Sunday, September 30, 2018

Modern Family: Season 10 Episode 1: Review

Never in the History of television has a show
fallen from grace as much as Modern Family.

The opening episode of Season 10 was as bad
as television can get.

There was no growth for any of them, the
acting was so over the top, that it was at
the cringe worthy stage.

Who the hell did the make up for Hayley, she
is a 26 year old woman, and it was like it was
the first time she has ever put on lipstick.

We had Julie Bowen, way over acting as
Claire being a couch potatoe, we had Disney
making sure that Ariel would be covered up
because Disney girls apparently  don't have breasts,
I wonder why Ariel Winter doesn't have a word
to them about body shaming,  I guess her pay
cheques comfort her.

Then we had the storyline of Manny for some
reason, has a fear of driving over bridges.

The less said about  dressing up Jay in an
outrageous outfit the better,  the hotdog
eating competition didn't work, the only
saving grace was the only part about
Modern Family that still works,  and
that is Cam and Mitch.

Also is it just me,  or is the kid actor
who plays Joe going to end up like
the kid actor from the 1999 Star Wars
and the kid actor that played Ben
Stiller's son in Night of the Museum.

In the words of comic book guy...

Worst episode ever.


Friday, September 21, 2018

Worst PhotoShop in the History of the Internet

Disney is a multi Billion trillion dollar
company, yet they can't even do the
most simple photoshop for their
promotional poster for Season 10 of
Modern Family.

Words fail me,  this looks like they used
Microsoft Windows 95,  Free Demo version
of Paint.

It's worse than the old Photoshop from North
Korea or those bigoted  losers from the Westbro

Why does Phil have Donald Trump sized hands?
Why does Joe  hae no fingers?
Why are their faces taken from previous shoots?
Why is Gloria that big and Ariel that small?
Why do the Ice Creams look that Fake?
Why is it so disproportionate?
Why does Lily's face look so bad?
Why does Lily's arm, not look like an arm?

A second grade student could've done a better job.

Its staggering that this could be that horrible.

Who signed off of this?

Has any Cast member said anything?

Just plain weird!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Hunt for the Trump Tapes is a Disaster

This is what television has become.
When a disingenuous hack can get
his own so called documentary there
is no hope for our culture.

I have no doubt the Trump Tape exists,
and I have no doubt that Tom Arnold
couldn't care less about them and doesn't
have any of them, or have even heard one of

But that hasn't stopped the most self serving
Z grade wannabe celeb in getting his own
documentary, I always use to think that
Andy Kindler was the biggest moron in
Hollywood, but we have a new winner!!!

So what is the Trump tapes all about, well
it appears to be about interviewing people
who have known Trump who have said,
Trump has said some disgusting things,
(I have no doubt that he did)  but once
again he provides zero evidence, that is
because Tom Arnold has no evidence.

So he makes a big song and dance about
providing interviews that we have all seen
and heard before,  the interviews being, Howard
Stern  archive of Trump interviews.

That's it!!!

If you have ever been on Dailymotion/Vimeo
youtube or several other video file sharing sites,
you have seen what Arnold is airing.

The worst part of it, it's that it's so so self serving,
Tom Arnold is doing to boost what little profile he

Viceland has done some great doco's in  the past,
but I hope someone got fired for this, because this
Doco is just all about someone hiring Tom Arnold
and Tom Arnold attempts to become relevant.

Making sure Trump doesn't getting a second term,
should be in the forefront of people's mind's, and
not cheap tact from someone who is selfish and
has  ZERO integrity.

Please don't watch.


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Official: Garth Brooks to announce Tour dates December 2018

Garth Brooks has officially announced the date he
will announce his  future  tour, December 2018
just before Xmas, Garth Brooks will announce the
first two bunches of tour dates for his new tour.

The tour is going to be nothing like he has done
before, and the stage will be completely  different
from the one he used in his USA/Canada tour of

The stage/show  will also be different from the one  he
is going to use in his concert at the university of ND.

Trisha yearwood will be with him, but not in the
capicity that you might expect, but she will be
doing something really cool.

He kinda hinted and mention the month March,  but then
went on to something else, so March may be the start
of the new tour.

There was no word, on whether there will be any
concerts outside the USA/Canada on this tour, but
he did mention off hand something about "Three years"

So finally something concerte from Garth, after a year
of hinting, come the week before Xmas, we will have a
bunch of tour dates.

Fingers and toes crossed that he comes to a city near you.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Scott Dixon Wins IndyCar 2018

Give them a taste of Kiwi!!!!

I see our first Halberg Nomination for the year.  A
great Kiwi, a great sportsman, a great ambassador
for New Zealand,  one of most consistent sports
people we have, and maybe under rated by some
in our media here.

Don't follow motorsport, but what he has done cannot
be underestimated, he is racing in a  hugely  competive
competition, where one mistake could mean  your whole

So he needs to be celebrated in New Zealand and overseasm
he deserves this!!!

A great day for Kiwi motorsport.

A great day for Kiwi sport in general.

Well done.

Tom Arnold Called me a douche bag on Twitter

Tom Arnold called me a Douche Bag
on Twitter, then a massive 200 of his supporters,
liked his tweet.

What did I do to deserve being called a Douche Bag,
I had done a tweet, and said "People like Tom Arnold,
Claude Taylor and Louise Mensch don't help the cause.

