Friday, March 23, 2018

NZ Basketballer Charlisse Leger-Walker Too Young Or Not To Young

The Tall Ferns squad got named today for the
Commenwealth Games.

The team was a mixture of young and old,
players either based in New Zealand or
Australia, with one NCAA D1 player thrown
in and a European based player.

The surprise selection must of been  Charlisse
Leger-Walker, it was a surprise,  not because of her
playing ability, but her age, she is just 16
years old.

I've  been diplomatic with my thoughts on this,
on blogs and thru out social media, if I'm truly honest
 I'm in two minds.  Charlisse Leger-Walker has been
watched by New Zealand Basketball for a few years,
her older sister Krystal plays NCAA D1, her mother is
a coach of one of the youth teams, the Basketball media
has been tweeting and writing about her for a few years.

She has dominated High school Basketball in New Zealand,
and has played in our own Women's  U23 league,  although it's
not really a league, a few weekends a year, they hold

So is she ready for the step up??

I myself, have a family member playing NCAA D1, and
the difference between how she played at 16 and how she
plays now is unbelievable. So can Charlisse Leger-Walker
 make the grade against International players,  some who must be
college bound.

She has the drive and the work ethic,  but the nagging bit
of doubt in my head is, that most of Charlisse's experience's
has come playing in New Zealand at the high school level,
where it can be kinda insular, she scored a lot of points at the
high school champs, also took a  lot of shots in doing so.

I hope this isnt a Ken Rutherford type thing, where she is
thrown in too early.

Here's hoping there will be no doubt when she takes the court,
and maybe just maybe, she can show up Australia!!

For me, no matter what type of tournament she has, she has to
get to the USA, she has to play a year of AAU before college,
the way you beat the best, is to play the best, there is really
no point in having her play another year of High School in
New Zealand.

So good luck to the Tall Ferns for the CW's, heres hoping
they have a great tournament.

Time will tell.

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