Saturday, July 28, 2018

Do A Spin Off With Joe

The parents of Child Actor,  Jeremy
Maguire who plays Joe on Modern
Family, runs his social media account.

As the tenth and final season of Modern
Family is due to hit screens in two months,
they recently did a post on Twitter and
Instagram with the hashtag....


Now the post was tongue in check,  I'm
also guessing it was done to test the social
media waters.

This will be a terrible idea for a show, because
of one main reason,  the finale season of
Modern family would concentrate on keeping
this child actor in the spotlight,  thus taking
away story lines from the core original cast.

They deserve better, and the long term fans of the show
deserve better.

Disney  has given this kid, a contract, so it's also in
their best interest that he has a lot of screen time during
the final season, they need to keep him in the public eye.

This will be so unfair to the viewer.  When you have a child
actor, so young, in a comedy, the story lines become more
Disney like, and G rated.

As a viewer virtually from day one,  I find it quite insulting
that Modern family for the last two season's sole purpose
seems to be  Disney/ABC thinking ahead for the next  five years,
with who they can promote on the public, and who better than
a cute kid.

This is nothing against Jeremy, but a spin off show, means
season ten of Modern Family  must as well be renamed
"The Joe Pritchett Show"  and the humor might as well
be Jeremy  speaking baby talk into the camera.

I will give Season Ten, two episodes, but if it goes
the way I think it will, then I'm done with it.

He's hoping the writers will show respect to the cast
and the viewers and won't read memos from the
corporate offices of Disney.

Time will tell.

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