Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Emily Writes Fans Quiet on her Doxxing

 (Every Post I do is just my OPINION, my rantings
even, I provide no factual evidence to the points
I make, if you feel there is something here not
factually correct, let me know and I will delete it)

Can you blame,  Emily Writes  the editor of the Parents
section of the Blog "The Spin Off"  for her supporters being
so naive and so hypocritical when it comes to  Doxxing.

Emily Writes has a rabid bunch of supporters,  when she
had a blog that didn't take off, they were still supporting her,
when she was on Twitter, hurling out all sort of abuse to
people who disagreed with her, telling them to fuck off,
they still support her.  When she went after businesses
because she thought they did her wrong, her supporters
went after them.

When her third blog took off, with the help of chat bots
and  because she was telling people to fuck off, they
still supported her.

Now as a published writer with a multi book deal with
Penguin, a editor at a blog,  a prolific user of social
media,  friends in high places in the NewZealand
media, her supporters still 100% support her when
she goes after members of the public by creating hashtags
with their names.

When Emily Writes was complaining about how people,
copy and paste parts of her blog without permission,
they supported her 100%, despite her doing the same thing.
which she  also did to me,  and when I bought it  to her attention,
Emily Writes just said "Its the internet don't be a dickhead"

Yet again 100% support from her followers.

What I can't get over though, is lately her followers have
being crying foul, jumping to her defense because someone
said they might dox her (whether this is true or not is another
story), well that is so hypocritical of her supporters.

When Emily Writes did a piece on Tarzan, someone had
sent a link to her blog, to a speech that Emma Watson did
at the UN, their point was that Emma's speech did more
for Feminism than Emily writes, bit on Tarzan's penis.

In response,  Emily Writes, took a screen shot from her
moderation page, that included  the  guy's  Full Name,
Email Address and IP and put it on twitter.

Emily Writes followers applauded her, thought it was
brilliant, and the guy ended up getting hate mail and
abuse from them.

These same followers are now,  saying how bad it is
that Emily Writes may get doxxed.

Well you know what, I have no sympathy for her, this
is a person who for a decade has doxxed and abused
people on line while making themselves out to be a

My question is,  should Emily take responsibility for
the hate her followers send out to people who may
disagree with her?

I say yes,  just like the morons at Faux News or
the followers of hate radio jock Alex Jones, she
has to look at herself, by Emily writing what she
does, she has created a toxic environment, all
the while playing the victim.

It's the height of Hypocrisy.

I'm guessing in five years she will be the most
famous broadcaster in New Zealand.

Time will tell.

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