Monday, April 16, 2018

One Year ago: The End of the North American LEG of the World Tour

About one year ago, Garth Brooks started sending
out wee video clips, prior to announcing what USA
city will be next on his, ahem, WORLD TOUR.

In the video clip on his Twitter and Facebook, the
words appeared  "The End of the North American

A year later and your overseas fans are still waiting
for the START  of the overseas LEG of the world

Garth is expected to make an annoucement on Studio
G  the week after Stage Coach.

If Garth say's,  plans have changed, and he is just going
to a few Stadiums in the USA and not play outside the USA,
I'm okay with that.

Of course if he annouces overseas date's, I will be thrilled.

But if he gives the same answer of "We don't know we are in
talks" or doesn't mention it at all, I will never trust anything
he says again.

That will be simply unfair to his overseas fans.

Time will tell.

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