Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The New Zealand Rugby Fan and Media: Hypocritical Ugly and Outright Wrong

There has never been  in the History of sport, a
group of people who have been so Hypocritical,
thinned skinned, precious, ugly and outright

I'm of course talking about the New Zealand
Rugby media and the New Zealand Rugby Fan.

It's been a life time for me, of verbal and sometimes
Physical abuse from Rugby fans, if you dare say anything
less than  "The All Blacks  (All Blacks is the nickname of
the New Zealand rugby team) are the greatest athlete's on
Earth, all hell breaks loose.

Started when I was six, and a teacher told us, that we could
play Soccer, Rounders or Rugby.  As we were leaving the
class room, a friend, said he was going to play  Soccer, I
told him I was going to play Rounders, a kid came from behind,
threw me to the ground and screamed "RUGBY!!!!!!"  then spat
at me.

This blog post would be a War and Peace novel if I listed all the
similar incidents thru out my life.

The mere mention that you like another sport other than Rugby
has the expletives from  Rugby fans flying,  the look of disgust,
the look that you have been brainwashed by other sporting
code if you didn't follow Rugby is beyond belief.

The media has played their part suggesting, for as long as
I can remember, that The All Blacks could play any sport
and make it at the top level, yet the top athlete's from other
codes couldn't even make it in club Rugby.

So after  nearly 50 years of hearing the Rugby Media and
public spout that BullShit, an American Journalist  said and
he was correct, that if NFL players, played Rugby, they would dominate.

The NewZealand media went nuts they lost it, he was doxxed so
New Zealand rugby fans could send him hate mail, he was laughed
at, mocked, abused, yet this is exactly  what our media and public
has always done.

You could ask any New Zealand Rugby fan and they would wrongly tell
you, that the All Blacks are the fastest and strongest and most
well known sport  people on earth.

This is of course wrong,  they couldn't get anywhere near making
the NFL, they don't have the speed of world class sprinters, their
movement skills, their vertical  leap would see them failing to make
it not only in the world's top sporting comps, but other NewZealand
sporting codes.

But I'm sure the NZ Rugby media and public would think, they
could make the Olympic 100 Meter final, beat our National soccer
team,  make it easy into, not just the Nzl Basketball league, but the
NBA, this is the mindset of the Nzl Rugby public.

Yep that is not a typo, the New Zealand Rugby fan would think
a New Zealand Rugby player could make it into the Top  Basketball
League in the World.

Which is why the reaction to  Espn's  NFL story has pissed me
off so much.

Our Rugby media has no right to be angry, they're without a doubt
the biggest Hypocrites  in terms of sporting media on Earth. It's
mindblowing for them to have this reaction, to ridicule a Journo
(Who BTW is correct)  who wrote that NFL players could make it in Rugby
is the height of Hypocrisy.

The thing is, they're wrong, so wrong,  The All Blacks are not
the greatest athlete's on earth, they're aren't even close to being
New Zealand's best athlete's.

Maybe the NewZealand Rugby Fan and Media aren't self aware, or
just don't want to face up to the truth, so they will continue to be
so so Hypocritical on a level that no other fans of a sporting code
have ever been.

They do though need to face facts...

The All Blacks are insignificant on the Global sporting scene.


If the USA took Rugby as seriously as they took  Basketball, if
Europe took Rugby as seriously as they took Soccer, the  All
Blacks would be thrashed by 50 points in every match.

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