Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Garth Brooks Triple Live Fan Mix Album Review


The most authentic Live album in History.

Garth Brooks has scored a grand slam  with this

Even if you just listen to it normally without
adjusting your speakers or headphones to either
make Garth or the crowd louder, this Live
album will go down as one of the greats.

His Voice, the band, the crowd, the emotion, Triple
Live has such a LIVE feel to it, close your eyes and
you will be back there at  one of his concerts.

Sometimes Live albums come across as too muffled,
or too over produced, and it loses what the artist is
like in concert.

With Triple Live, Garth Brooks has not only set the
bar for a live album, but has game changed the Live
Album industry.

This free fan mixed offered by Ticketmaster for a short
time, is a gift from  Garth Brooks  to say thanks for
his record breaking tour,  Triple Live will come out
in the fall with more songs.

This live version has 26 songs, the highlight for me
being,  his version of George Strait's The Fireman
and a mind blowing version of Ashley McBride's,
girl going nowhere.

The crowd is loud on all his classics, what comes through
for me though is the fun that Garth and his band was having
and the enjoyment of the crowd, it really picks up on the
emotion of a Garth Brooks concert.

That is why I call it game changing.

Come the fall, I will be buying the retail version and
downloading the digital version.

Right now, Im about to listen to it all over again.

Well done Garth Brooks!



Today there will be a free download  version
of Triple Live via  ticketmaster.

It says you have to select USA/Canada and then
a zip code.

So if your outside those countries, just select USA/Canada
and a zip code.

It works fine!!!!

A free new Live album from Garth Brooks.

His announcement lived up to the expectations!!!!

Two songs in and have to say Triple Live is better
than Double live, the crowd on this thing is amazing.

Well done Garth Brooks!!!!!!

Monday, August 27, 2018

Tomorrow's the Day of Garth's Announcements

Finally, it's been like nearly two years of hinting
and delaying, of suggestions,  of interviews of
big things to come.

The waiting is over.

In less than 24 hours we will know.

My next post will be about the announcements.

Its been a long winding journey to get to this
point, lots of frustation, but finally all will
be revealed. 

Xmas comes early.

One day left to Garth's big announcementSSSSS.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

August 27th The Long Wait is Nearly Over

The long wait is nearly over, just a week to go, and
after all the speculation, all the hype all the false
alarms, all will be revealed.

I actually kinda feel sad, I've been blogging about the
announcement thing with what seems like over  a year,
from the first time Garth said, "Something is coming"
I waited in anticipation like a child watching a thunderstorm.

The time is nearly here. We will finally know.

August 27th will kick off, with the way it should, as Garth
and President Carter will talk of Habitat  for Humanity and
show the world the good that it's done.

Then it's off to Notre Dame as we will hear not only the
date of the concert, but the competent of the concert, will
it be televised and by who?, will the rumors be correct and
will it be streamed live in  HD VR?

And more importantly what is the concert the start of??

A College tour? Followed by a world tour??? What will the
overseas dates be?

That information will probably be given out on Studio G after
the Notre Dame press conference.

Then there's the information about  Triple Live and the Live
Anthology, the free preview that will be given out to people
who are watching it live, the password expected only to last
for the live portion of Studio G.

Garth Brooks has so much to announce over the   two Press
Conferences and Studio G, his fans are waiting for what's going
to happen over the next year or two.

We have heard the interviews over the past 18 months, hinting
at this, now the time has come, Xmas is on August 27th.

Again, I kinda feel sad, but in a good way.

Its the end of a era, but the beginning of a new one.

This time next week, the future of Garth Brooks will be

One week and all will be revealed.

Let the countdown begin.

Garth Brooks Major Announcement expected August 27th

Garth Brooks will have two press conferences
and a studio G on August 27th.

They will revolve around  his work with Habitat  for
Humanity, the date of his Notre Dame concert, and there
will be a password given so people can hear a song
from Triple Live.  The password may only last for
the duration of his Press Conferences/Studio G.

No word on the release date of the Live Anthology,
which is expected this fall at retail in the USA.


In less than a hour as of writing, Garth Brooks is
expected to make some major announcements on
Studio  G.

