and Love and the greatest thing
of all is Love"

Stay Strong Earth.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

My Problem with Social Media Videos

I have a huge problem with Social Media videos,
like the one that Erina Wehi posted, you just don't
get the full story.  You get a horrific allegation
against another party without the full story or
even proof of those allegations.

You then get people on  twitter and facebook, destorying
a person's life.  They get  abuse, they get death threats,
they get  their whole life judge by a 90  second video,
that may of been heavily edited.

I watched today's video, and while I firmly believe
this type of racism  and ugliness is firmly entrenced
in New Zealand's socity, I beleieve we aren't getting
the whole picture of the video posted today

I haven't link to the video, because I dont want it
to get more hits, a quick google search of Erina
Wehi and you will come to it.

In the video she sits calmly in her car,  and retells
an incident when she alleges this man cut her
off and screamed out all sort of repugnant racial

She then tells the viewer, that she has followed the
guy home, and proceeds to get out of her car and
film him, the guy calls her a few names (nothing
like she alleges happened during the incident)
while she mocks him for the world to see.

The man has now come out and said it was her
that  originally abused him and then she started to follow

My problem with her edited video is, she seems
too calm retelling the story in her car, she doesnt
seem like someone that has just been threaten.

And thus thats my problem with videos of this
nature, posted to social media,  like a  Doco,
you just get one side, maybe this guy did
what she alleges, maybe he didn't.

The internet, the media has decided though,
and this man's life is ruined because of it.


Friday, March 8, 2019

Mark Taylor Should Never Be Allowed Back in New Zealand

Lets make one thing clear,  Mark Taylor denounce his
New Zealand citizenship, when he went to Syria and
fought for Terrorist group, ISIS.

He is a supporter of slaverly, a supporter of Rape, a
supporter of child abuse, a supporter of murder and
a supporter of terrorist incidents around the world.

The crimes he wouldve commited with his time with
ISIS will be plenty, he deserves no sympathy at all.

How anyone can be not only supporting a campaign  to
bring him home, but wanting the Government to pay
for it, is beyond belief.

If PM Ardern  signs off on this, then she will be a one
term Prime Minister.

In the past few days, I have read Bloggers and Journalists
and members of the public, try to down play his sickening

They've been trying to paint him as just a  good time Kiwi
joker who got confused.

Well make one thing clear.

He didnt just have one two many beers at a pub and on a
dare went to Syria to fight for Isis.

He didnt just read a brochure  that said "You can teach children
over in Syria" and decided to go.

He didn't just think it would be fun and adventure,  like a

He didn't go because he was hard up for money.

He went so he could murder people and rape children.

Now apparently the UN has stated that countries can't
denounce people's  citizenship.

Here's the thing, Mark Taylor already did.  There should
be zero effect made by our current Government to get
him back, or even let him back.

He doesn't have AHDH or Autism or Asperger syndrome,
he doesn't have a neurological condition. 

He is 100%  aware of his actions.

This will be the biggest crime a NewZealand government
has ever done, if we let him back in.

Let him rot in a flea ridden tent in Syria for the rest of his

That will be Justice for every victim of Terrorism.

Here's hoping New Zealand will do the right thing.

Time will tell.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Garth Brooks Stadium Tour 2019-2022

Garth Brooks is about to embark on a three year
Stadium tour, there have been rumors about what
sort of show Garth is going to put on, I think it's
fair to guess what type of show the G man is going
to be doing..

First off it's in Stadiums not Arenas, so there's going
to be some sort of visual component to it.

What  the visuals might be is anyone's guess, he used
screens for the first time in his 2014-2017  Arena
tour, the stage set up doesnt seem to have any tricks
up it's sleeves for this tour, so I think the tricks might
be Garth himself.

He's calling it a retro tour,  he's bringing back Ty England
and other's from the 90's, although he has stated he wont
be flying across the stage or smashing guitars, I kinda
think he will bring back some of the stage pranks 
to wow the crowd.

A Garth Brooks  concert is all about having fun, hell he is naming
his new album "Fun",  so if you put two and two together
well it's going to be a water tossing, ladder climbing, rope
swinging, good time had by all.

I cannot imagine Garth coming out and just singing the same
old setlist he did on his previous tour.  You will hear songs
like We Bury the Hatchet" and "American Honky Tonk
Bar Association" bought back into rotation.

He will be jumping about the stage, he will be teasing, Ty
Dave and James, as he runs around them in circles.

There will of course be the music History thing, singing
Classic songs by Classic artists, he will take the requests,
all in all, you will feel like you have been transported back
to 1994, where as a showman Garth was second to none.

So fingers and toes are crossed, we will find out this weekend,
Garth is Back, will he still have the magic?

Ya God Damn Right He Will.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Was Chris Gaines originally suppose to be Murdered at the Grammy's

Around 96/97,  two years before Garth Brooks
announced the Chris Gaines project, I remembered
reading an interview with Kenny Rogers.

I read the interview online, which seemed really
cool to me, because I read it  on the web and not
just on usenet, which was the internet for me way
back then.

The Interview with Kenny seemed to be a normal
interview, until he diverted to Garth Brooks.

Kenny Rogers said Garth has taken the country world
by storm, but he's about to do the same with the Rock
world.  Kenny said Garth Brooks has created a
fictional Rock personae called Chris Gaines, and
there is going to be a movie.

When asked what the movie was about, Kenny Rogers
said something along the lines of.. Chris Gaines is an
Australian Rock God, who gets killed backstage at the
Grammy's, the Police detectives get it wrong, but
one reporter uncovers the truth that shocks the music

Again the internet was in it's early days, and the story
wasn't picked up, in 1999 When Garth Brooks announced
the Chris Gaines project, a pre soundtrack to a movie,
the script had changed.

Of course the movie didn't get made, but if it did, the script
was going to revolve around,  Chris Gaines being invovled
in a horrible car accident, but he comes back to make an
earth shattering album that changes the world.

Here's what I want to know, and apart from the Kenny Roger's
interview from around 1996/1997, I have read nothing about

How and why did the original script change???

A murder back stage at the Grammy's, transformed into a car
accident and an epic album that changes the world.

One screenplay seems to be a thriller with a twist, one seems
to be a feel good movie.

I wish someone could shed some light, my #AskGarth question
on this hasn't been answered, and no one seems to remember
the Kenny Rogers interview.

For me if the original script or the original draft ever appeared,
that would be worth a ton, not even Rick from Pawn Stars, could
say "Here's the thing" and low ball it.

So what is the story, what is a writer's practise to take a 180 with
a story and change the main idea??

Why is this  not part of  the story when the media
mentions Chris Gaines?

Again I had read the interview around 96/97  two years before
Chris Gaines was ever mentioned by anyone else.

Can someone help me out here??


Fingers and toes are crossed for an answer.

Time will tell.