Monday, February 12, 2018

An Open Letter to all Kiwis

For the love of God Kiwis, stop wanting to Ban things.
Stop wanting to Ban people.  Stop freakin bitching
about the stuff in society you don't like.

Stop being easily offended,  stop campaigns  to get
people fired.  Are we still this precious as a nation,
that a moronic white privileged jerk off like Robert
Jones can make a dumb ass racist joke, and our
reaction is not just to get the publication that printed it,
to drop the article, but to fuckin make it ILLEGAL for
those comments to be published.

Film maker Renae Maihi who's had countless films
funded by NZ on Air, now wants a complete ban on
the comments made by Jones, she wants it to be
illegal to publish such comments.

How a film maker can be so against free speech, can
be so narcissistic and self righteous is beyond belief.

But you know what, it's a  kiwi thing.

We have a self rigehtous history like no other, we are
really a bully nation, thinking we can bring people down to
make us look better.

Take one of our main bloggers,  a person who spent decades
telling people to fuck off, calling them every name under
the sun, a person who doxxed people, who printed private
information,  has now became famous taking the role of the
victim, and the media laps her up.

We have a sports media, who makes fun of other sports,
Eg: they wear pads,  they are soft, they're cheats. A
sports media that constanly lies and tells us, the whole
world admirers  and respects our national sport team,
when  is reality the whole world has no idea or cares
about the AB's.

We have a media who says one of the greatest acheivements
the world has ever seen, is a politician who is pregnant.

We have a music media, who still sniggers, puts their hand
over the mouth, and rolls their eyes at the thought, that
another country may think a country artist has talent.

We have politicans who would rather support  Russia and
North Korea than the USA.

We have activists who say they're for free speech and that
they're anti apartheid, yet  totally supports business owners not
serving people from Israel.

We have people who publish hacked emails in books,
and then complain that their privacy has been violated.

We have a political party who says they're for the environment
and human rights, yet have never protested  China or Russia.

We are a hypocritical nation.

Other nations matured when they went into the 21st century,
New Zealand went backwards.

I just wish my fellow kiwis would get over themselves,
and stopped being so thin skinned, but we wont , I
unfortunately, think we will get worse.

Time will tell.