I firmly believe that.  Tom's TV show which he has called
"Hunt for the trump tapes"  is self serving,  he has no tapes,
he has no connections, but he is getting people's hopes up,
that he will take Trump down.

It's like Claude Taylor asking for donations so he can build
more billboards, or Louise Mensch, who daily tweets
out that arrests are coming,  Trump kids maybe?

This type of behavior  doesn't help the cause.  Yet people
will follow them on twitter, people will watch Tom's show
in the false hope they're taking down Trump.

Instead we should all be supporting young people like
Emma Gonzalez and trying to get out the young vote,
the people on the street who are door knocking, the
actual Journalists who are trying everyday to uncover
the corruption  of the current administration.

I have no doubt the tapes exist, but Tom hasn't got them,
Louise hasn't got sources in the WH, and a few billboards
won't do the job.

Talk to people, get them to vote, lick stamps, send out flyers,
go to town hall meetings, and please, VOTE.


Who Should Modern Family Kill off?

So Modern Family is going to kill off a significant
charterer in it's finale season, who will it be? Will
it be one of these cases where it's someone who has
only been in a handful of episodes, like  Dede?
or Cam's sister or maybe, God forbid Pepper.

Or will they have the courage to go there and
kill off one of it's main actors, someone we are
not expecting all??

I personally think it's not going to be a main family
member or someone major, it's not going to be Jay, that
would be too easy, maybe someone who isnt seen much
but has a connection to all.

I really think, we should be asking the question,who
SHOULD  they kill off, and not who WILL they kill
off. So here are my top picks on who they SHOULD
kill off.

1:Joe. Yep it would create TV History a sitcom on
a network show, killing off a little kid, it will be the
most talked about moment since Henry Blake's
helicopter spun over the sea of Japan. It will also
be good for one reason, Disney own's ABC and have
been pushing the writers to make sure this kid has
lots of storylines, thus ruining the final season, all
for the sake of Disney having one of their child
stars in the spotlight.  Kill him off in episode one
do a three epsiode arch and then have everyone
get on with their lives.

2: Alex.  Alex has always been the Meg of the show,
the one that people dump on, she never wins, so it
makes perfect since, she meets her demise in a horrible
way, you can then do episodes where people talk of
bullying and talk of being nice to each other, it can
be her legacy, and then Ariel can go on her instrgram
account to talk about trolls while wearing a thong bikini.

3:Gloria: Well she's been living in the states for over a
decade and still cant quite get  western culture, you can kill
her off and at the same time, kill off the stereotype that immigrants
have a low IQ.

4:Luke.  Luke was a nice wee kid, in some cases, nice wee
kids, grow into nice wee teenagers, Luke's didnt, he grew
into someone that doesnt seem to respect woman a lot,
so maybe teach those creepy men a lesson and kill him off.

But if they ever kill off Phil or Cam, the writers should
never write again.  I would never forgive television if
that happens.

So roll on season 10!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Garth's Album Announcement November 2018. Garth's Tour Announcement May 2019.

It  appears Garth will announce the release
date of Triple Live and the Live anthology
in the month of their release, November 2018.

Garth's next tour will be without Trisha, and that
is now expected to be summer of 2019, the tour
is also expected, once again, just to be USA/Canada
with no dates outside North America planned.

That makes 1994, Garth's only WORLD tour.  With
Ireland in 1997, and Brazil in 1998/2015 being one
off events.

The announcement date  of the tour, will probably be around May

So that takes care of all the big announcements, it
took a while, but we finally got there, going to be
strange doing no posts about up coming announcements.

To wrap up here's what to expect from Garth Brooks
in the coming years.

October 20th  2018:  One off concert at ND Stadium.

November 2018: The Release of the Live Anthology.

November 2018: Triple Live to be released.

May 2019: An announcement of a Stadium tour
of the USA/Canada,  one off shows, around half
a dozen maybe?

July/August  2019:  The Stadium tour.

November 2019:  New Studio  Album.

2020 and Beyond:  Maybe smaller venues,
Honky Tonks. A return to Ireland and elsewhere
outside the USA, maybe an outside chance. But
very small chance other than Ireland.

Virtually no chance of hooking up with another
digital platform, he seems to be happy with

Of course with Garth, all the above could be
subject to change, you never know.

Time will tell.

Monday, September 10, 2018

September 13th or October 20th for Garth's Tour Announcement

Garth Brook's Studio G will be on Thursday
13th, instead of the usual Monday.  The day after
tickets to his concert at the University of Notre
Dame will go on sale.

Garth was expected to make a major tour
announcement on the day of the concert.

It would appear though, that the day of the
Notre Dame concert will solely focus on
that concert.

So that really leaves September 13th for
his tour announcement, a couple of months
ago Garth said they would have a special
Studio G in September, so this 13th must
be it.

It would make no sense to move Studio
G to a Thursday, just for a normal,  Ask
Garth segements and tidbits about what
is coming.

So what will the upcoming tour announcement

Rumors are that he will be playing the Iconic
College stadiums, that have never held a
concert before, like Notre Dame.

Fingers are also crossed in 2019, he will leave
the USA and do his first world tour since 1994.

That would be an amazing surprise for his
overseas fans that have waited and waited
and waited for such a announcement.

Then with Garth, it may be something way
out of left field.

With anticipation  we wait for September 13th,
fingers are crossed.

Time will tell.

Sunday, September 2, 2018