Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Garth Brooks Supports March for our Lives and Emma Gonzalez

On Garth's Studio G today, he got political.

He mentioned  March for our Lives and had a
special message for Emma Gonzalez, he told
her not to listen to the haters, and gave her a
special message, he sang a verse from a song
he hadn't recorded before and told her...

To matter then, it must matter now.

A wonderful message to a wonderful young lady.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Dana Johannsen 2018's version of 1978's Brendan Telfer

Meet 2018's version of Brendan Telfer, her name
is Dana Johannsen, she used to be nzherald's main
sports reporter she is now with Fairfax's  stuff's  website.

If you would like to compare her to any other Journo, Brendan
Telfer would be the one, like Brendan Telfer she has
a history of lying about certain sports, and totally
ignoring others.

Bredan Telfer was the Journo who loved to tell the
NZ public that Netball was this global sport. He
loved to mock League calling the league world
cup worthless, while cheering on any world cup
victory in Netball, he would state Rugby is
huge, league is nothing, yet wouldn't make the
true comparison  with Netball and Basketball.

Today stuff's, Dana Johannsen did this piece
on how Netball which has long been the number
one sport for girls is under threat from other sports,
Rugby in particular, but she mentioned other sports as well are
challenging Netball in New Zealand for girls.

Yet, she didnt mention the main threat and that is
Basketball, the reason, because Dana and the NZ
sporting Journalistic community know full well,
the threat Basketball is to Netball for girls.

They know the numbers, they know the opportunities
Basketball can give young girls over Netball, but they
stay quiet, they know Basketball is truly a Global sport
and Netball is quite insignificant on the Global scene,
but they lie and say otherwise.

This is disgusting, in the year 2018,  the NZ media still
act like small town NZ in 1978.

There is a sport in New Zealand that has totally been ignored
by our media and that is woman's Basketball, the fact that
the reason they ignore it, is because they think it will hurt
Netball is quite repugnant.

We have so many Woman Basketballers on the world stage,
that you never ever hear about, the media will make sure that
will continue.

Stories like today's piece from Dana Johannsen are so disingenuous
it's a crime against Journalism.  She's wanting the public to know
yes there are  sporting opportunities for girls, but  Basketball isn't one of them.

In 2018 I expect more from our media, this isnt the days of Brendan Telfer,
where Basketball didn't exist in the public mindset, its 2018, how about
the media doing their job and telling our young girls, we have a great
game in this country, its Global and it's called Basketball.