Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Taranaki Mountain Airs Versus Supercity Rangers Allegations.

First off, let me state, I'm just a basketball
fan, I have no connection to any NBL team,
player or coach.

I'm originally from Canterbury and now living
in Nelson, so of course I support the Giants and
the Rams.

I have a niece who was a member of the 2016
Junior Tall Ferns who plays in NCAA D1.

That's my  sole connection to anyone invovled
in Basketball New Zealand.

IMHO the allegations of match fixing  between
Taranaki and the Rangers are not cemented in reality.

For the following reasons, players on a Jeff
Green coached team would die for him on court,
the passion and pride he has shown for every team
he has coached is beyond belief.  If he had any sense
that a player was trying to match fix, he would be the
first to report it.

Trent Adam's team has had a hard season thru injuries,
he's coaching the last game of the season, the game is
virtually over, but the other team calls a timeout, then
hits a last second three, to win by double digits, well
Trent of course is going to be frustrated.

To call this match fixing though  is beyond belief.  First you're
trying to fix a match by winning by a lot of points?????

Secondly if you're trying to do this and achieve this goal,
I would say the players involved wouldn't jump up and down
and celebrate, they would be more laid back.

It's more believable that the players were celebrating
their departing team mate going out on a high.

Having followed this league since 1983, I'm shaking
my head at these allegations. I'm pretty sure there is
nothing sinister.

New Zealand doesn't really have a huge Basketball media,
Mike Lacey is by far the best Blogger/writer and fairest
writer of them all,  he has not reported on these allegations.

The NZHoops  writers, have thru their twitter account and
NZ Herald pieces.

I'm not saying this because they haven't replied to any of
my tweets the past couple of years, and they do  some great
reports on Basketball in New Zealand,  but they sometimes
come across as being very insular towards certain players
and coaches in their reporting.  A couple of other tweeters
connected to them also seem to be of the same mindset.

Anyway I digress, just let me say these allegations will
be proven false, and hopefully the New Zealand Basketball
community will get back together and start reporting on
everything else that  is going on in New Zealand Basketball.

Oh and if you want to follow a great Basketball blog and
Twitter  account follow  Mike Lacey the writer of the
Lacey Lowdown.

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