Sunday, October 21, 2018

Notre Dame: Has Garth Brooks Done the Greatest Stadium show in History

There have been many great Stadium shows in
the History of music, The Beatles at Shea,  Bruce
Springsteen at MetLife, and up until tonight the
greatest Stadium show is universally regarded
as Queen's performance at Wembley Stadium
way back in 1986.

But after Garth Brook's concert tonight at the
University of Notre Dame, we may have a new

The show itself was delayed because of wind gusts
heavy rain, sleet and snow., but that didn't stop a sell
out crowd of 85 thousand, who spent hours on a freezing
night from staying on and waiting for Garth Brooks to
take the stage.

And take the stage he did.

I wasn't at the concert and am relying on the incredible
footage that appeared on twitter and youtube.

Garth is truly the entertainer of a generation, like Freddie
Mercury in 1986 in London, Garth had the crowd at the
tip of his fingertips.

To see Garth perform his songs live is like watching him
perform his songs for the first time. There is a rawness
about it that sends the crowd into a frenzy.

But it's when he does the covers, that shows the true class
of the man.

Tonight for the first time in his career he sang not one, but
two songs by The Beatles,  Hey Jude and Let it be, and he
knocked both out of the park.

On December 2nd  CBS will air the concert, and I think this will
have the general public asking "Was this the greatest stadium
show of all time?"

I also think the answer will be Yes.

Time will tell.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Garth Brooks Fans In for a Hell of a Ride

A poster over at the Planet Garth forums, got it
right, Rhd13 said, Garth fans have so much to
look forward in the coming years, and yes we

This is what Garth Brooks is up to for the next
few years.

Notre Dame concert, which will be a TV special
on CBS.

A Stadium tour which will last three years.

The Live Anthology coming out in a month.

A new Live album coming out.

A new Studio album coming out.

The top secret Diamond Series coming out.

Garth's 30th annivesary as an artist in April
2019, you know he's got something planned
for that.

Getting the old gang back together, we're talking
about Ty England old.

A one man show at the Ryman.

His Studio G show every monday.

New digital partners maybe???

And whatever else Garth has planned.

So there is so so much to look forward
to if your a Garth fan living in the
USA or New Zealand or Australia
or Europe or the rest of the world,
so get ready for one hell of a ride!!

Garth Brooks Makes Historical Announcement

Today is the day, that Garth Brooks made the most
biggest announcement of his career, and it was
something the media didn't pick up on, or he didn't
come out and say personally.

But first, it was a day of big announcements,  Garth

His Notre Dame concert will be filmed by CBS and
air in December.

It was Amazon's idea to include Triple Live in the
Live Anthology.

The Stand alone Triple Live album will be delayed.

Garth announced a three year tour 2019-2021 of
Stadiums in the USA.

There will be 10-12 shows per year.  St Louis will
start it off, The New England Patriots stadium will
be included in the tour.

Other dates will be announced December.

He may do the odd weekend at the Ryman.

So a news worthy day for Garth fans.

But the media missed, not only the biggest
announcement of the day, but a Historical
announcement, an announcement up there
with the biggest of Garth's career, and
Garth himself didn't even mention it.

With announcing a 2019-2021 tour of
the USA, Garth Brooks has in fact just


This is massive news, the biggest act in
the history of country music and one of
the biggest acts in all genres, will not
be touring outside North America ever

Despite promises and promotions, despite
countless interviews, saying he would love
to play Europe, Australia and New Zealand
again, also he would also love to go to places he
hasn't been before, Garth will never do
another world tour.

Garth's only world tour was in 1994.

Many fans expected him to finally bite
the bullet and tour the world again.

He has decided not to, after years of hinting
he would.

For me this was the biggest news of the day
for sure, his upcoming tour of the USA will
be brilliant, it without a doubt will be the most
fun tour he has ever done, I'm sure of it.

Those that get tickets will have a blast, and
he's doing it for three years!!!

It's kinda sad though that the biggest act in
his genre and one of the biggest acts in History,
wont ever again, get a passport and hop on a
plane and do a world tour.

Thankfully we have social media and we can
see him do his shows and do his thing.

We are also left with the memories of that
one World Tour that he has done in 1994.

Here's wishing Garth all the success on his
new tour of the USA, I'm sure he will have
a blast.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Hunt For The Garth Tapes

On October 1st 2018,  Billboard announced the
released date  of Garth Brooks's Live Anthology.

On October 15th 2018,  Amazon announced the
details of Garth's Live Anthology.

The five audio discs will be DOUBLE LIVE AND

So in Garth's Live anthology, he hasn't included any
raw stuff or neat stuff or slick stuff or the stuff that
people like,  he has once again  using a release to
repackaged previously released material.

IMHO, Garth has missed the boat big time, because
he has failed to include what's in his Master Vault,
and that is what the fans are looking for.

Since Garth hasn't released what's in his Vault, I'm
on a mission.

I am on the Hunt for the Holy Grail of Garth Brooks

That is footage from his 1993/1994 world tour. I'm not
talking about his network TV specials or The tonight
show appearances.

In 1993/1994 the documentary film crew, The Dream
Chasers filmed everyone of his European concerts,
every one of his Australian concerts and his New
Zealand concert, they had over 200 hours of
footage, which they cut down to 45 minutes for the
Trying to rope the world TV special.