Earlier today he tweeted out,  Its Christmas Eve
on Studio G!!!

He's been hinting all year about today, about what's
to happen in the future for Garth Brooks.

We now have arrived, at the moment,  it's Xmas eve,
and the presents are about to be open early.

I cannot wait!!!

Monday, August 20, 2018

Garth Brooks Interview from New Zealand in 1994.

Billionaire Boys Club failed because of Ansel Elgort

It flopped at the boxoffice because...

It stars, one of the most unlikable, narcissistic, smug, self righteous,
up themselves, obnoxious, untalented pieces of shit, poster child of
white privileged, poster child for every pretty boy that has ever lived,
unworthy, put together by Hollywood, rubbish actor that has ever
lived, I of course am talking about the guy from Baby Driver.

It also starts that that predator Kevin Spacey.

Hollywood may try and blame Kevin Spacey for the fact that
it only made $126 dollars and only 13 people saw the actual
movie, but that's a cop out,  it was Ansel Elgort fault why
the movie failed.

He is the ultimate pretty boy, and no I have nothing against
good looking actors, but there is a difference between
a good looking actor and a pretty boy, and that difference
is , talent and charisma.

Ansel Elgort has none.  But Hollywood is banking all Ansel
has to do is smiling sweetly, say a cool one liner, and it will
be box office gold,  people may of been fooled by Baby Driver,
but Billionaire Boys Club showed the world, that perhaps just
perhaps you need something else, beside a face that is a cross
between Harry Styles and Justin Bieber.

Still much easy to blame that Perv, Kevin Spacey, huh Hollywood.

Here's hoping that with the wealth of great young, good actors,
Hollywood doesn't go  with the undeserving Ansel Elgort,  an
actor who may think he's on the level of a  DeNiro, but in
reality is on the same level as Andy Kindler.

Time will tell. 

Sunday, August 19, 2018

August 20th Garth Brooks to make an Announcement on Studio G

Studio G is back on  August 20th and we get an

Will it be about Notre Dame or a wider tour?

Will it be about the Live Anthology?

The Live Album?

The Studio Album?

The Diamond Series?

A World Tour, which will be his first since 1994.

The email you can sign up for to be the first to get
his offers?

The Hinted about concert in VR?

The tour of small Honky Tonks?

The college stadium  tour?

The federal government approval thing?

A lot of things have been talked about during the
past, well two years nearly, finally it seems it's
all coming together.

Hopefully his fans patience will be rewarded.

Time will tell.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Has Garth Brooks the Courage To Do A Real Live Anthology

Garth Brooks has a lot going on.  A Live album
and a studio album, a appearance at the Grand Old
Orpy, a concert at Notre Dame stadium, are all
suppose to be coming up in the next few months.

His Live Anthology is the thing that may end up
defining his legacy, it all depends if Garth has the
balls and integrity  to show respect to what an
Anthology should be.

An Anthology just can't be like a greatest hits,
or a box set, or a collection, he's done plenty of
those in the past, it has to be a complete unaltered
history of his career, he doesn't get a second chance
to do his own Anthology of his early days of touring.

The Live Anthology due for release in the next few
months, will be based on  Garth's first two tours,
1991/1992 and 1993/94, 1994 being the only world
tour Garth Brooks has ever done.

Garth has two options,  he can produce a Faux Live
Anthology which may just contain, what the 1998 Entertainer
Box set had, and that is a DVD of his four big TV specials
This is Garth Brooks, This is Garth Brooks 2, Ireland and
Back and Garth Live from Central Park, with just a fancy
booklet talking about those shows.

Or he can produce a Live Anthology that contains countless
hours upon hours of never released concert footage from
concerts from Germany, Norway, Spain, Scotland, New
Zealand and Australia,  they were all filmed, he can release
footage from concerts in Phoenix, Seattle, Boston, from
his early days where he was such a wild man on stage and
nothing was out of bounds.

The Dream Chasers, and Crazy Duck Productions, the
people he hired to film his early days must have a mountain
of archival footage that Garth owns the rights to, that
will fit in perfectly with an Live Anthology.

