Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Should Garth Bring Back The Crazy?

I have seen Garth  three times in concert. 1994 in New Zealand
1996 in Phoenix and 2010 at the Wynn.

Thanks to social media I was able to see various clips
from the 2014/2017 USA/Canada tour.  I know
artists mature as they get older, their show changes,
but you know, I do kinda miss the crazy.

Even his 1996/1998 USA/Canada/Ireland tour
when he was young, was a tad less crazy than
his 1993/1994 World tour, dont get me wrong
the house keeping clips blow my mind, and
he is still the best entertainer out there.

But I do miss the crazy, I miss the rope
swinging, ladder climbing,the water tossing, the sprinting
from one side of the stage to the other, high
fiving people, getting pulled into the crowd,
the foot stomping, finger pointing, arm waving,
thrasing head from side to side, all which made
him the artist people wanted to see the most
from any genre.

Lets face it, mid 50's isn't old, it's not like he's
in his late 60's, early 70's. I know he self mocks
about his fitness, but Garth should still be able to
do some of the crazy that he used to do in the
early 90's.

I guess it was the rawness of it all, the spontaneous
element of it all, where you didn't know what this
wild man would do on stage next.

If he came to New Zealand again, I would love
every second of it, it will be the highlight of the
decade for me, I guess I just miss the crazy side
of Garth.

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