The un-aired  footage still exists, it's believed that Garth
Brooks owns the right to this.

Also a group called "Crazy Duck Productions"  filmed
some of Garth Brooks's USA shows, Garth is also
believed to now have the rights to that footage.

It's been strongly rumored that Garth's people also
filmed various concerts  during his heyday of the
early 90's.

I'm desperately seeking this footage, it's been 24
years, and yet concerts outside of his TV specials
have never been seen, I say it's about time they're.

So if you know of any place you can view these
historical concerts, please let me know.

Of course any concert done in the 21st century will
be on social media sites, all you have to do is go
to youtube and you will find various clips of them.

The Dream Chaser videos and Crazy Duck videos
must be somewhere, it's time to share them with
the world, I'm not talking about doing anything
that is illegal, I'm talking about sharing clips
on video sharing sites from these concerts, as
I said it's been 24 years, and these concerts  show
the passion and the total wildness of  what Garth's
concerts were truly like in the early-mid 90's.

As Garth comes into the last part of his career,
these clips for sure are part of musical History
and need to be seen by a new generation of
music lovers, to give a TRUE account of what
Garth did in the 90's.

They just have to be seen . So please take part
in searching for them. Email country music
websites and Journalists, do research, dig deep,
so hopefully one day the whole world can have
a deep library of Garth Brooks footage, the world's greatest

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Better Call Saul

Saul Goodman is born.

The finale of season 4 of Better
Call Saul, saw the birth of Saul
Goodman and  thus became one
of the biggest heartbreaking
moments in TV history.

Feel so so gutted for Kim, the man she
loved, the man she thought was finally
coming to terms with his emotions was
in fact just a con artist.

Tonights's episode was the birth of Saul
and the death of Jimmy and Kim. We
know where Saul ends up, as a  manager
of a Cinnabon, but what happens after that
will be revealed in Season Five, which is
expected to be the last season, I cannot see
two more seasons, and I cant see that there
is going to be  a fairytale ending for Gene
and Kim.

I would like there to be, I would like the
very final episode to be  Kim walking into
the Cinnamon store, taking Jimmy by
the hand and walking off into the sunset, but
somehow that seems unrealistic.

Vince Gillian loves Redemption, so there may
be yet a happy ending for Jimmy, but with the
choices Saul has made, it may take a darker tone.

All in all, Better Call Saul is the greatest show
on TV at the moment, how it ends will define
it's legacy.

Time will tell.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Modern Family Review: Season 10 Episode 2: Kiss and Tell

A Massive improvement  on the first episode of
the new season.

No comparison at all, this was like the hey day
of Modern Family.

Let me just say, Dylan makes everything better,
his line to Hayley was heartfelt and sweet, he
may not be the brightest of them all, but he is

Then there is  Cam's line to Mitch about Pepper, even
the mere mention of Pepper makes any episode better.

Glad to see Alex and Manny doing well and not given
some sad sad story line.

Top that off, with Phil being a mean girl to Jay, only
to learn that Jay actually respects him, was a super
cool moment.

I only hope more episodes in this finale season will
be like this one.

Time will tell.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Garth Brooks The Anthology Part III Live

Has Garth missed the Boat?

Straight off the back, the cover looks
amazing, has really blown me away,
I'm also sure the book itself will delight
every Garth Brooks fan that reads it, the
photographs in the book, which I'm sure
some of which will have never been seen
before will be of the highest quality, the
stories will be wonderful to read, this will
be a must for every Garth fan, but I also
think Garth may of missed the boat with
his Live Anthology.

I'm talking about the CD part of the project.

First off, it's actually criminal that Garth won't
include any DVD on this project, not only did
he have a wealth of material to work with, his
network and cable TV specials, but he had
literally 100's of hours of never before seen
footage taped by the Dream Chasers and Crazy
Duck Productions  and himself in the early

This is what an Anthology is suppose to be
about, take a look at Kissology or Tom Petty's
Anthology, take a look at the Beatles Anthology,
they put in countless hours of never before seen
audio and Video.

Garth Brooks The Anthology Part III Live, will
contain 5 discs, 52 songs, three of the discs will
be Triple Live, so that just leaves two discs.

The rest is expected to be  either taken from his live
TV specials and appearances thru the 90's, or just
Double Live.

For a Greatest Hits/Boxset/Collection/Complication
this would be okay, but not for a Live Anthology,
which is suppose to be a complete documentation
of an artist's career, Garth doesn't get another change
to document  the Live part of the early 90's this is it.

Don't get me wrong, the book will be perfect,  the AR
thing avaaible thru an App will be quirky and fun to

It's what could've been with the multimedia side though,
the raw stuff, the neat stuff, the stuff I like, the stuff
that had never been released before or seen, Garth
could've done one of the greatest Anthology's on
record, but he has appeared to have played it safe.

Maybe it's unfair to judge, when I don't  know what 52 song's
will be on it,  but take away Triple Live, (which is freakin
Awesome by the way) I'm thinking the songs will be
taken from  his TV specials and appearances and not
what  he has kept locked in his master vault for
25 years, and that is what was  needed to be released
for this Anthology.

Still fingers are crossed that there may be one
or two surprises,  and if some of the 52 songs
are taken from previously unreleased performances,
then I will be truly Blown Away by this.

Time will tell.