Because that is what a Live Anthology should be,
the raw footage, the footage that  shows that time
period in the early 90's where the fans were just
as crazy as he was, that time in music history
where  no matter what genre  you loved, it was
Garth that you most wanted to see.

I know the footage exists and Garth has the rights
to it, I only hope that he has enough courage to
include it in the  Live Anthology and  it
just doesn't end up being rehashed TV specials.

Garth gets one chance to do a Live Anthology of
his early days, one chance to show the world
what he was like as a performer then, one chance
to show the world, footage that they have never
seen before.

Will he take that chance?

Time will tell.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Should Garth Bring Back The Crazy?

I have seen Garth  three times in concert. 1994 in New Zealand
1996 in Phoenix and 2010 at the Wynn.

Thanks to social media I was able to see various clips
from the 2014/2017 USA/Canada tour.  I know
artists mature as they get older, their show changes,
but you know, I do kinda miss the crazy.

Even his 1996/1998 USA/Canada/Ireland tour
when he was young, was a tad less crazy than
his 1993/1994 World tour, dont get me wrong
the house keeping clips blow my mind, and
he is still the best entertainer out there.

But I do miss the crazy, I miss the rope
swinging, ladder climbing,the water tossing, the sprinting
from one side of the stage to the other, high
fiving people, getting pulled into the crowd,
the foot stomping, finger pointing, arm waving,
thrasing head from side to side, all which made
him the artist people wanted to see the most
from any genre.

Lets face it, mid 50's isn't old, it's not like he's
in his late 60's, early 70's. I know he self mocks
about his fitness, but Garth should still be able to
do some of the crazy that he used to do in the
early 90's.

I guess it was the rawness of it all, the spontaneous
element of it all, where you didn't know what this
wild man would do on stage next.

If he came to New Zealand again, I would love
every second of it, it will be the highlight of the
decade for me, I guess I just miss the crazy side
of Garth.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Taranaki Mountain Airs Versus Supercity Rangers Allegations.

First off, let me state, I'm just a basketball
fan, I have no connection to any NBL team,
player or coach.

I'm originally from Canterbury and now living
in Nelson, so of course I support the Giants and
the Rams.

I have a niece who was a member of the 2016
Junior Tall Ferns who plays in NCAA D1.

That's my  sole connection to anyone invovled
in Basketball New Zealand.

IMHO the allegations of match fixing  between
Taranaki and the Rangers are not cemented in reality.

For the following reasons, players on a Jeff
Green coached team would die for him on court,
the passion and pride he has shown for every team
he has coached is beyond belief.  If he had any sense
that a player was trying to match fix, he would be the
first to report it.

Trent Adam's team has had a hard season thru injuries,
he's coaching the last game of the season, the game is
virtually over, but the other team calls a timeout, then
hits a last second three, to win by double digits, well
Trent of course is going to be frustrated.

To call this match fixing though  is beyond belief.  First you're
trying to fix a match by winning by a lot of points?????

Secondly if you're trying to do this and achieve this goal,
I would say the players involved wouldn't jump up and down
and celebrate, they would be more laid back.

It's more believable that the players were celebrating
their departing team mate going out on a high.

Having followed this league since 1983, I'm shaking
my head at these allegations. I'm pretty sure there is
nothing sinister.

New Zealand doesn't really have a huge Basketball media,
Mike Lacey is by far the best Blogger/writer and fairest
writer of them all,  he has not reported on these allegations.

The NZHoops  writers, have thru their twitter account and
NZ Herald pieces.

I'm not saying this because they haven't replied to any of
my tweets the past couple of years, and they do  some great
reports on Basketball in New Zealand,  but they sometimes
come across as being very insular towards certain players
and coaches in their reporting.  A couple of other tweeters
connected to them also seem to be of the same mindset.

Anyway I digress, just let me say these allegations will
be proven false, and hopefully the New Zealand Basketball
community will get back together and start reporting on
everything else that  is going on in New Zealand Basketball.

Oh and if you want to follow a great Basketball blog and
Twitter  account follow  Mike Lacey the writer of the
Lacey Lowdown.